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From the Design Files of Heather B – Artwork on a TV Wall?

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Design Question

Dear Heather B,

We have a large flat screen in our lounge with a long cabinet below. I would like to put up a painting of some sorts above or some artwork on either side. I have attached a recent photo (taken during the world cup) which was the only one I could find at such short notice.

My husband says it will be distracting and the wall colour, which is different to the rest of the wall colours is enough. But to me the wall just looks too bare and needs some life…

Let me know what you think… take me out of my misery :)

Design Answer

That’s a great accent wall colour. Well-chosen and thoughtfully placed artwork shouldn’t be distracting: the only time it is would be is when pictures are hung incorrectly; too many pictures are grouped together; or the picture frames selected are too “busy.” It’s such a great space; there are several things you could do with this wall to make it more appealing (hopefully to the both of you).

Option #1: Put two wall sconces, one on either side of the television. It will give you the option of using not having to use the overhead ceiling light all of the time. The mirrored accents of the AF Lighting Candice Olson Hollace 6 Inch Wall Bracket Light create visual interest without taking up a lot of space.

Option #2: Place a set of wall sculptures like the Infinity Instruments Wall Art Reflection Tree Decor Piece and the Infinity Instruments Wall Art Autumn Memories Decor Piece on either side of the plasma TV. It will provide a decorative element while creating a sense of movement in the room. This might sound like it will create the distraction your husband would like to avoid, but walls are “boring” when they are “stagnant.”

Option #3: Hang a larger sized picture on only one side of the television. Another variation is to hang a set of three or four small sized pictures above the TV.

Thanks for writing in. Stay tuned next Monday when we tackle another interior design question. And don’t forget to keep sending me those emails!

Making Your Living Room Pop

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

While the living room is typically the place where you relax in front of the television, entertain family and friends, or just veg out in the recliner by the window on a rainy day, in today’s housing market many of the rooms in our homes designed to be dual or even multipurpose spaces. From an interior design point of view, the living room has always been a “multipurpose” space, in that it is intended to accommodate a variety of activities as opposed to say a dining room where eating is the predominant activity. Keeping this in mind, living room furniture like a sofa, accent chairs, a coffee table and other occasional tables should be versatile, functional and stylish but above all it should be comfortable and fit your lifestyle.

Pick a Style

To create a living room that is cohesive and esthetically pleasing, pick a style that reflects your lifestyle and personal tastes. Like stopping in to take a look at the trendy boutique in the mall before you start in on your “real” errands? Perhaps contemporary or modern is the design style for you. Do you find yourself admiring the Victorian furniture in a period film? Then traditional style will be a good choice for you. If you like the clean lines and sleek look of modern or contemporary furniture but also find some aspects of traditional appealing, transitional style is ideal, because it combines both contemporary and traditional design principles for a look that is sophisticated yet inviting. There are no hard and fast rules: maybe you’ve decided on a contemporary style décor but need to find a place in your living room for the antique curio cabinet you inherited from your great aunt. By combining different styles together that work for you, you create a look and feel that makes your home unique.

Arrange the Furniture

Once you have bought your new living room furniture or have decided what furniture pieces you will include in your living room interior design, you are ready to move the furniture into place. Decide what will be your principal focal point in the room: a fireplace, French doors, a library wall unit or an entertainment center are all ideal candidates for a main focal point in a living room. Then arrange the living room furniture accordingly, starting with the largest piece of furniture. Your lifestyle will also determine how you will arrange the furniture: if you’re a family that enjoys regular movie nights, then it will probably be important to you that the sofa is directly opposite the entertainment center and that the coffee table is wide enough to hold a couple of bowls of popcorn and a number of beverages in addition to all of the remotes.  You will also want to take into account traffic flow: this simply moves that you will have enough room to move around the room easily without bumping into things; ditto for being able to open and close the doors and drawers of case goods.


 The whole point of accessorizing is to make the room personable and cozy. In a living room or family the proper lighting is important. You will need a nice balance of table lamps for task lighting and an overhead fixture for ambient (general) lighting. Choose artwork that features colors already in the room, as well as being bright and colorful. When accessorizing a living room, you want to make it homey and comfortable without being cramped or cluttered. Think functional with style like baskets for added storage on a shelf or underneath a coffee table or console table. Place decorative candlesticks and one or two detailed picture frames on a fireplace mantel. These little touches will personalize your living room and make it “livable.”

If you are in the process of furnishing a new living room or updating your living room furniture, send me a picture of how it turns. Still not sure what style you should choose? Write in; maybe I can help.

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