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Your Home Office as a Personal Retreat

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home parent working on a part-time basis; an entrepreneur running a home business full-time; or a business executive who needs someplace quiet to work on the weekends, the home office is your base of operations. Yes, it should be functional, practical, comfortable and especially if you have clients or colleagues come to visit, professional looking.

But what if you designed your home office to reflect your personal preferences; inspire and rejuvenate you; and to possess an underlying den-like atmosphere that is relaxing yet also energizing? Then you would have a home office that is your own personal retreat, as well as a place where you get things done. When creating a home office as a personal retreat the trick is to integrate luxury anywhere you can into your overall design plan. Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive; it simply means focusing those little details that go beyond functionality to create a work environment that is also beautiful and meaningful to you.

The computer desk or writing desk is center stage when planning a home office that will be your personal retreat. This is where it all happens – drafting the big proposal, making the sales that pay the bills, figuring out where you go from here. Standard computer desks are called “standard” because they can be used for a number of purposes; not just for particular use like a drafting table. Executive computer desks are intended to impress and are typically more elaborate in details and features. Choose an executive desk like the Bush Furniture Birmingham Executive 60″ Computer Desk in Harvest Cherry Finish. It has plenty of surface workspace (practical) while its rich, warm wood finish (esthetically pleasing) commands attention.

Even if you work from home part-time or only occasionally, the office chair or desk chair you choose should be comfortable. Select an office chair that will not only complement the desk you selected, but will also support you ergonomically. Splurge on a chair like the Distinction Leather Buttoned Swivel Tilt Executive Chair, which is designed to impress (and be comfy too).

To create a space that is both a functional workplace and personal retreat, add those little touches that will individualize your home office. Just by placing an armchair or two guest chairs next to a window or a floor lamp paired with a small accent table, you can transform a corner of your home office into a quiet place to catch up on your reading or have or cozy chat with a client.

Or simply add the Selamat Designs Connoisseur Burl Walnut Desk Caddy or the Howard Miller Athens Tabletop Clock that will not only keep you organized, they also add that little something extra to your home office.

The possibilities are endless for creating the perfect home office retreat. Spend some time on selecting prints that reflect your personality and some extra cash on really good picture frames. To give your home office that den feel, include a drinks cabinet like the Howard Miller Wine Cellar Hide a Home Bar Console.

How to Buy an Office Chair When You Don’t Know How

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

A friend of mine asked me to go shopping with her for an office chair. Her significant other recently was given a promotion and it came with a very beautiful executive desk and a not-so-comfortable office chair. Annie was the designated chair buyer. I might sound a bit odd to send someone to buy chair they will not be sitting in. But Annie has an eye for these things. I was along for moral support and the promise of lunch at a favorite downtown pasta bar.

boss-office-products-caressoft-executive-box-arm-chairI also agreed to go for my own self-motivated reasons. You see, I don’t know much about what makes one type of office chair more desirable than another. And I really need a good computer desk chair. My work station at home where I do most of my writing currently has a traditional style accent chair with a carved rose motif back splat sitting in from of it. My grandmother gave it to me when I moved into my own first-absolutely-roommate-free apartment after coming home from university. The once-lovely pale yellow button-tufted seat is developing a definite dip. After sitting in front of the computer 45 minutes tops, it plays havoc with my lower back.

So when Annie asked me to help her shop for an office chair I agreed to go with her hoping that, in the process, I would pick up some helpful hints that I could use when I buy a computer desk chair of my own. Of course, the
chair for Annie’s partner had to be made of leather. But she was looking for other specifics, as well. The chair had to have a high back with built-in head, neck and lumbar support; a wheeled base for maneuverability; arms and adjustable levers for height and backrest positioning. The office chair, while made of leather, had to be contemporary and not traditional in style. He would prefer arms with wood accents in a medium wood finish to complement the dark cherry color of the desk.
Global Total Office Tye Mesh Medium-Back-Office-Chair-with-Pneumatic-TilterTo be honest, the first hour we weren’t really office chair shopping, but rather catching up on news. Another reason I agreed to this adventure because we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. Then we spotted a leather executive office chair set that included a matching guest chair and something for “free” definitely caught our attention. It turned out that the office chair itself didn’t quite match the list of must-have – the back turned out to be not quite high enough and the product information didn’t say anything about lumbar support. But it inspired us to keep looking.

After two more stores and numerous close calls, we were about to break for lunch when Annie spotted it. It had a high back and arms with a wood trim; included several ergonomic features and was made of leather. I promptly sat in it before Annie could. Yes, I sighed, snuggling into the backrest and breathing in the delicious new leather smell. This is the one, I told my friend, as I gave it a gentle spin, making myself feel slightly off-balance. Annie was a bit more critical when she finally got to sit in the prospective office chair. She made sure the levers were easy-to-use; that it was comfortable and that it would be a good fit for the person she was purchasing it for. When the office chair had been purchased and a delivery date and time agreed upon we were off to lunch.

Boss-Office-Products-Leather-Contemporary-Executive-Chair-In-BlackAlthough I couldn’t persuade Annie to come with to buy a chair for my computer work station at home, I learned a lot. I now know what to look for when shopping for an office chair. But now I’m not sure if I really need an office chair with wheels at all – maybe a computer desk chair without casters and a contoured, upholstered seat and back would be a better fit for me.

Stay tuned to see how I will solve my work space seating dilemma because I’m definitely on a mission. Grandmother’s chair needs to be retired, re-upholstered and re-purposed.

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