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Urban Sophisticated – The Modern Style Bedroom

Friday, October 15th, 2010

How you design your bedroom and the bedroom furniture you choose to furnish it with is very important to the overall mood. We instantly feel relaxed and welcomed in spaces, especially bedroom spaces that are spacious, well-lit, uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing. Known for its underlying simplicity of line, shape, form, the clean lines and streamlined detail of modern style bedroom furniture ultimately contributes to an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, which is exactly the right tone you want for a bedroom that will be your sanctuary after a busy or even hectic day.

Earth tones and neutral palettes with splashes of bold color characterize a modern style bedroom. Whites, grays and blacks are commonly used as main or accent wall colors. Color is always used sparely: in a modern interior design bedroom, color is an exclamation instead of a conversation. If you’ve chosen a bold color like red, orange or intense blue as an accent color, select neutral colors for other items in the room such as lamps, window treatments and carpets or area rugs.

To the unfamiliar eye, furnishings can look stark or devoid of personality. Clean lines, natural elements, lighter finishes and polished, gleaming expanses typify modern style bedroom furniture. Because form is function, decorative detail is viewed as “unnecessary.”

Visual interest is commonly created through the design and appearance of the individual bedroom furniture piece. Shape, both strictly geometric and asymmetrical, is often used for dramatic effect. The result is bedroom furniture that is deceptively simple; but because lines are uncluttered, the eye isn’t working overtime, and the sleek profiles work just as well in smaller spaces as they do in larger ones.

When accessorizing – don’t! As with modern furniture design, when accessorizing your modern style bedroom, less really is more. While you do want the room to be inviting, you don’t want to add anything that does not have a specific purpose; including items that are solely decorative will not reflect true modern style principles. 

Modern style furniture has clean lines and streamlined detail. Profiles are strictly angular, geometric or asymmetrical. It can even have a “space age” appeal; so decide which modern vibe will work for you.

Urban Sophisticated – The Modern Style Bathroom

Friday, October 8th, 2010

If ever there was any room in your home that is naturally suited to modern style, it would have to be the bathroom. It is the one space where sharp, angular profiles with clean lines make a big splash. Modern design, emerging post-WWII, takes anything traditional and pares it down to basic elements that celebrate cutting-edge ideas, inventions and innovations. Materials are commonly bleached or lighter colored woods, metal and glass with space-age, highly polished surfaces. A modern style bathroom combines an ultra-urban vibe with spa chic for a look that is fresh yet luxurious.

In keeping with the minimalist tradition, this metal and glass vanity fills all of the modern style requirements. The vanity has spare lines; the base of the bathroom vanity is made of stainless steel; and form meets function in the integrated towel bar. It won’t be just a place to wash your face; a modern style bathroom vanity that combines cool, clean metal and glass with sleek lines makes a trendy statement that you will appreciate for awhile.

For an ultra modern look and feel try floating. Some of us tend to shy away from modern style because it can appear “cold” or unwelcoming. But putting that rumor to rest, wall mounted bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks (without the vanity cabinet) and bathroom cabinets create a floating effect that is dramatic and just plain beautiful to look at. Especially if the vanity is constructed of wood, wall mounted bathroom fixtures can create a warm and welcoming vibe while possessing a space-age appearance.

Modern design bathroom furniture is typified by polished surfaces, geometric or asymmetrical shapes and neutral palettes. Even though glass and metal are the most common materials used in the construction of modern style bathroom fixtures and cabinets, when wood is introduced into the mix, it can work with metal-and-glass elements to create visual interest. Depending on placement and presentation, a modern style vanity utilizing asymmetrical shape to maximum effect, will make a stunning and sophisticated statement in your bathroom.

Urban Sophisticated – The Modern Style Living Room

Friday, October 1st, 2010

 If you’re redecorating the living room and you want something completely different from what you had, a modern style living room might be just the solution you’re looking for. Modern style is noted for its minimalist lines and often stark and dramatic use of metal and glass as construction materials or bleached organic elements such as wood or bamboo as accents. Because the focus of this design style is on form and function, modern style living room furniture pieces have uncomplicated lines that are clean and straightforward, giving the room a spacious, uncluttered feel. 

