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The Great Escape – Decorating a Traditional Style Bedroom

Friday, November 5th, 2010

There is something about a traditional style bedroom that is lushly dramatic, grandiose and regal. But there is also something very comforting and soothingly luxurious about a bedroom with traditional furnishings. Lines are richly curved and scrolled; decorative detail displays flourishes and motifs; and designs incorporate shapes and forms to create textures. A traditional style bedroom that is romantically reminiscent of a bedroom that belonged to a queen or king in the1700s or 1800s gives the room a sense of historical tradition and timelessness that will provide a great escape from hectic, everyday life.

Look Around

When choosing what to do with the walls in your traditional style bedroom, don’t summarily write-off wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a comeback, and especially for a traditional bedroom with a royal feel, it will lend the room a palpable texture that is visually rich.

Whether you opt to wallpaper or paint, colors should be muted. Avoid bright oranges and reds, including saturated hues, as they will give the room a modern rather than traditional vibe. Soft or less intense shades of jewel or berry tones such as jade or strawberry are ideal choices for a traditional Victorian style bedroom.

Look Up

In order for your traditional bedroom to be a great escape from your busy day, choose lighting that will give you options to shed a soft glow or to shine bright. A chandelier on a dimmer switch would be ideal. In keeping with the grand royal statement that traditional style makes, choose one that has elegantly shaped teardrop crystals or strings of crystal beads. For bedside table lamps, select bases that are ornately detailed with richly textured shades.

Look Down

Since wood plays an important role in traditional design, hardwood flooring in a medium to dark finish is a perfectly acceptable choice. To add texture and visual interest, as well as a little more comfort, select a reproduction oriental rug or one that has an intricate traditional style pattern like damask or paisley. Small floral patterned area rugs would also work in a traditional style bedroom.

Traditional Style Bedroom Furniture

Traditional style furniture can be stately, formal and impressive. But grandiose becomes comfortable and inviting when the color of the wood is warm. Selecting traditional bedroom furniture with a distressed finish will lend the décor a more lived in look while furnishings with a high polish will possess a more sophisticated appeal.

Woods commonly used to make traditional bedroom furniture are walnut, mahogany, teak and cherry. Case goods like the dresser, nightstands and armoire should include intricately designed hardware; shell, scroll and flora motifs and/or carved accents or inlays.

Traditional style bedding has a luxurious appearance that is guaranteed to guard against a winter chill.

Come back next Friday for the second part of the Great Escape, where we’ll explore transitional style for a bedroom sanctuary.

In an English Country Bedroom

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Wyndham Cherry Sleigh Bed

English country, like many interior decorating styles, has several distinctive sub styles. English country takes on different faces to reflect the different types of English country homes, from the imposing manor to the cozy cottage. When decorating your bedroom in English country style, first decide if you want to achieve the more formal look of a country manor or the pastoral charm of a country cottage. But no matter which sub style you choose, the emphasis of English country interior design is on bringing the tranquil elements of an English garden indoors.

The Formal English Country Bedroom

Homelegance Madison Country Distressed Cherry Panel Bed

To attain the English country look that would be found in a country manor choose a darker color palette for the walls, floor and window treatments. Cover the walls in true English country style with a combination of floral or striped wallpaper and paint in jewel colors like jades, heritage pinks, wine shades, deep rose or periwinkle blue. For a more formal English country décor, autumnal colors would work as well. Another option for the walls is to start with wallpaper or paint and pair it with dark wood paneling. If wood paneling doesn’t fit your decorating budget, paper or paint the walls but add a chair rail for visual interest.

Use a mix of floral and striped patterns in heavier materials, such as velvets, for the curtains and any bedside table coverings you might use. Area rugs should be thick and plush, richly patterned and in deeper shades of reds, browns and blues, Persian or Oriental in style. Throws and accent pillows like bolsters and neck rolls should have tassels. Bedding is a mix of floral, stripes and solid colors. If floral patterns aren’t to your personal taste, choose a bedding set that has a textured pattern such as diamond or scroll motif.

American Drew Cherry Grove Low Poster Bed

Furniture is made of medium to dark woods like cherry, oak and mahogany. Finishes are medium to dark as well, with matte, distressed or softly polished finishes. The bed should be the focal point of the room; typically an impressive four poster bed. If the ceiling of your bedroom won’t accommodate tall posts, select a bed with shorter posts. Another viable choice for a formal English country style room is the sleigh bed.

While looking as though it is fit for a country mansion, the bedroom furnishings still should possess a country charm with classical decorative detailing such as fluted posts, curved moldings and blunt arrow or bun feet. Lines and profiles of dressers, nightstands and armoires, should be curvy and fluid. Not as stylized or “busy” as traditional furniture, English country is still formal but outlines are more relaxed with softer shapes. When adding seating such as an armchair or bed bench, again toile or floral patterns would come into play and the seating areas and the arms of the chair would be overstuffed.

Pulaski Beckenham Collection Poster Bed with Leaf Carving

Accessorizing the formal English country bedroom is an exercise in “more is more” but in a way that avoids the space from appearing cramped and cluttered. Jugs of flowers are a must. Include china figurines, knickknacks and other collectibles that have a pastoral theme. Picture frames are of different shapes like oval, square and rectangular with intricate decoration.

The Informal English Country Bedroom

Hillsdale Wilshire Antique White Post Bed

For an English country look that would be found in a cozy English country cottage choose lighter colors for the walls, pastel yellows, greens, mauves, sky blues and pinks. Stenciling is a popular decorative accent for both the walls and furnishings. Wallpaper in a small floral pattern such as rosebuds or forget-me-nots would be most suitable. Wallpaper or a paint color paired with wood paneling is also appropriate, but the paneling would have a lighter wood or washed finish.

Use a mix of floral and striped patterns in chintz, wool or cotton for drapes, bedding and accent pillows. Area rugs should have a comfortable, woven appearance. If you decide to use a Persian or Oriental rug, select one in lighter or pastel colors. Again, as in our more formal English county interior design, bedding will be a mix of floral, stripes and solid colors.

Hillsdale Cherie White Metal Bed

While English country furniture is generally made of wood in lighter finishes such as white or pine, a bed made of brass or a metal bed with a white finish would not be out of place. Anything that will make the room feel welcoming and lived in will work to create the desired overall effect.

American Drew Camden White TV Wardrobe Armoire

For an authentic look furnishings should include at least one of the following: an armoire, a hand-painted chest or an over-stuffed bed bench.

Select a bedding set with as many different textures as possible such as accent pillows in plaids, wools and stripes and a quilted comforter. Accessorize with personal touches. Include artwork with an English countryside theme or small “samplers” of embroidered English proverbs or sayings.

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