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One, Two, Three, Three Rooms in One!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Fairmont Designs Caprice Boca Wood Sofa Table DeskWhether you live in a two-story home or an apartment, finding extra space to make room for guests can pose a decorating challenge. Do you decorate a room dedicated just for guests that will be largely unused throughout the majority of the year? Or do you make do with the convertible sofa in the family for whenever someone plans to stay over? Or do you sacrifice your home office/den in order to have guest bedroom? What if there is a way have a den, home office and guest bedroom all in one? The trick to designing a functional, multipurpose room that serves all of your needs is to plan ahead; with some creative furniture ideas such as using pieces that can do double duty, like a filing cabinet that can stand in as a night table or a day bed or sofa bed that serves as a couch, you can make room for guests without having to “waste” space.

Start with a Computer Armoire

A den is typically a “nesting” room – the nature of a den is relaxation, downtime, kicking back. Today many people opt for a home office instead of a den because in terms of space it is more practical. While a home office is for working and a den or a bedroom are for relaxing, the nature of these two rooms appear diametrically opposed. When blending a bedroom, den and home office together, a computer armoire is key. Computer armoires are designed as an all-in-one work station, which will allow you to work at your computer, file away important papers and then shut the doors on your work area. When used as a guest room or a den, once the armoire doors are closed, the room’s ambiance reverts back to a place to relax.

Pick a Bed that’s not a Bed

Of course, the main purpose of a guest room is to have somewhere for your visitors to sleep. Include some type of sofa in your multipurpose room interior design. There are several types of dual-purpose sofas available, such as the futon, the sleeper sofa and the convertible sofa. A futon with storage drawers or some other kind of hidden storage will be ideal for a home office/guest bedroom/den that is on the small size.

Adding those Extras

Bookshelves are an excellent choice when decorating a multipurpose room. When guests are over, shelves can be converted to personalized storage by placing baskets or storage trays in a section of the bookcase or shelving unit to use for items they would like to keep close at hand.

If your computer armoire doesn’t include file drawers, select a filing cabinet that is stylish enough to be used as a nightstand or end table.

A multipurpose living space is a great way to get the most mileage out of rooms that might not otherwise be used regularly year-round. Careful planning will help you create a room that is an ideal work environment as well as being a comfortable place for both you to relax and for guests whenever they come to stay.

Budget Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

It’s officially fall and you know what that means! Yes, we are heading slowly and inevitably toward “holiday season” – first Thanksgiving and then, for a lot of us, Hanukkah or Christmas.

South Shore Furniture Deauville Dark Chocolate Queen/Full Bed Set with Storage DrawersWhatever the occasion or festivity, every home should have a place for overnight guests, expected or unexpected, to sleep. If you have an unused room or a second bedroom that is currently being used for storage, now is the perfect time to convert it into a welcoming place for visitors. My room for guests is also where I write, but when people come over to stay, I tidy away computer-related stuff to make the space as inviting as possible. And I did it on a budget!

First things first

  • Empty the room of anything you don’t want keep or won’t be using so that you can see just how much space you have to work with and what exactly you will need to buy. Give the closet, if the room has one, the same treatment.
  • Decide the room’s main focus – home office/guest bedroom combination or just simply a guest room.
  • Make a list of furniture pieces you want to include. Less really is more – you want enough furniture to comfortably fill the room without making it cramped.
  • Pick a style and/or a theme for the room. This will lend the room a consistent look and feel, which, in the end, gives it a calming and inviting vibe.
  • Does it need repainting? Take the opportunity while the room is bare. When choosing a paint color for the guest room, select one that is neutral or earth-toned to create a soothing and relaxing environment after a long day of visiting, shopping, walking, etc.

Choose the furniture

Organize It All Hazelnut 2 Drawer Nightstand

  • Cheap doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Especially in today’s competitive market, some bedroom furniture manufacturers offer stylish yet budget-conscious beds or bedroom sets. Making a budget and sticking to it will give you a great feeling of satisfaction when you see the results of your handiwork.
  • The bed should be the largest size possible that will fit in the space, so that your guests will be comfortable, especially if they are sharing.
  • A nightstand makes any bedroom, particularly a guest room, functional and comfortable. It’s almost a must-have for visitors – putting a lamp by the bed saves them from having to hop out and turn out the light. Nightstands also add to the room’s storage capacity, a plus for tidying away toiletries, beauty products and souvenirs.
  • Add a dresser or a chest of drawers. Again, the more storage options you provide your guests, the more comfortable they will be. If you don’t have the room for a standard sized dresser or chest, another option is the lingerie chest. Lingerie chests are narrower than a chest of drawers, but offer a number of drawers, while designed specifically for clothing items such as nightgowns and undergarments, would be ideal in a guest room for other items of clothing as well.

What I Did

Hillsdale Westfield White Poster Bed

  • I didn’t have time to paint the entire room, which is a soft cream. I chose to paint the wall the headboard would rest against a deep mauve to make that side of the room the focal point. I wanted the emphasis on the bed and not on the desk.
  • Because my room is both my regular work space and a guest room, I chose to put a twin bed in the room. It opens up the space and makes it appear uncluttered, which is important to me when I am writing. But when guests like my sister and her husband come to visit, I get out the pop-up trundle and make up the two twin beds.
  • When I have visitors, I remove the file cabinet (it’s on wheels) and the laptop from the room to make the space less office-like.
  • I put a 4-drawer chest in the closet so that there would be room for both nightstands when the two twin beds are made up.

Designing a bedroom for guests that is warm and inviting doesn’t have to cost a lot. When it comes right down to it, it’s not the bedroom furniture that makes the room welcoming, but rather those special finishing touches like dressing the bed with luxurious bedding or placing a vase of flowers or a small gift basket on the dresser.

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