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Looking for a Fresh Way to Accessorize Your Backyard? Try an Outdoor Bar!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The warm weather is approaching, and the time to spend outdoors with friends and family will soon be upon us. Ah yes, it’ll soon be time for you take out the BBQ, patio furniture and gardening tools to create the perfect background atmosphere for your family and close friends.

If you’re looking for a different, trendy background accessory this new season, why not consider getting an outdoor bar. Nothing quite says ultimate luxury like having your own personal backyard bar, not to mention the convenience of entertaining guests. Having an outside bar makes it easier to host, even if you’re serving something as simple as lemonade.

Surprisingly, there are durable stools, such has Howard Miller bar stools, that are available specifically to surpass Mother Nature’s hardships. Weather proof, modern, bar stools can add a whole new contemporary look to your backyard and give it that tropical, relaxing, resort environment that puts everyone in awe. If you have a pool, even better! Your bar can overlook your whole yard and the crystal blue water for a great view. Your bar stool can also be used as a spot to watch over your kids as they swim.

You can get outdoor bar stools that match your current patio furniture or go with neutral, all black bar stools that match everything. If unsure of what color to get, you can always rely on black, especially when it comes to outside messes and spillage that can happen to your furniture. Nevertheless, a bar is the perfect piece for getting the most out of the great outdoors.


Outdoor Great Room Company Woven Resin Wicker Swivel Bar stool (Set of 2)

Outdoor Great Room Company Woven Resin Wicker Swivel Bar Stool Set of 2

Room to Grow: More Balcony Décor Ideas

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Where is Juliet standing when she’s talking to her Romeo? On a balcony, of course! In fact, the narrow balconies used to stop you from falling out of the glazed doors popular in many European countries are referred to as Juliet balconies. Your balcony may not be that narrow, but if you’re wondering if there is anything else you can do except stare at the narrow strip of concrete in the hope that it will somehow give you more space to work with, there are many ways for you to create a beautiful and functional place for you and your family and friends to enjoy (although maybe not all at the same time).

You may think it’s too small to do something with, but it isn’t. Anything that can add to the esthetics of your living space contributes to your overall well-being, whether you’re conscious of it or not. Even if the balcony is so narrow that you only have room for two or three earthen pots and a couple of planters, the view will be greatly improved when you look out the window. Whether there is room to spare or there is not, use the following three well-known principles of interior design to create an outdoor space that will help you enjoy summer that much more.

  • Function – What function or role will the balcony play in your life? If it is to relax and watch the world go by, you will need some kind of seating. Will you also need some type of shade? If you intend on entertaining friends you will definitely want to add a table. Or if the balcony is more Juliet than spacious, a set of outdoor nesting tables would be the ideal solution. But if you want your balcony as place to grow flowers and herbs, or even vegetables, then you will require more planters and plant stands than you will outdoor furniture pieces.
  • Mood – Creating a mood for your balcony might be as easy as adding soft outdoor lighting like a lantern or candle holders specifically designed for outdoor use. Wind chimes are another great way to give your balcony ambiance, and of course, so is a fountain.
  • Harmony – Here harmony refers to how all of the other design elements on your balcony work together.

Dress the space you have. Whether it’s long or short, a narrow balcony realistically limits your options, but it doesn’t eliminate them entirely. A grouping of three differently sized planters creates a focal point. A small fountain or water feature will accomplish the same thing while creating a sense of tranquility even in the busiest of urban environments. Do you look at your balcony and bemoan the fact that you can’t sit outside to enjoy the scenery? You might not have room for a standard size patio chair but how about a patio cube or a compact yet stylish stool like the Vifah Graden Black Hardwood Seat Stool?

Even when the balcony is roomy enough for a bistro table and chairs, you might opt for a cleaner, spare look that has an ultra modern vibe. On the other hand, you might be the type of person that enjoys overflowing planters on fire with riotous color. The choice is yours. The important thing to keep in mind when decorating a balcony is to make it functional, practical and appealing to you.

