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Japanese Style Bedroom for your Personal Sanctuary

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Since Japanese style interior design emphasizes balance, natural tones and the subtle and calming use of texture, it is an ideal choice for decorating a bedroom. For most of us, our bedroom is a sanctuary from our busy lives. Japanese bedroom furniture is low to the ground, to promote the feeling of stability and being centered. It also has a design benefit of making the room appear larger and more spacious. In the quest for balance, Japanese interiors incorporate the use of open spaces, contrast and functionality into the interior design.

To create a Japanese style bedroom, start with a color scheme that imitates nature, such the grays and greens of foliage; earth toned neutrals of sand, sun-bleached stone or weathered wood; and muted shades of earth and sky. Once the walls have been painted, plan to keep them relatively free of framed pictures, opting instead for one choice print or photograph.

In keeping with Japanese design principles choose bedroom furniture pieces that have a specific function; the more multi-purpose each one is, the better. Japanese bedroom interiors can never have enough functionality. Japanese style furniture is typically devoid of decorative detail, with simple lines and beautifully shaped and uncomplicated profiles. Instead of “unnecessary” decoration, visual interest, as shown by the headboard of the Tradewins East Village Kobe King Dark Wood Low Profile Panel Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Set, is often created with specific architectural features like angled legs and the geometric slatted design of the bed.

A low-to-the-ground platform bed is a must-have when designing a bedroom in the Japanese style. A platform bed, with a wood or upholstered headboard or one without any headboard at all is a viable option. Case goods such as dressers, nightstands and armoires commonly have oversized iron or bronze drawer handles and/or door pulls. In a Japanese style bedroom furniture pieces do not necessarily have to match one another in the “western” sense. When creating balance by using contrast it may be to your advantage to incorporate differently colored or shaped items. The connective tissue, if you will, should be simple angular or geometric profiles that are softened by tapered, gently curved or “layered” lines; simple lines will work perfectly with the other Japanese style pieces that you want to include in the room.

When accessorizing and adding those finishing touches, in Japanese interior design, less really is the way to go. The space should be fluid and uncluttered. Natural materials, like bamboo and rice paper, are common elements in Japanese design. These are easy to add to a Japanese style bedroom décor in the guise of lamps, light fixtures, vases and decorative screens. Don’t forget about silk – place silk cushions and/or accent pillows on the bed; use silk curtains with sheers for the window treatment; select a bed bench or accent chair with silk upholstery. Ideally floors should be bare. If this is not an option, pick an area carpet or wall-to-wall carpeting that has an organic look and feel.

Contemporary Style that’s Black and White

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Etagere in Carbon Black

Decorating a room in contemporary style is a good choice when a traditional style living space makes you feel like you can’t relax and modernism has the same effect, but a different reason – it appears cold or bare to you. But what is contemporary style? Contemporary style and modernism are often mistaken one for the other or the terms are used as synonyms to describe just one style. As discussed earlier this month in my mini series on modern interior design, modernism has virtually no decorative detail; lines are angular; and profiles are typically geometric but just as often asymmetrical. While both contemporary and modern emphasize geometric forms and clean lines, contemporary furnishings incorporate decorative detail and profiles are more relaxed and tapered or curved rather than angular.

Today, we will design a bedroom, living room and dining room starting with what might easily be described as a typical modern color palette of strict neutrals – gentle beiges, well-defined grays or pearl whites but pairing it with black and white furniture. At first glance, it might appear too simple, but even though the lines and profiles of these pieces could be called modern, the look is definitively what I like to call urban contemporary. Urban contemporary furniture is ideal for apartments or condos because furnishing tend to be smaller in scale. And it’s all in the details; a mix of wood and metal paired with black and white for a look that is sophisticated yet truly comfortable.