Balancing Neutrals with Color

Modern style is notorious for its lack of color. Typical palettes for modern style living rooms include neutrals like white, gray or taupe. But this is underestimating color in a modern style context. The use of bold accent hues on one or two walls is a popular way to introduce color into a modern living room interior design. If this idea appeals to you, decide where the color will go. If you pick a bold color for the living room walls, (either one or all), plan on sticking to neutrals for your living room furniture pieces. The reverse will hold true: if you decide to use brightly colored fabrics for upholstered furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs and accessories like area rugs, curtains and accent pillows, paint the walls in a neutral shade.

Modern Style Living Room Furniture

Modern style emerged mid-twentieth century, as an expression of post-World War II sensibilities and a reflection of new ideas, new materials and new inventions. Choose furniture for your modern style living room that breaks with tradition: occasional tables like coffee tables, console tables or end tables should have no decorative detail; furniture profiles for sofas, entertainment centers, bookshelves, etc. will have sleek and streamlined profiles. Finishes are typically highly polished but they can also have a raw, natural or bleached appearance. Focus on geometric or asymmetrical patterns, when selecting fabrics. Furniture that incorporates geometric shapes or asymmetrical designs is ideal for a modern style living room.

The Different Faces of Modern – Sophisticated Modern

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Today’s last installment of our Friday series is intended for those of us who like the idea of modern style but would like something a bit “warmer” and not so stark. One could argue that this might be considered more transitional style than modern, but I’m still following the basic principles of modernism, where form is function; there’s no decorative detail; and profiles are cleanly geometric, angular or asymmetrical. While minimalist (part 1) can have a space age, futuristic appearance and ultra modern (part 2) can still feel sparse, sophisticated modern expresses “feeling;” bares a little soul. Sophisticated modern furniture might stick to the sleek, crisp lines of the other faces of modern design, but it has something else – an unusual curve, a surprising twist of metal, the unique use of a specific material – that catches the eye and deems it visually pleasing.

Sophisticated Modern in the Bedroom

The bed sets the tone of the room. It’s typically the first thing you see upon entering the bedroom. Since it is center stage, it’s important to choose one in a style that perfectly expresses your personality and lifestyle. Because the bedroom has evolved from just a place to sleep to a sanctuary that refreshes and renews, the bed, and the other bedroom furniture pieces you select, should reflect the other roles (hanging out with the kids Sunday morning; a quiet place to read; somewhere to stretch out propped up by comfy pillows when last-minute proofing a proposal) the room plays in your life.

The Lifestyle Solutions Knotch Modern Wood Cappuccino Platform Bed 5 Piece Bedroom Set is definitely a fine example of sophisticated modern. The furniture pieces have a rich warm wood finish that can be adapted to both a neutral or bold color scheme when you’re dressing the bed and accessorizing. The headboard of the platform bed has the appearance of recessed panels, but is actually a set of built-in shelves. The open design of the nightstands and the absence of a footboard give the bedroom set a less solid appearance.

While there could be several convincing arguments that the Modus Leather Upholstered Rumba Low Profile Sleigh Bed is more transitional in style, it qualifies as sophisticated modern for several reasons. This platform bed has virtually no decorative detail; the lines are clean; and an old form (sleigh headboard) is adapted in a new and surprising way.

The Curt Christian by Martin Madison Wood Panel Bed 5 Piece Bedroom Set shouts sophistication. And what says “modern” more than a dresser or nightstand with brushed metal drawer fronts?

Sophisticated Modern in the Bathroom

A growing interior design trend is to transform the ordinary bathroom into one’s own personal spa or a bathroom one might find in a high-end or boutique hotel. A well-designed, well-organized space helps us to prepare ourselves, both mentally and physically, to face the day. Sophisticated modern for a bathroom décor makes perfect sense.

