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Dress Up Your Bedroom with a New Nightstand

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Magnussen Southampton 3 Drawer Nightstand in Black

The right nightstand is an important component to get right in your bedroom or master suite. While the bed is the major focal point for your room, selecting complimentary nightstands is just as important. This is where you place your most valuable and useful  items like alarm clocks, cell phones or current reading material. It also usually houses a lamp as usually provides extra storage as well.

Sonax Pacific Contemporary Nightstand in Ebony Pecan Cart

Choosing a nightstand that is the right size and height is important. Be sure to measure the height of your mattress to help make a decision. In general it’s a safe bet to buy a nightstand that is about equal in height to your mattress. It’s also useful to consider that usually the taller the table the more formal the look. A low profile look is usually more contemporary. But for your personal comfort and style a few inches higher or lower might be preferable.

Wynwood Cypress Point Nightstand in Soft Amber Finish White

There is also no need to feel constrained by the rest of your bedroom furniture. Maybe you are looking to upgrade your space one piece at a time. Or maybe your bedroom set has been discontinued. Buying a matching set is still the easiest way to get a cohesive look in any room. But buying furniture pieces that are complimentary but not matching is a great way to get an individual look and show off your unique personality.

Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Coral Nightstand Cart

Today’s nightstands feature a variety of different design options. Choose from open shelves or one to three drawers. Go for a sleek urban look with a dark finish like espresso or black accented by shimmering satin chrome hardware. Keep it casual with the charm of rustic pine or white wood with attractive turned legs. Or go for traditional flair with an antique-inspired nightstand with three drawers in a sophisticated soft amber finish. The incredible style and great prices on the market today make it super simple to find the right choice for you.

Soul Mates – Furniture Pairs that Just Belong Together

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

It’s easier to make a splash with some pieces of furniture than it is with others. But when you pair certain pieces of living room furniture together, say a fireplace and a club chair, you not only up the room’s “wow” factor, you also add another layer of comfort and functionality to your living space.

A club chair or a recliner parked beside an accent table instantly forms its own grouping separate from rest of the living room. Just add a lamp and you have your own personal space for reading the latest bestseller or catching up on the evening news.

In a living room or family room, pairing a loveseat with the Butler Specialty Plantation Cherry Wood Nesting Tables increases your options: it allows you to have a meal in front of the television; a place to put two different bowls of munchies while watching a movie; and when entertaining, you can move the nesting tables around the room to wherever else they are needed.

Placing an unusual mirror above a console table in a foyer makes a statement about your personality and the home you’re welcoming people into. Whether the mirror is an attention grabber or not, pairing a console table and a mirror together is a practical combination – you can set down your keys or purse to check your appearance or fix your lipstick just before you go out the door.

To create a conversation piece and punch up the room’s visual impact, include pieces of furniture that are typically found in other rooms, such as a dresser in the dining room instead of the traditional sideboard or a baker’s rack in a hallway in lieu of  the standard console table.

I have stayed in places where there was no nightstand by the bed; it always causes me minor annoyance at the realization that I have to now get out of bed to turn out the light just as I feel I could easily drift off to sleep. A nightstand or a bedside is the perfect companion for any type of bedroom, from a master bedroom to a guest room to a child’s room. If you want to ramp up your bedroom décor replace the standard night stand with a hand-painted accent chest or a bachelor chest, which is slightly wider than a nightstand but not as wide as a dresser.

Pairing furniture pieces in such a way as to increase the room’s functionally is just good sense. You can also make your furniture pairings stand out and grab attention by selecting living room, hallway and bedroom furniture pieces that are unique and striking.

Bed Companions: Stylish AND functional Alternatives to the Standard Nightstand

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Nightstands are actually versatile pieces of furniture, increasing your storage options while making the bedroom more functional. Placing a lamp on the nightstand’s tabletop saves you from having to get out of bed to turn out the light. In an interior design context, nightstands, one on either side of the bed, make a bedroom looked balanced, tying the bed thematically to the other furniture pieces in the room. Because a nightstand closely resembles an end table, an accent table or an accent chest, there’s no rule saying that you can’t substitute one for the other in order to get the exact look and style you want. Using other types of accent furniture such as a writing desk or even a console table instead of nightstand can transform your bedroom into a stylish and functional living space.

The Stanley Furniture Portofino Basque Black Secretary Desk placed between two twin beds creates a visually stunning focal point. Placed to either the right or left hand side of a queen size or king size bed and paired with a desk chair, it can function both as a writing desk and a nightstand.

The nightstand, also known as a bedside table, is a must-have for any type of bedroom, particularly a master bedroom. It typically has at least one drawer, but can come in a number of configurations including a combination of drawers and shelves. Keeping the functionality of the nightstand but introducing other decorative elements into the bedroom’s overall design will add that little extra something that will be solely unique to you and your home. Selecting end tables like the Southern Enterprises Vogue Black End Table with an open design can help make a smaller sized bedroom feel less “furniture dense” or cramped.

There are many different types of accent tables and accent chests to choose from that are suitable for doing double duty in the bedroom. As well as adding more storage space, an accent chest like the Butler Specialty Designer’s Edge 3 Drawer Rattan Oval Side Chest brings another textured element into the bedroom, drawing attention toward the bed and emphasizing the decorative detail of both the bed and the bedside tables.

Emerging during the last half of the eighteenth century in the British Isles as a low-standing chest of drawers, the bachelor’s chest is a stylish option to the standard nightstand. Originally designed to hold male articles of clothing including shirts and underwear, it resembles a regular chest of drawers with one basic difference – they tend to be narrower than a dresser but wider than a night stand. No longer just for men (or bachelors), a bachelors chest like the Tommy Bahama Home Island Breeze Bachelor’s Chest makes a chic and sophisticated bedside companion for anyone.

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