The Urban Contemporary Bedroom

Black Bed

The Lexington Black Ice Graphite Panel Bed 5 Piece Bedroom Set in Carbon Black is perfectly suited to an apartment or condo bedroom. The platform bed, even though it stands low to the floor, is visually impressive because of its tall leather headboard with a sleekly polished nailhead trim. It actually makes the room feel larger. The metal decorative detail of the headboard is reinvented in the hardware used for the dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand. Look closely – the drawer pulls resembles filing cabinet hardware, giving these case goods a unique appearance.

Since the furniture is predominately black, we want to bring white into the room for contrast. Shag area rugs are making a comeback. A large white one will provide plenty of contrast as well as a cushy place for toes. Select bedside table lamps with a polished silver metal base and white shades. Tie the furniture in with the floor covering by choosing black and white bedding. Personalize this room with the accessories and finishing touches that are right for you and you will have created a bedroom a contemporary urban flair that will be a comforting as it is esthetically appealing.

The Urban Contemporary Living Room

Carbon Black

Urban contemporary is also exclusively suited to the open concept design that is becoming so popular in today’s living spaces when the living merges into the dining area and the boundary of the kitchen might be defined by a breakfast bar or counter. I like the crisp look and feel of the Lexington Black Ice Sapphire Leather Sofa in White and the spectacular effect it has in the room when it is matched with the Lexington Black Ice Tungsten End Table in Carbon Black. Although it doesn’t provide such a dramatic contrast as the silver nailhead trim on black, the metal accents lend this leather sofa a chic designer look. As mentioned above, it’s all in the details, and the tabletop’s polished silver inlay is proof positive. Brushed metal, highly polished metal or glass accents are a common characteristic of urban contemporary style.

The Urban Contemporary Dining Room

7 Piece Dining Table

The Lexington Black Ice Platinum Dining Table  7  Piece Dining Set in Carbon Black is everything you want dining furniture to be – practical, functional, comfortable and beautiful to look at. The china cabinet has beveled glass doors with a chic “X” groove for that perfect stylish touch. The dining chairs are leather with tapered backs and legs and backrests that have silver nailhead trim. This tabletop also has a silver inlay, while the reflective surfaces of the table legs add another dimension to this urban contemporary design.

The emphasis of urban contemporary is on functional furniture that is cleverly disguised as chic and contemporary. The result is furnishings that reflect an urban lifestyle that demands flexibility and practicality with a metropolitan flair.

Modern Interior Design – The Bedroom

Friday, December 11th, 2009

As discussed in parts 1 and 2 of this mini series on modern interior design, modern style is characterized by clean, spare lines, sleek and polished surfaces and geometric or asymmetrical profiles. While metal and glass are popular construction materials, wood also plays a role in modern interior design. But again, the look is smooth and polished, even when the wood is bleached or has a textured appearance. Form is function: no decorative detail allowed! Visual interest is created through the design and structure of the furniture piece itself. This is what makes modernism so attractive when decorating a room: the result is neat, clean and soothing.

Benjamin Moore 

Color palettes are predominately neutral. Whites, grays and taupes are popular shades. For the room we are creating today, one of the whites like “ice mist” or “snowfall white” would provide the perfect contrast for the bed that will be the focal point of the room. 

Deceptively simple in design, a platform bed is a minimal, rectangular form, often without a headboard or a footboard. It is for this reason that platform beds are often associated with modern style. Since a platform bed generally doesn’t need a box spring or any other type of foundation to support the mattress, the bed stands closer to the floor. This can work to your advantage when decorating a smaller sized room, because it can make the space appear larger. The Modloft Ludlow Platform Bed (New) in White Leatherette With Wenge Frame has clean lines and an angular profile. The button-tufted detailing provides visual interest while the white headboard paired with a dark wood frame creates a stunning contrast. 

Ludlow Bed

When dressing the bed, you can choose one of two options. The first is to keep it “stark” by using white bedding as pictured. While some people are attracted to the clean, minimalist look of modern design, they might be reluctant to go that route but are afraid it will turn out too bleak or cold, the second option is to select bedding that will introduce color into your modern interior bedroom design. 


