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Shaken not Stirred

Thursday, December 24th, 2009


Ian Fleming chose the name “James Bond” for the protagonist of his spy novels because it was unassuming name; a bland, neutral-sounding name ideal for someone on covert operations; the name of someone who could blend into the background. But in 1953, with the publication of Casino Royale, the character that Fleming created leapt off the pages of that first novel and has captured our imaginations ever since. James Bond, in his formal dinner jacket, with his bevy of beautiful women and a taste for martinis, became indelibly woven into the fabric of popular culture.

The author, Ian Fleming shared several notable characteristics with his fictional character, James Bond. Both Fleming and Bond worked in the spy industry; Fleming in the Naval Intelligence Service (an arm of the British Admiralty) during WWII and Bond as an operative of MI6. They also went to the same school; enjoyed the same foods; indulged in the habits of smoking, drinking and womanizing; and had a fondness for fast cars, firearms and gadgets of any kind.


“Shaken, not stirred” has become the symbol of the ultimate metro male even before the term first appeared in the mid 1990s. The famous Rat Pack (name given to the group of entertainers that hung out together made up of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford) were famous for their consumption of martinis and their suave, smooth fashion style. Reputed to be largely due to the influence of the famous fictional MI6 spy, the martini’s popularity remained strong until the 70s when it first waned and then faded until its comeback in the 1990s.

Although his preference for the cocktail appeared in previous novels, James Bond himself did not utter the now famous words until Dr. No, published in 1958. Technically, he’s not drinking a martini at all. Before Bond forever changed the very nature of this popular libation, a classic martini was made of gin garnished with a single olive. But then the spy started ordering a dry martini with one part vodka to three parts gin and the martini was forever changed.


Today, the martini is a popular as ever. Celebrated in bars, lounges and restaurants all across the country, the classic martini and the vodka martini continues to be enjoyed, embellished and reinvented. The martini, or rather the glass it is typically served is, is a popular theme for home bars, barstools and counter stools.

Ian Fleming wrote 12 James Bond novels and two James Bond short story collections. The last James Bond novel written by Fleming, The Man with the Golden Gun, was published posthumously. But the James Bond franchise has continued to grow, both in novel and movie forms and the spy that preferred his martini shaken and not stirred, served up in a deep champagne goblet, still continues to thrill us after all this time.

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Babys Room Nursery Design Ideas

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Creating a Baby’s Nursery Room

A new baby in a home is a cause for not only excitement but the thrill of designing and decorating a baby’s room will delight your inner interior designer. Many people keep the design of a baby’s room in keeping with the look of the rest of their home – contemporary, Early American or Mediterranean – while still others decide to just make this room especially for baby and not worry about whether it fits with the rest of the house. These are your two options for creating your babys nursery. convertible crib set

Today there is a trend with purchasing a crib that will be able to convert to a child’s bed once they have outgrown the need for the crib. With that in mind there are many beautiful cribs that come in a variety of wood finishes – from honey oak, cherry, espresso or traditional white.

These cribs convert to a twin or a full size bed using the same framework thus saving the need to purchase another bed in a few years. This might require a larger initial investment but it makes sense long-term as you can just switch the baby bedding to a child’s bedding when the time comes.

Most cribs – whether it is a convertible one or not – have matching pieces that come with them and usually include a dresser and often a changing table as well these work perfect for creating a consistent design. Sometimes the dresser is also a changing table too with a separate changing table pad that can be placed on top for that purpose. A nightstand might be an additional piece that is purchased at the same time as your crib set.

You will need a crib mattress organic are very popular and bedding for the crib ato match your theme. These stylish pieces of baby furniture serve the basic needs of an infant for sleeping, changing and also storage of their clothing, diapers and other essentials.

Once you have determined the wood finish and the number of pieces of furniture you will buy for the baby other considerations might be a rocking rocking chair gliderchair for those late night feedings in particular when you just want to go back to bed. With a rocker you can at least be resting while feeding your child. A cradle is also a nice touch if you have room – particularly for tiny babies as they otherwise seem so lost in the vastness of a crib making a cradle like a small cocoon and the beauty of them is that you can take it elsewhere in the house if you like.

nursery crib bedding setOne of the most fun parts of decorating the baby’s room is that thare are many choices from a pastel paint in pale yellow or blue.

Many people like to have a mural drawn on at least one wall in the room choosing a carnival or a safari or a barnyard theme any of which will delight any child. You can carry out the theme with decorative pillows, artwork or your crib bedding along with mobiles hung over the crib and plush toys in the room, such as a stuffed giraffe.

The options are endless but these often transform a room from a pretty baby’s bedroom to a fun-filled nursery that will delight everyone in the family.
Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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