Don’t Forget the Balcony

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I had been living in my apartment for about two and a half years before I was finally motivated to do something about my balcony. No, it wasn’t the building manager insisting I stop using the space for extra storage (it’s technically against the rules to store bikes and other items that should be put downstairs in your assigned locker). It was a chance remark made by a friend (“Gee, you’d have a really nice view if you didn’t have all that junk on your balcony”) that inspired me to clean up my act and make it a space I could enjoy for three seasons out of the year. And my friend was right – the esthetic design of the living room (or any room that looks out onto it) is greatly compromised by a messy space.

The balcony is an extension of your apartment or condominium; a place where you can have breakfast on a weekend morning, sit and watch the sunset or entertain friends. Decorating a balcony follows pretty much the same process as for redoing your living, bedroom or bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much room to work with, you will want to make maximum use of the space without making it feel cramped and look cluttered.

Cleaning Up

You have to start with a clean slate. Sort through everything currently on the balcony. Throw out anything that can’t be reused, repaired or recycled. Donate any items that are still useable but ones you don’t really want to keep. Once the balcony has been cleared, give it a good cleaning. Wipe down any outdoor chairs, tables, planters, etc. Don’t forget the railings.

Pick a Theme

Just as in decorating a room inside your home, picking a theme or style will give the space a harmonious and finished look. It doesn’t have to mean scattering sports memorabilia all around the balcony. If you choose a nautical theme, for example, you can select planters or plant stands with a shell or starfish motif and a wicker patio set with navy and white striped upholstered chairs. A “theme” can be as simple as focusing on your favorite plant or creating an outdoor herb garden. It can also be seasonal, changing to reflect a special holiday like Christmas.

Select the Right Outdoor Furniture

Get out your tape measure! If you’re buying new patio furniture for your balcony, you’ll want to know exactly how much space you have to work with. Particularly if you’re going to include a table in your balcony décor plan, you don’t want one that will end up not fitting. In addition to a bistro set or an outdoor pub table, consider what else you would to include, such as an outdoor fountain, tiered plant stands or decorative pots or one or two oversized urns to create a conversation piece. When you’re ready to put the furniture in place, start with the biggest pieces first. Once they’ve been arranged to your liking, you can begin to accessorize. Layering the space with the other items you have chosen will transform the balcony into a truly comfortable and functional “room”.

Beyond the Patio Table – Choosing Garden Furniture for Your Backyard

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

It’s relatively simple enough to buy patio furniture for your patio or backyard. You decide on size, color and style and once you’ve made those decisions it’s pretty much a matter of purchasing an outdoor dining set, some lounge chairs or a bistro table. But what about the rest of your backyard? Choosing the right kinds of garden furniture to define the different areas of your outdoor living space can transform it into a place where visitors are welcome to enter your garden and enjoy the view. Having a plan in mind will ensure that the garden furniture you select for beyond the patio complements and enhances the overall mood and look of your backyard.

Just like in the rooms of your home, creating focal points in the backyard draws attention, not only to the specific parts of your garden but also to the area as a whole. Placed in front of a window or in a corner of the yard, the Oakland Living Sunflower Birdbath in Antique Bronze, particularly when surrounded by bird-attracting plants, will be esthetically pleasing to both winged creatures and humans alike.

Another way to create a focal point in your garden is with an outdoor bench. Make the most of your time in the backyard during the warm summer months or the warmer days of autumn by placing a bench near a favorite flower bed, tree or a water feature like a small pond or outdoor water fountain. You’ve worked hard to get your rose garden or special flower bed in tip-top shape; a garden bench is the ideal way to sit and appreciate your handiwork.

Showoff your gardening skills by using a trellis or arbor in creative ways to make a statement or to draw attention to a particularly attractive section of your garden. A wrought iron trellis or a wood arbor with a whimsical motif like elves, fairies or butterflies will give your backyard a less formal, landscaped look.

The ultimate symbol (next to the barbecue of course) of backyard lazing is the hammock. Use one to create a welcoming place to veg underneath a favorite tree or beside the pool or next to a colorful flowerbed.

Don’t forget that your house has windows. Decorating a backyard with garden furniture and outdoor furniture improves the look of your house from the outside, but it also increases the esthetic appeal of the interior of your home. A well-planned, well-dressed backyard helps give both your home and its grounds that certain character and individuality that makes your backyard a welcoming place to spend some down-time.