The angular profile of the Modloft Ludlow Nightstand in Wenge Finish (Set of Two) (pictured above with the bed), echoes the profiles of the bed frame and the headboard. Another excellent choice for our modern style bedroom would be the Lifestyle Solutions Zurich 3 Drawer Nightstand. As sleek and linear as the bed is, the base of this nightstand mimics the frame of the platform bed. 

Global Furniture USA Camilla Dresser

White Table Lamp

The final finishing touches to our modern style bedroom would include accessorizing. While the whole point of accessorizing a room is to make it more comfortable and inviting, as well as functional, you will want to be true to the spirit of the modern interior by sticking to the rule “less is more.” Surfaces should not be cluttered. Make sure you include plenty of storage options, like the Global Furniture USA Camilla Dresser, which will allow you to put things away, out of sight. Table lamps or bedside table lamps should be punctuation points in the design of your modern bedroom. Again, select lamps with clean lines, whether rounded or angular. Forms should be simple yet distinctive in order to provide sufficient amount of light. To add drama to the room, choose bedside lamps that have the appearance of a piece of sculpture.

Bedroom Design Ideas

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Design Your Bedroom like a Five Star Hotel

If you have ever checked-in at a Five Star Hotel then you probably have had a taste of what ultimate bedroom luxury is. From lighting to furnishings to sumptuous sheets what indulgent bedroom design ideas, these First Class hotel rooms offer a carefree stay in extreme comfort that make you feel like a pampered celebrity.

If you wish you could feel like this every day in your own bedroom, you can! Whether you are decorating your own bedroom or a guest room, follow this guide to designing the ultimate Five Star luxury bedroom all your own.

Planning Your Bedroom Space

No matter what size your bedroom space is, from studios to suites, top hotels seem to make efficient use of even the smallest real estate. The key to their successful use of bedroom design space is simple: identify the activities you will do and make use of the space you have.

Here are a few areas you can create in your own bedroom space:

  • Sleeping – The #1 activity in the bedroom for most requires a bed, of course.
  • Working – A compact yet functional desk will work.
  • Storage – Apart from built-in room closets, some cabinets might be useful.
  • Entertainment – Listening to music, watching TV, or reading will require seating and audio/video equipment storage.

Two other options you will find in most hotel bedrooms are a mini refrigerator and a coffee maker that you can set aside space for as well.

Choosing Your Bed & Other Bedroom Furniture

Now that you have divided up your space accordingly, you can begin choosing furnishings and other accessories for each “activity” area. We will follow the space plan above when choosing our bedroom furniture.

1. Sleeping

Your bed is the foundation of your bedroom. It will also be the priciest in this design project even without the bedding included. However, hotels make a huge investment in their own beds since guests will remember their sleep experience above all else. After all, restful, worry-free slumber is the top goal of hotels. Therefore, you should invest in the best bed you can afford as well.

Of course, what kind of bed you purchase is not solely dictated by budget alone. The overall theme of your dream room is key to your choice.

Storage Platform BedPlatform beds like South Shore Furniture Back Bay Queen Dark Chocolate Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Leather Platform Bedand the Hillsdale Nova Brown Leather Platform Bed evoke a modern European hotel character with their contemporary lines and unique materials.

Canopy BedMeanwhile, canopy beds like the Pulaski St. Raphael Canopy Bed

Wood Canopy Bedand the Pulaski Casa Cristina Canopy will make you feel like royalty waking up in a castle thanks to their dramatic grandeur.

Sleigh BedOn the other hand, a sleigh bed like the American Drew Bob Mackie Sleigh Bed with Crocodile Embossed Leather Panels

Wood Iron Bedor a poster bed like the Stanley Furniture Santa Barbara Montecito Iron Bed makes you feel like being on a weekend in a charming, countryside Bed & Breakfast.

