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Decorating with Wine Furniture

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Most of us have heard of wine racks but what exactly is wine furniture? That is a good question and one that fortunately can be answered fairly easily. Wine furniture refers to any type of furniture such as a dining table, cabinet or home bar that is designed to store and/or display wine in addition to its original purpose. With more and more people opting to stay home and entertain, wine furniture has become a popular and economical way to entertain in style while making the rooms of your home more practical and functional.

Since wine furniture comes in a wide variety of types, styles and materials, you are sure to find one that will complement your décor. While there are no set rules as to what can be used where, especially if it is the first time you are purchasing any type of wine furniture for your living space, it is good to have some idea what is available, how to integrate it seamlessly into a particular room’s décor and where in your home it will be most useful.

General Tips for Buying Wine Furniture

Identify the purpose and where you would like to put a spirits cabinet or even a home bar. Do you want a server or buffet for your dining room that will be a convenient place for you to store a choice selection of dinner wines? Or would you prefer an accent cabinet that is designed to hold spirits (upright storage) instead of wine (horizontal storage)?

You don’t want your wine cabinet or home bar to look out of place. To make it blend with the existing décor, select wine furniture that matches or complements the furniture already in the room.

Once you know where it will go, measure the space. You will want it to fit proportionately in the room and not overpower or be overpowered (appear too large or too small).

Especially if you plan on purchasing a wine cabinet, wine tower or home bar, don’t forget to take into account the height of the room’s ceiling.

If you are purchasing the wine furniture for your home that has doors, make sure you will be able to open and close them easily without any obstructions.

A typical bottle of wine weighs approximately three pounds. Check the manufacturer’s product information for the item’s weight capacity to ensure that it will safely hold the number of bottles it’s been designed for. It should be well-constructed, durable and stable.

Wine furniture such as a wine buffet, home bar or wine cart are available with a variety of features. Consider which specific features will be most useful to you before making a final purchase. A wine console or wine cabinet on casters allow you to move it easily from room to room. Storage options like a stemware rack or utility drawers increases they functionality of your unit.

Wine Furniture Typically used in the Living Room / Family Room

Wine towers such as the Winsome 18 Bottle Wine Tower are ideal for living rooms or family rooms because it allows you to keep a small selection of wines within reach, making entertaining simpler.

A wine cabinet like the Tresanti Rosemont Wine Bar in Empire Cherry is ideal for social environments like the living room or family room, because it is designed to hold both wine and spirits.

The home bar is generally one of the larger types of wine furniture, although both portable and compact versions are available. By adding some barstools to a home bar, you can create a “pub” atmosphere in your own home. When setting up your home bar, throw in an Irish pub or sports theme to create an instant party atmosphere.

Wine Furniture Typically used in the Dining Room

The American Drew Beacon Ridge Wine Credenza with Accent Mirror Wine credenza is essentially a wine cabinet, intended to be used like a sideboard or server and is designed specifically to make displaying and serving wine a celebration.

A wine buffet like the Pulaski Barolo Buffet with Hutch allows you to store tableware and glassware in addition to wine. A buffet makes a dining room more functional, neat and organized by providing a place for dishes, cutlery and a showcase for those special vintages you will be serving with dinner.

Dining tables with wine storage and counter-height dining table such as the Canterbury Home Furnishing Gramercy Park Counter Table are ideal for smaller living spaces. Multipurpose wine furniture can maximize available dining room floor space in a condominium, town house or apartment.

Versatile Wine Furniture

Wine carts take entertaining to the next level. Because they are on wheels, they are not restricted to one room. And since they are designed to be portable, wine carts are typically more compact than other kinds of wine furniture.

A wine console table is exceptionally versatile since it can be added to virtually any room in your home. If you don’t have space in the room itself, put a wine console in a hallway or niche near the dining room or kitchen or living room.

If you’re searching for a stylish wine storage solution for your home, look past the standard wine rack. Wine furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can go as big or as compact as you need to. Wine furniture has the added benefit of being multipurpose and multifunctional, which is a plus when you’re entertaining friends and family.

Home Wine Rack Store Your Wine in Style

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Home Wine Rack Design

Whether you’re a wine expert or just getting your tastebuds acquired, you’ll need a place to keep your unopened collection of bottles. Wine storage come in many different styles, materials and sizes – so how do you know which one is right for you?

Use this helpful guide to finding the perfect wine rack home storage design for you.

Home Wine Racks

24 Bottle Wine Rack

Whatever your decorating taste may be, there’s a wine rack that will conveniently store your bottles while looking beautifulWine Rack Storage Tasting Table.