Patio Furniture Design

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Preparing the Perfect Summer Patio Design

When spring rolls into summer, everyone can hardly wait to value the great outdoors and relax on their patio. However, arranging your patio for those long summer days can be challenging. What do you need to add to make a perfect extended living space & patio design? What patio accessories are an ideal plus? Follow Every Patio Furniture’s numbered guide to improve the look and feel of your patio design.

Outdoor Patio Furniture for Your Patio Design

- Outdoor Patio Table Set

Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

How many people are going to sit at your new patio dining set? That’s the first question to ask yourself – what size do you need? Outdoor Chrome Patio Dining SetAlso, are you looking for a set that includes an umbrella?

The Alfresco Home Lista Cast Aluminum 84 Inch Oval Table Dining Group is a good choice for family barbeques, while the Oakland Living Chrome Dining Set with 1 Table and 2 Chairs is more suited for an apartment balcony. Remember to check if the set is resistant to weather, and comes with assembly instructions.

Outdoor chairs and lounges

Outdoor Patio Lounge ChairWhen selecting outdoor seating, choose pieces that can be easily moved. You don’t want something too heavy that can’t be relocated!

Chaise Lounge Outdoor Coffee Table Set

Lounges are a soothing addition to a patio, but be sure your space has enough room to hold it.

Alfresco’s Home Farfalla Deep Seating Lounge Chair with Cushion is practical and comes with a plush cushion, and the Home Vento Chaise Lounge and Side Table (also by Alfresco) is constructed to endure any weather, plus it comes with its own end table.


Outdoor Iron Bench

Benches are a great way to add flair to your patio or backyard – plus, they create more seating space! The Oakland Living Rochester Bench’s finish gives it an exquisite antique look and it is made from iron, brass, and stainless steel, which will keep it standing strong.


A good-quality hammock should be able to do two things – defy the weather (especially rain) and be able to hold at least 500 pounds.

The Outback Chair Company Outback Quilted Fabric Hammock claims all of the above, and comes in a selection of different colours. Hang your hammock from your porch covering, outdoor columns, or a pergola.

Lighting / Heat for Your Patio Design

Outdoor Solar Lighting Garden ArtSolar powered lamps

Not only do solar powered lamps save energy, they’re also wireless. They are simple to install in your backyard along a walkway, or on every corner of your patio.

Allsop’s Solar-Powered Garden Art lamps are eye-catching and fun, while they give off a soft light that’s perfect for late summer nights.

Candles and Lanterns

Antique Bronze Outdoor Candle HolderConsider decorative candles and lanterns to liven up your outdoor space. Oakland Living’s Antique Bronze Grape Themed Candle Holder with Candle has beautiful grapevine detailing, and would be a great holder for a citronella candle – perfect for keeping the bugs away!Copper Outdoor Glass Latern

Kenroy Home Beacon Gilded Copper Outdoor Hanging Lantern with Clear Ridged Glass has a great old-world feel, is made of rust-proof copper, and can either be hung or placed on any surface.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters have become very popular for home owner after seeing them in restaurants.

Table Top Patio Heater

You can get all different sizes of heaters to warm up those cloudless summer nights. For a table top, the Fire Sense Copper Finish Table Top Patio Heater is a safe choice, with its shut off tilt valve and oxygen depletion sensor.

Standing Infrared Patio Heater



If you’d like a floor-length heater, the Stainless Steel Floor Standing Round Infrared Patio Heater (also by Fire Sense) runs silently, is made from durable stainless steel and aluminium, and does not emit any harmful toxins into the air.

Fire Pits

Copper Outdoor Fire Pit

For a more natural way to heat things up, a fire pit not only does the job, it’s an ideal spot to gather round and socialize. Fire pits come in many different styles and dimensions, so try to decide what look and style would fit your outdoor space.

Outdoor Coffee Table With Firepit

A smaller deck or yard could aim for the Corral 35 Inch Copper Fire Pit, since it is compact and comes with a removable screen. Got room to spare?