When shopping for this all-important cornerstone of your Five Star bedroom design, keep in mind that unlike at a hotel, your stay will certainly be longer. Therefore, make sure you are positively happy with your bed.

For increasing the comfort factor of your bed, add a plush pillowtop as well.

2. Working

A simple desk for your laptop or to sort mail on is your next step. As in many First Class rooms, the desk should not dominate the room. It should complement your other furnishings while being highly functional. You might not spend most of your time using it, but you will also be engaging in a lot of important activities on it.

Oak Pedestal DeskWriting desks like the traditional Haugen Furniture Solid Oak Roll Top Single Pedestal Desk

Writing Deskor the more contemporary Young American by Stanley myHaven Writing Desk will not take up too much space. At the same time, they offer enough surface area to work on.

Unless you are sorely lacking for space in your home, do not make your working area in the bedroom too elaborate. Save working for a home office or better yet, work!

3. Storage

2 Drawer NightstandApart from nightstands like the Prepac Sonoma Black 2 Drawer Nightstand to store your reading glasses or books in, dressers will be useful.

7 Drawer Triple DresserWhile you might have adequate closet space, a dresser like the Modus Nevis Seven Drawer Triple Dresser in Espresso not only adds a place to store clothes and other items in, it also adds surface space to place some accessories on that you might want to “personalize” your Five Star space a bit.

4. Entertainment

Five star hotel rooms will have storage space for a TV, a DVD player, a stereo system and sometimes even a video game system for the kids.

TV Armoire Cabinet Instead of opting for the usual Entertainment center or stand, a TV Armoire like the Klaussner Furniture Grand Oaks TV Armoire

Antique Paint TV Armoire Cabinet Standand Distressed Antique Paint TV Armoire with Adjustable Shelves keep everything well-hidden when not in use. Moreover, some TV armoire models even provide additional storage room to boot.

Club Chair & OttomanIf you have the space, you can also provide sufficient a seating area from a club chair like the Klausser Woodwin Chair and Ottoman to comfortably read in

Fabric Tufted Sofaor a sofa like the Avenue Six Plaza 79” Fabric Tufted Sofa to lounge on with guests while listening to music or watching TV.

Other 5 Star Bedroom Design Creature Comforts

When it comes to Five Star Hotels, your bedding needs to be First Class Quality overall. You can completely eliminate the bedspread. Purchase high-quality bedding of at least 300 thread count. You can also add a duvet and dust skirt. All in all, your bedding can be lavish yet easy to make in the morning with this recommended combination.

In addition, while you can use standard pillows, you can incorporate some throw pillows and a throw blanket for color and texture. The throw blanket also protects your duvet when placed at the foot of the bed.

Queen Bedroom Bedding SetSome hotel-quality bedding sets include the Southern Textiles Elite Collection Impressions 4-Piece Queen Bedroom Bedding Set

4 Piece Queen Bedding Setfor a more dramatic atmosphere or the muted elegance of the Southern Textiles Elite Allentown 4-Piece Queen Bedding Set.

Personalizing Your Bedroom Design Space

Finally, while most hotel rooms will be welcoming and beautiful, they do lack character except for the hotel stationery and branded bath products. Of course, since this is essentially your bedroom, you will want to add a bit of personality to it. Framed photos and art, your favorite books, and other items can be integrated into your scheme. However, do not clutter your room with too much. This applies to both bedroom furniture and accessories.

Hotels often are our sanctuaries while traveling far from home. Yet even in this instance, they act as home where you can escape a stressful business meeting or reenergize after being on your feet all day sightseeing. Your Five Star bedroom should be your personal sanctuary as well even though it is located in the comfort of your own home.