A popular choice for wine racks is hardwood, so if you enjoy the humbling appearance and sturdiness of wood, opt for something like the basic

Winsome Basics 24-Bottle Wine Rack, or the Wine Cellar Innovations 108 Bottle Tasting Tablefor an even bigger collection – and a table to serve on.

36 Bottle Free Standing Wine RackThere are also intricate metallic wine racks out there that offer extreme durability.

The Grace 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Wall Mounted Wall RackRack has unique wrought iron styling, while the space-saving VintageView Platinum Series Eighteen Bottle Wall Mounted Magnum Wine Rack holds the weight of those heavy bottles against a wall or door.

Whichever wine rack you choose, be sure to look at its measurements so it will fit into your preferred space, and estimate the number of bottles you’d like to hold in your rack – the one you select should be able to hold them all.

Wine CabinetHome Wine Cabinets

Home wine cabinets are ideal for wine lovers who wish to show off their collection in style. Invest in a cabinet that compliments the Pulaski Home Wine Cabinetdesign of the room you’re planning to install it in.

For a sleeker, contemporary room, try the Howard Miller Potters Creek Wine and Spirits Cabinet.

Buy it in pairs to frame a fireplace, or just place one in your hallway or dining room. A home with a rustic, whimsical feel can opt for the Pulaski Cordova Wine Cabinet, with its wrought iron doors and plenty of storage shelves and drawers. Wine cabinets not only store your wine, they show it off!

Wood Wine CartHome Wine Carts

For a convenient, portable way to serve and store your wine bottles, consider a wine cart. They are a bit like a wine rack 10 Bottle Wine Cartand cabinet in one – with wheels on their legs so they are easily transported.

If you’ve got a casual, homey style, the Home Styles Furniture Round Wood Top Kitchen Cart would definitely match it. This cart features a unique circular shape, two shelving spaces, and the wine rack is removable.

For a home with modern flair, choose the Winsome Ten Bottle Wine Cart. It features a stylish mirror top and an espresso finish, with a ten bottle capacity.

Wine ServerHome Wine Consoles

If wine cabinets seem a little to formal for your taste, you can always go with a console table that has wine racks built in. AHoward Miller Wine Consoleroom with comfortable, relaxing design would pair well with the Lifestyle California Mendocino II Server.

Its simple cherry finish and multiple shelves allow you to add more than wine bottle to it – decorate the table with picture frames, floral arrangements, or ceramic bowls.

Check out the Howard Miller Vintner Wine and Spirits Console table if your home’s got more of a sleek, up-to-date look.

Apart from being visually appealing with its black coffee finish, it’s got another great feature – two lockable cabinets, as well as an open wine rack.

Convert this console table to a server by pulling apart its top pieces to reveal a granite countertop.

Here are some handy tips on storing your wine to keep its quality high:

  • Sporadic temperatures and heat can dull the taste of the wine, so store it somewhere that is evenly cool.
  • Red wine is normally bottled with green glass to filter out light, since bright lights can also affect the wine’s taste. Place your wine in as dark of a place as possible.
  • Storing wine in the fridge keeps it cold and out of light, but the vibrations of the fridge motor has the ability to precipitately oxidize wine. Try to keep it somewhere still.
  • Heavy odours can penetrate your wine over time, so try not to leave the wine anywhere near strong cleaners, paint, or any other deeply scented items.

Once your wine is properly stored, it’s time to enjoy it! Here are a few popular examples of wine and the food they would pair best with:

  • Shiraz: Since this variety of wine is full-bodied, fruity, and pungent, you’ll need a dish that is also bold in comparison. Strong cheeses, like old cheddar and blue cheese, pair well with Shiraz because the intensity of both flavours does not overpower each other. Try this Cheese and Baguette Appetizer from the Food Network.
  • Chardonnay: Generally a refreshing, light, tangy wine, Chardonnay is best paired with dishes that have the same acidity content. A tart vinaigrette salad or Honey Lime Marinated Shrimp Recipeanything made with tomatoes would be a perfect pairing. This Honey Lime Marinated Shrimp dish is another great idea for combining with Chardonnay.
  • Merlot: With its soft fruity notes and hints of chocolate in its aroma, Merlot is an ideal choice for a dinner wine. It couples well with meat and poultry dishes, and would definitely top off this Rosemary Lamb Chops with Lemon Sauce delight from All Recipes.
  • Riesling: Bright, crisp, and normally low in alcohol, Riesling can pair with just about any food choice. However, it’s mainly consumed with spicy foods, since its refreshing qualities have the power to cleanse your taste buds. Try an ethnic recipe, like the Spicy Thai Vegan Steak and Noodles with Chili and Lemongrass Dressing, to add some zing to your meal!

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