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Help for Haiti

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Red Cross

The devastation in Haiti is unthinkable to those of us who return home at night to a house that is still standing. Watching the coverage of Tsunami Thailand 2004, Hurricane Katrina and the natural disasters that have occurred in the US seemingly one after the other, I always experience the same sense of amazement that anyone survived. But in Haiti, and other catastrophes of this kind, surviving the earthquake is only the first step. They need to dig out, clean up and start over.

If we’re not a health professional of some kind, military personnel or a disaster relief worker, we might think there’s not much we can do. But no matter what we can afford to give, it adds up and it helps. If you feel that this is something you might like to do, consider supporting one of these relief organizations:

American Red Cross

Canadian Red Cross

Save the Children


Doctors without Borders

This list is just a handful of charity organizations that are responding to Haiti’s need for help. There are over 25 major relief organizations that can use your help so that they can help.

Haiti Red Cross
Photo by Logan Abassi / The United Nations

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