Hope that sparks you with some of your own bedroom design ideas!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

Japanese Bedroom: Learn Japanese Bedroom Design!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Japanese Bedroom Style in a Modern Bedroom Setting

Who doesn’t long for a bedroom that is truly an escape from daily life?  With its calming colors, low profile furniture and limited clutter, Modern design and Japanese Bedroom Design work very well together and can help you create the room of your dreams.

Japanese Bedroom Modern Platform BedFurniture that is low to the ground is common in a modern setting and is a staple in Japanese Bedroom design.  The idea behind the low profile is to give thefeeling of stability to the user.  A platform bed is the perfect bed in this setting and the Fashion Bed Kyoto Black Platform Bed is an affordable choice to create thislook.  The design of this bed is simplicity at its best.  The simple lines will work perfectly with other Japanese style furniture you may have. An Asian screen or framed Kimono can be hung above to add some color and design.

Japanese Bedroom Zen Platform BedIf eco-friendly products are important to you the Retro Japanese Zen Platform Bed by Lifestyle Solutions should meet your needs.  Again, the simple lines of this bed and the large, flared headboard make it a good choice for your Asian inspired bedroom.

Japanese Bedroom Modloft Platform BedFor a modern japanese bedrrom style check out the Modloft Monroe Platform Bed. While the dark solid pine finish is not commonly found in Japanese Bedrrom design, the low horizontal lines make it a perfect choice.  The added bonus of hidden storage behind the doors can reduce the need for other furniture pieces in the room

The goal in Japanese design is to keep furnishings and decorations to a minimum.  Most everything in the room should be functional and practical.  But a bedroom needs additional furniture such as nightstands and dressers.  While many of the beds mentioned have matching pieces, it is not necessary to have everything match.  However, it is important in Japanese Design to keep the woods in the same color tone.

6 Drawer Mahogany Japanese DresserOr, consider the Sitcom Edo Japanese 6 Drawer Double Dresser in Mahogany. Its distinct Japanese influence is executed in theslim-line drawer pulls and the frame-on-frameside panels.

Sitcom features the same dresser in a chest form – the Edo Japanese 6 Drawer Tall Chest. The simplicity of both these accent pieces works well in a Japanese-inspired space.

Japanese Bedroom MirrorThe entire Edo collection by Sitcom has many accent pieces that could be used in a modern or Asian-style room. The Edo Japanese Style Nightstand frames off a bed or a dresser, while the Edo Japanese Mirror can be mounted onthe wall to give the illusion of more space.
Japanese Bedroom Screen

Screens are often found in Japanese Bedroom interiors, and they can serve many purposes. For example, placed behind a platform bed, they make a very interesting headboard. Maybe you want to hide the electronics in the room when not in use. If your room requires some additional privacy from other areas, a screen becomes the perfect room divider.

They can even be placed in front of a window or sliding glass door to block the light and act as a window treatment. Take a look at the Japanese Hazelnut Screen Japanese Bedroom Wall ClockFolding Room Divider Screen, with its stripped bamboo panels for a natural look, and the Nextime Timeless Room Divider Wall Clock that is hung from the ceiling with steel wire suspension (andtells the time, too!). They offer a simple Japanese feel that will compliment any modern bedroom.

Color choices are important when you are trying to create a relaxing, Japanese feel to your room. Muted colors inspired by nature are best.  This would include soft grays, greens and light browns.

Your bedding should be simple in style and color. The mantra here is “Less is more”. Avoid the use of multiple throw pillows, fluffy bed skirts and lots of pattern.  Instead, opt for soft solids. If you must have some pattern, choose Japanese embroidery on an accent pillow.

Lighting is soft and preferably comes from a natural source such as windows and skylights. But tables and floor lamps are necessary, so choose pieces made from natural materials such as bamboo and wood and add paper shades.

Natural flooring materials are preferred. Wood floors covered with fibre rugs, such as tatami mats, contribute to the quiet and serene feel you are looking for in Japanese design.

Mixing Japanese design with your modern pieces will add texture and warmth to your room and create that retreat you’ve been longing for.

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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