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From the Design Files of Heather B – Home Decorating

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Design Question

I need your help. I have a coffee coloured settee and cream coloured walls. The ceiling is white. What colour of curtains will suit the living room to give it a beautiful vibe? Thanks

Design Answer

I would match the color of the curtains with the sofa. But choose a patterned fabric that will include cream and white, as well as another color like red, blue or green. When selecting additional colors for the patterned fabric, tie them in whatever other predominate color is in the room. The predominate color doesn’t have to be a substantial piece of furniture such as a club chair or a recliner; you could also pick up on a particularly bold shade in a painting or piece of wall art, throw cushions, a vase, etc. that is already in the room. Choose a patterned fabric for your window treatments, especially if it’s geometric or striped, as this will also add both texture and visual interest to the living room’s décor.

I hope this helps. Thanks for writing in. Don’t forget to come back next week when we’ll tackle another design question.\

From the Design Files of Heather B – Dressing Unusual Windows

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Design Question

We have bought a house with unusual windows incorporating arch shapes. It was the windows which made us fall in love with the house and I want to make sure that we don’t ruin them by making the wrong interior design choices! I am wondering what the best way to dress them would be?  I want some sort of curtain/blinds for the window for warmth (the house is quite drafty) and also for privacy but I don’t want to obscure the windows with lots of fabric.


I have attached a couple of photos – as you can see, one of the windows is a bay window with a window seat below and has very little space at the top for a curtain rail (perhaps 2/3 inches). I was wondering about Roman blinds for this window – do you think this would work?  And, if so, do I need to have the same style of blinds for the other windows in the same room or can you mix styles?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Design Answer

I can see why these windows made you fall in love with the house! As I’m sure you are aware, they are beautiful examples of classic Palladian windows. And yes, they can be problematic when attempting to choose the right window treatment.

The good news is that there is usually some kind of custom window treatment available even for unusual or awkwardly shaped windows. It might narrow down your choices and options somewhat. Should you wish to install curtains rather than blinds, keep in mind that the curtain rail won’t be sitting flush against the wall – just the brackets for the curtain rod will have to fit in the 2/3 inch space; the rail itself could stand away from the wall. Sheers with tie-backs would let in light without obscuring the shape of the windows. But I think you’re instinct regarding blinds is a good one. However, I would skip vertical blinds as an option since they will have the same effect as obscuring the windows with a lot of fabric.


Because these windows are so beautiful, you definitely will want to choose blinds or curtains that will show them off to their best advantage. Roman blinds would indeed be a good choice, since they are typically made of fabric, which will help block cold air. Venetian blinds will allow you to control the amount of light in the room while they are fully closed. They can also provide a much needed barrier between your living area and the drafts coming through the windows. And don’t write off roller blinds as an alternative: they are available in many stylish options, colors and materials that are lightweight but just as effective as some heavier fabrics for keeping out the drafts.

Whatever window treatment you pick, you will want to ensure that it complements the room’s décor style. How the windows are dressed largely determines the room’s overall look and feel. For this room to be unified and harmonious, I would select the same type of window treatment for both windows.

Thanks for writing in! Keep sending me your design questions, and especially if you’re asking for advice regarding wall color, tips on rearranging a specific room etc., include pictures if you can.

The View with the Room

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Cozy Kids Jaguar Onyx Tab Top Panel Curtains

The windows of your home are your view out on the world. Besides the obvious function window treatments play, like protecting your privacy, they also keep the cold out, control the amount of light you want in the room at any given time and unify the separate elements of a room’s interior design. From curtains to blinds to shades and decorative accessories such as swags and valances, there is such variety of window treatments to choose from. But it’s not hard to select window treatments that will complement the rooms of your home if you know what to look for.

Lawrence Home Fashions Tempo Window Treatment

To decide what type of window treatment will be best for each room, take the following into consideration:

  • The shape and size of the window you are purchasing the curtains or blinds for.
  • How much do you want to spend? Custom made drapes and blinds will cost more than ready made window treatments.
  • Your personal preference – perhaps you like the idea of slatted wood blinds in the family room but would prefer curtains with a valance for your master bedroom.
  • How much light do you want to keep out/let in? When selecting window treatments for your home theater blinds designed to shut out the light would be more appropriate than sheers.
  • Take into account your lifestyle. For example, if you work the night shift more often than not, lined curtains or a heavier type of window treatment would be better for you when you have to sleep during the day. Or if you have young children in the home, you will want to exclude any type of window treatment that could become a safety hazard such as blinds or shades with cords.

Lawrence Home Fashions Enchanted Window

Because the window treatment is an important factor in unifying the room’s overall look and feel, don’t forget to match the type you choose to the style of the room. The formal look of heavy panel curtains paired with sheers and a valance is better suited in a traditional style room with tall windows. Country styled rooms would typically have a window treatment that included ruffles or frills. A room with a predominately contemporary décor works well with almost any kind of window treatment except for the more formal types of window coverings. When selecting the type of material for curtains for a traditional window treatment, choose heavier fabrics like velvets, silks and brocades. For window treatments in country and contemporary style rooms, cottons, lighter silks, wools and linens are all good choices.

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How much time do you want to spend on window treatment maintenance? If you don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of the curtains and blinds in your home, select window treatments that are easy to care for and require the minimum amount of upkeep. Blinds, shades and shutters tend to collect dust. Since any type of fabric window treatment will need to be cleaned from time to time, choose ones that can be laundered rather than having to send them to the dry cleaners.

Window treatments frame the windows that you look out of every day, letting in the light or shutting out the world as you see fit. Choosing the right window treatments not only makes your living space more functional, it also adds style and value to your home.

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