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Kitchen Storage Furniture

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Buying Guide: Kitchen Storage Furniture

One of the most important places to be organized in your home is your kitchen. Every item should have its proper place so it can be found easily while preparing a meal. If you’ve ever wasted time attempting to find pots, pans, utensils, or even extra surface space, it might be time to consider a new kitchen storage furniture.

What are the different kinds of kitchen storage available? Read on to find out which kind of kitchen storage will best fit your home.

Baker’s Racks

Baker’s racks are a set of shelves, usually in the wrought iron style, and they normally include a wine rack in their base.

They were traditionally used to cool baked goods on, but in modern times, the shelves are used to store various kitchen items, like spices, jars, or cans.

Home Styles Furniture Baker’s Rack with Solid Wood Top
This baker’s rack from Home Styles has a natural wood finish that would suit a country-style kitchen. Its solid wood surface is ideal for preparing food on, and it features two shelves up top, a drawer, and two cabinet drawers for lots of different storage possibilities.

Southern Enterprises Decorative Bakers Rack with Wine Storage
Mixing metal and glass together, this baker’s rack from Southern Enterprises has a warm coffee finish and decorative scrolls on either side, making it a focal point for the kitchen. It features a six bottle wine rack underneath the main mahogany-stained shelf, and a lower shelving unit for bigger items likes bowls or pans.

Two tempered glass shelves up top complete the baker’s rack.

Grace 19GO – 19 inch Gourmet Wrought Iron Bakers Rack
If you’re interested in a classic, wrought iron baker’s rack, take a look at this model from Grace. To customize its look, you can choose to add brass tips to the ends, and it comes in eight different metal finishes. It comes with two storage racks below and a maple-topped surface area that can be used for food preparation.


Used for either the kitchen or dining room, all three of these pieces are basically used for the same thing – display and storage.

They have surface space on top that can be used to prepare food and then serve it on, and the base normally has cabinets or drawers for fine china, appliances, or anything else that needs storing.

Home Styles Furniture 3 Drawer Large White/Ivory Base and Stainless Steel Top Buffet
For a buffet that’s easy to clean off, the Home Styles buffet has a stainless steel top that makes for a great cutting or dicing surface. This buffet also features a nine bottle wine rack, three pullout drawers, and two adjustable shelves to keep extra kitchen items in.

Southern Enterprises Black Sideboard
A great casual accent piece for your kitchen is this sideboard from Southern Enterprises. The three wicker storage baskets give off a country kitchen vibe, and inside the cabinet doors is an adjustable shelf in case you need to customize the fit of your storage.

Steve Silver Bello Granite Wine Rack Server
If you love the bold look of granite, this server by Steve Silver with its black granite top will instantly give your kitchen or dining room sophistication. With its rich cherry finish and traditional detailing, this server will definitely stand out. Its storage includes a twelve bottle wine rack, three drawers, and two cabinets on either side.

Kitchen/Microwave Carts

For portable surface space and storage, try a kitchen cart. The only difference between them is that the microwave cart has a special area for a microwave to fit in.

They feature lockable rolling castors that allow you to roll them around the kitchen to make space, or throughout the house to use as a serving tray.

Winsome Kitchen Cart with Drop Leaf
If you have a smaller amount of space in your kitchen, a cart with drop leaf sides – like this model from Winsome – will accommodate it. Simply extend the beech wood drop leaf sides if you need more counter space, and tuck them down when you need more room.

With a drawer, open shelf, and cabinet, you’ll have room for dishes, utensils, or whatever else you’d like to store.

Nexera Delissio Microwave Cart in Natural Maple
If you’ve been looking for a place to set up your microwave, look no further than this microwave cart by Nexera. Made of recycled MDF and particle board, this cart has a solid top meant to hold your microwave, and two open shelving units below for storage.

It also features a drawer and side slots that you can use to store spices or oils.

Home Styles Furniture Expeditor Metal and Wood Cart in Natural
This lightweight cart from Home Styles is ideal as a place to prepare food, serve it, or even put a microwave on top. Its hardwood surface is durable against wear, and its two metal shelves can hold just about anything.

A towel rack on one side and a utensil rack on the other completes the cart.

Pot Racks

Forget about storing your pots and pans in a lower cabinet: consider investing in a pot rack. Not only are your pots and pans visible and organized – all you need to do is reach up and grab them. They look attractive, too, as they hang from your ceiling over your kitchen island.

Concept Housewares Square 23" x 19" Ceiling Pot Rack
With its espresso-hued frame and chrome grid, this pot rack from Concept Housewares will look attractive hanging from your ceiling. It comes with eight swivel hooks, twelve pan hooks, and four ceiling hooks to fully suspend the frame and the cooking ware.

John Boos Cucina Mensola Grande Shelf with Pot Rack Bar & Hooks
Made from durable stainless steel, this model from John Boos is meant to hang from your wall. It comes with a shelf for extra storage and three hanging hooks for anything from pots and pans to ladles and spatulas.

Concept Housewares Half-Round 20" x 12" Wall Pot Rack in Stainless Steel
Another wall option is this stainless steel example from Concept Housewares. It has a metal grid on the inside of the frame, and features 10 pan hooks, 10 S-shaped hooks, and built in wall mounting brackets.

Happy cooking with your new kitchen storage furniture!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

Kitchen Carts the Secret to Your Dream Kitchen

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

black granite kitchen cartDoes Your Dream Kitchen Lack Adequate Work Space?

Are you frequently running out of space on your countertops? Does your kitchen work space feel congested? If you have answered yes to these questions – perhaps you should consider a kitchen cart that can supply more storage for small appliances and free up your counters thus allowing you more freedom to create the perfect meal!bamboo kitchen cart

A kitchen that is not fully functional is a calamity for anyone who wants to enjoy cooking in a well planned space. Kitchen carts can be a life saver when situated in an unused corner or can even be placed in the center of the kitchen as a work island and act as a storage area as well. Today’s kitchen carts come in all shapes and sizes and are not just functional but are extremely stylish and can fit well with your cabinetry and other appliances making it seem like it was always there. 

breakfast bar kitchen cartKitchen utility carts are beautifully crafted in many wood finishes of hardwoods or traditional butcher block and some even feature granite tops. With ample storage shelves and drawer space you can utilize these efficient carts for pots and pans or serving dishes and utensils depending on your needs. Often having other accessories like a towel bar or even a wine rack, you will find that this kitchen addition will give you more room on your counters because you have cleared off the non-essential items – like a can opener or toaster that doesn’t always get used every day.

Some of the more adventurous kitchen carts feature extensions that can provide even more work surface when needed but can be easily folded down when not in use. If you want to just add a little pizzazz to your kitchen and don’t really care about the work space but want to add a place to display your favorite tea cup collection or serving dishes – there are also many attractive carts that have open shelves or even mirrored doors so that you can showcase your china or Grandma’s dishes.

Most of the kitchen utility carts have wheels but also have the ability to be locked so that they become stationary and won’t go running away from you while you slice a kitchen carttomato! In an apartment or a smaller home where space is a problem everywhere, these carts are ideal for a microwave or coffee maker thereby leaving your counters empty for cooking.

Many of these carts resemble a piece of furniture like breakfast bar kitchen carts so rather than what you would refer to as a utility or kitchen cart so they can be used in a dining room or other areas if there isn’t enough space in the kitchen. These versatile kitchen carts not only come in all shapes and sizes but will fit all budgets as well and can be used for a multitude of purposes: storage, workspace, display center or even a pantry to store canned goods. Whatever the need you can redesign your kitchen space so that you have the needed counter space so cooking becomes a pleasure rather than an ordeal!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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