While borderline ultra-modern, the Nameek’s Concept One 27″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set shows a distinct sophisticated modern style. The subtly patterned doors make this vanity luscious to look at.

While displaying contemporary sensibilities, the Ultimate Accents Contemporary 3 Piece Double Bathroom Vanity has design acumen that can only stem from sophisticated modern. The crackle glass vessel sinks and the textured finish of the wood cabinets will certainly lend your bathroom a truly modern look with that special touch of spa.

Sophisticated Modern in the Dining Room

When a modern dining table with a unique design is perfectly matched with dining chairs crafted from space-age materials, the result is a dining set that is bold, cosmopolitan and edgy in a sophisticated way.

Definitely with a nod to Art Deco (another sub style of modern), the Somerton Manhattan Modern Art Round Pedestal Dining Table is sophisticated modern at its best. The interlocking circles that make up the table’s pedestal base is visually striking. While the button-tufted backrest of the dining chair is decorative, it is so much an integral part of the design that it contributes to this dining set’s classic modern flair.

Highly polished metal accents and a round glass tabletop make the Steve Silver Matinee 48 Inch Round Glass Dining Table thoroughly modern. While the wood legs in a dark cherry finish, a definite contemporary style trait, in this context, give this table an understated chic.

Sophisticated Modern in the Living room

Because modern design arose in the second half of the twentieth century in resounding protest to the traditions and social trends of the past, it reflected the new technologies, materials and philosophies of the Machine Age. Vinyl, microfiber and other space-age fabrics including plastics are popular upholstery materials for sophisticated modern living room furniture. Leather, of course, is also welcome.

The Global Furniture USA Alexander Tan Leather Sofa looks comfy and inviting, just as at home in a contemporary environment as a modern one. But it’s the arms that make you look again. The bold curves of the armrests are emphasized by the dark mahogany wood veneer inlays, giving it its sophisticated modern distinction.

Even though it is made of a dark stained wood, the tiered repetition of its elliptical shapes gives the Abbyson Morgan Ellipse End Table a trendy modern chic.

There is no mistaking the minimalist origins of the Adesso Regency Modern Black Coffee Table. But what makes this coffee table sophisticated modern is the rounded corners, which adds another dimension to its basic geometric shape.

The Different Faces of Modern – Designing a Less Minimalist Dining Room

Friday, March 5th, 2010

In part two of our series we will discuss how to design a modern style dining room that has a slightly more relaxed look. While still modern, it won’t be austerely minimalist. This is for people who find the idea of modern style appealing but are afraid that it will end up looking too industrial or space age. You can successfully design a less minimalist dining room by selecting modern furniture with different textures that incorporate bold color or the use of shape in unique ways.

Modern dining room furniture has lines that are clean, rectilinear or angular. Furniture pieces, like the Global Furniture USA Rebecca Arm Chair, typically possess exuberant shapes that could even be considered sculpture-like in appearance. The veneer-like pattern of this dining chair creates a visually stunning focal point.

It should be minimalist in design while providing the maximum amount of light.

Asymmetrical shapes can seem “warmer” or at least not as minimalist as straight or angular lines. Both the ItalModern Lotta Indoor or Outdoor Black Plastic Dining Side Chair and the ItalModern Beatrix Modern Green Dining Chair with Chrome Legs definitely have the appearance of a sculpted work of art. They also use asymmetrical shape in astonishing and exciting ways that will bring an energizing feel to your dining area. Popular construction materials for modern style furniture are glass, plastic and metal. The Lotta dining chair is made of plastic while the Beatrix dining chair is fashioned from a combination of plastic and fiberglass and includes metal legs.

Modern style is well-known for its crisp lines, straight edges and no decorative detail. Does this mean you only buy plain or “boring looking” furniture? Don’t you need decorative detail to make furniture interesting? The modernists didn’t think so. The Modloft Howard Modern Upholstered Dining Chair is a great example of how visual interest is created by the raised square design of its side panel. While the profile of the chair is strictly geometric, the tapered legs combined with the textured side give it a softer appearance.