The Outdoor Great Room Company Naples Chat Firepit Wicker Coffee Table with Black Glass Top is a coffee table with a fire pit built right in – perfect for resting drinks and snacks on while you enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Garden Accessories for Your Patio Design


Balcony Garden PlanterFlowers give a balcony a fresh, formal flair. A cute and inexpensive way to display your flowers is to place them in planters.

The On-The-Edge Planter comes with two planters that can be inserted over any type of fence or rail. An idealistic choice for apartment dwellers who have always wanted their own portable garden!


Hanging baskets create visual interest and brighten up your deck, especially if the basket itself is a beauty. H. Potter’s Copper Hanging Plant BasketFinish Hanging Plant Basket looks great even without the flowers.

Since summer is on its way, if you’d like a basket in full bloom by mid-summer, get planting now! It can take some flowers 3-5 months to fully grow, so go with marigolds or snapdragons, since their bloom time is shorter than most.


Sunflower Garden SculptureSometimes all you need to liven up your patio or garden is a simple piece of art! Sculptures easily give your outdoor space a dose of character.

Patina Products offers different flower and plant sculptures that are made out of solid steel – built to last! Reflect your personality and taste by placing a sculpture that represents you around your yard, in the grass, or in your patio’s corners.

Regal Blue Urn SetAnother art piece that has the potential to add some depth to your patio is a striking urn. For the truly artistic, try the Alfresco Home Riga Urn in Regal Blue. It comes with three handmade, matching urns in different sizes. Urns can also be used to hold flowers. Alfresco offers the Home WestLea Urn in Antique Rust, a lightweight planter urn at a reasonable price. Place urns in the corners of your patio, or use them to frame a walkway.

Shade for Your Patio Design

- Umbrellas

Patio Umbrella

If you’ve got an outdoor table and want to cover it with an umbrella, be sure to take down your table’s measurements and find an umbrella that will offer you full coverage.
It’s nice to bask in the sun for a while, but shade is a real relief! The Oakland Living 10′ Cantilever Umbrella offers vast coverage for a table, patio, or a lounge chair. Remember to apply more sunscreen when you get in the shade, so you’re ready to go when you decided to venture into the sunlight again.

PergolasOutdoor Roman Pergola

With a pergola, you’ll get the freedom to decorate it however you like. Cover it with a string of lights, drape over a mosquito net, or adorn it with curtains. It’s like having an extra room outside! Oakland Living’s 10′ x 10′ Roman Pergola is a luxury pergola made from rust-free cast aluminium with an antique bronze finish. It acts as a great cover for a hot tub, chairs and a coffee table, or a roaring fire pit.


Outdoor GazeboChoosing a gazebo is simple if you know what size you are looking for. How much shade do you feel you need? What needs coverage?

Also from Oakland Living, the Deluxe Gazebo with Cover looks well over a set of table and chairs, while H. Potter’s Garden Garden GazeboGazebo is more suited over a bench.

Shade SailShade Sails

Hanging up a sail is an original and effortless way to stay cool in the shade! It gives your porch or garden a light, airy feel. Hang sails like the Coolaroo 11 ft 10″ Square Shade Sail from the corners of your patio, or from privacy hedges. They’re great for smaller spaces, and easy to put up. Choose your favourite colour and get hanging!

Grill Appliances / Electronics for Your Patio Design


Napoleon Infrared Grill Prestige SeriesLet’s face it – with all the amount of grills out there, it can get a little mind boggling to decide which one is best for you. Assess what type of grill you’re interested in. Big? Small? In-between? When it comes to king-sized grills, the Prestige II Gemini Series Infrared Grill by Napoleon Grills will be sure to feed your family and friends with its double Infrared ceramic burners and included rotisserie kit. Lacking space?

Weber Genesis Gas GrillUse the Outdoor Great Room Company Legacy 20 Inch Electric Grill Head with Black Vinyl Cover. It can be placed easily on any tabletop for a portable patio grill.

For a medium-sized option, the Weber Genesis Gas Grill by Weber Grills cuts back on size, but it still high in quality. Plus, it’s extremely portable with its own set of wheels!