The underlying simplicity of modern line, shape and form is ideally suited to the dining room. Modern style dining table designs are cool and sleek. They are often characterized by polished surfaces and geometric profiles. The focus of the modern style is on form and function. While metal and glass are popular dining table construction materials for modern style dining furniture, for a less minimalist look, select one made of wood, with or without a glass tabletop. Especially for a dining room that is used often or regularly to entertain guests, you will want to select a dining set that includes chairs with comfortable seating.

The Modloft Cliff Extendable Wood Dining Table has a truly modern design. The tabletop and the legs of the dining table are defined by clean, smooth expanses of wood. The floating effect of the tabletop is created by the metal accents that lift it up and away from the legs. No added decorative detail is needed: the eye is instantly drawn into the room by the table’s striking design and form.

The modern style of the Global Furniture USA Gabriella 5 Piece Dining Set is evident in its use of uncomplicated geometric shapes. The two-tone finish combined with the paper veneer accents will add layers of texture to the dining room’s interior design.

Here the use of curves and color give the Global Furniture USA Neville Dining Set a distinctly modern look without the minimalist vibe.

In keeping with the dictates of modern design, the Global Furniture USA Gabriella Buffet displays highly polished surfaces. The lines, with a touch of curvature, are sleek and beautiful, ideal for a less minimalist dining room.

While the Modloft Elizabeth Modern Buffet Table possesses some of the main elements of minimalism – sleek, metal legs and hardware; straight lines; composed of wood, metal and glass – the warm walnut finish diminishes the starkness of its profile.

The Different Faces of Modern – Minimalist Living Room

Friday, February 26th, 2010

While modern style can be somewhat easily defined as form is function, since its first appearance in the second half of the twentieth century, it has evolved to include a range of degrees if you will, from minimalist to something that closely resembles contemporary or transitional styles. In other words, when choosing modern style for your home, you can decide how little or much. Some of us find true modernism too stark, while for others, it is that very starkness that is so appealing – the clean, sharp lines and angular profiles that create a spare, uncluttered environment which sets the stage for a busy, modern lifestyle.

When decorating a living room in modern style, furniture defines interior space by using geometric form and neutral palettes. A sofa like the Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio White Convertible Sofa is very minimalist, every line is straight and the profile is simple and spare.

If you prefer something less leather-look, go for sofa upholstered in neutral fabric, like the Innovation USA ILS04 Sofa with Arms.

Metal, glass and plastics are common construction materials. The Innovation USA 7″ Combination Coffee Table with Chrome Legs is definitely modern, with its metal tabletop, high gloss finish and polished chrome legs.

Wood in lighter finishes or that has been bleached or molded, is another popular construction material for modern living room furniture. The OFFI Scando Coffee Table in Walnut perfectly demonstrates form is function; it’s asymmetrical profile serves as a make magazine holder.

No modern living room can be without a television. The crisp, angled lines  Furnitech Classic Modern 75 Inch Wood Plasma/LCD TV Stand possesses crisp lines

Minimalist Dining Room

With modern minimalist dining furniture, there is absolutely no decoration such as molding, inlays or other decorative accents. Form speaks for itself. There should be no piece of living room furniture that does not fill a specific function.

Because there are no decorative accents, the eye is drawn to the furniture piece itself, rather than just certain aspects of it. In the Modloft Spring Dining Table, visual interest is created by the tabletop made of a combination of frosted and plain glass.

Wood cabinets are made of mahogany or other types of grained woods. Finishes can be matte, highly lacquered or anything in between, but never distressed. Doors, as in the Armen Living Travertine Buffet Cabinet are not framed and contrasting materials, such as the wood and stone, are often used to create texture or focal points.

The use of pure geometric shape makes the Global Furniture USA Triangular 5 Piece Dining Set in Dark Brown unique; classically clean lines make it minimalist.

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