Beverage CoolerWhen you think of most coolers, you picture textured, bright-coloured plastic that’s bulky and unsightly. But those are the portable ones that you bring camping!

Coolers like the Alfresco Home Alghero Beverage Cooler in Latte are stylish and classy, and great for entertaining. Choose an outdoor cooler that will hold the amount of drinks you’d expect to have. For a rip-roaring outdoor bash, maybe it’s for the best to give up style and opt for a cooler that won’t crack or break if it falls down.


Forget about watching TV on those dull summer nights – go outside and watch the stars! For those with a condo-sized 114M Refract Telescopebalcony, choose a space saver, like the Meade 114Mm Refract Telescope.

Those with a greater amount of space can go for the Galileo 720Mm X 80Mm Refractor. If you’ve never purchased a telescope before, look for ones that come with plenty of instructions, and pre-assembled parts.

iPod Speakers

Ipod Folding SpeakersThe easiest way to get your music outside? Forget installing heavy, clunky speakers. The Digipower Ipod Folding Speakers set is an inexpensive way to bring your favourite tunes with you out the door. Make sure your iPod is compatible with whatever speakers you purchase, and express your personality by selecting different colours and styles.

Now get out there – and relax!

A Quick Guide to Outdoor Patio Designs

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Outdoor & Patio Furniture Design IdeasA Quick Guide to Outdoor Patio Designs

Outdoor Pillow Storage Box South Beach

When it comes to outdoor patio design, choosing your patio furniture for outside is just as important as choosing it for inside. It is essential to be selective with your purchases, so following some basic guidelines for the perfect outdoor patio design is often the best place to start.

Firstly, you need to take the space into consideration.  How large is the patio area you have to work with? Think of what patio furniture you desperately want or need, and buy suitably sized pieces. It is better to be left with enough remaining room to move around easily. If the space is of a smaller scale, consider storage. The South Beach AWW Pillow Storage designed by Alfresco Home is a good example of this.

The next factor to take into account is the purpose of the outside patio design area. Whether it is for entertaining, the children to play in or just to sit out and relax in, you need to buy your furniture accordingly.

3 pc outdoor bistro set with glass topThe following step is to decide what style to incorporate. If you want to create the essence of a dreamy Parisian café, then opt for something like the Mississippi Antique Outdoor Bistro Set by Oakland Living. Wrought iron furniture exudes elegance, and comes in both traditional and modern designs.

For people who have comfort in mind, Home Styles Furniture Cabana Banana Outdoor Chair & Ottoman Two Piece Set would be the ultimate in luxury. It comes with a chair and ottoman, so you can unwind at the end of a long day with your feet up! It brings a whole new meaning to being outside. This particular piece of furniture has a solid hardwood frame, which makes for a very resilient and low maintenance purchase.outdoor patio chair and ottoman
Of course your budget will affect what material of furniture you can shop for. Plastic and artificial wood are the less expensive options, whereas a real wood such as cedar is a lot more costly. There are several materials to choose from. Wicker inspires a homely theme, and is both lightweight and easy to clean. Aluminium, on the other hand, has a more modern appearance and resists deterioration well.

Tuscan Style Mission Square Fire PitNowadays, outdoor design doesn’t just stop at the patio furniture. There is a magnitude of possibilities when it comes to this exterior space. Imagine sitting out in the evening comforted by the warm glow of a fire pit. Fire Sense has designed a Tuscan Tile Mission Style Square Fire Pit, which is ideal for a cosy night in the garden.

Consider incorporating other sensual features. Beautiful flowers are effective visually, but also create a wonderful aroma. The harmonious sound of a wind chime will create a soothing atmosphere, dissolving any stress and anxiety. Water features, such as the Alfresco Home Giara Floor Water Fountain, instigate serenity and calmness.alfresco home outdoor floor water fountain

But in the end, when you determine the function, style and design, try and keep quality in mind. Outdoor furniture must sustain the elements, and in the long run you will save money by not having to replace it so often. Just use your imagination, and put as much effort into your outdoor design as you would into your interior decorating.

Happy Outdoor Patio Decorating! Send me a picture of your patio design


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