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Looking for a Fresh Way to Accessorize Your Backyard? Try an Outdoor Bar!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The warm weather is approaching, and the time to spend outdoors with friends and family will soon be upon us. Ah yes, it’ll soon be time for you take out the BBQ, patio furniture and gardening tools to create the perfect background atmosphere for your family and close friends.

If you’re looking for a different, trendy background accessory this new season, why not consider getting an outdoor bar. Nothing quite says ultimate luxury like having your own personal backyard bar, not to mention the convenience of entertaining guests. Having an outside bar makes it easier to host, even if you’re serving something as simple as lemonade.

Surprisingly, there are durable stools, such has Howard Miller bar stools, that are available specifically to surpass Mother Nature’s hardships. Weather proof, modern, bar stools can add a whole new contemporary look to your backyard and give it that tropical, relaxing, resort environment that puts everyone in awe. If you have a pool, even better! Your bar can overlook your whole yard and the crystal blue water for a great view. Your bar stool can also be used as a spot to watch over your kids as they swim.

You can get outdoor bar stools that match your current patio furniture or go with neutral, all black bar stools that match everything. If unsure of what color to get, you can always rely on black, especially when it comes to outside messes and spillage that can happen to your furniture. Nevertheless, a bar is the perfect piece for getting the most out of the great outdoors.


Outdoor Great Room Company Woven Resin Wicker Swivel Bar stool (Set of 2)

Outdoor Great Room Company Woven Resin Wicker Swivel Bar Stool Set of 2

Beyond the Patio Table – Choosing Garden Furniture for Your Backyard

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

It’s relatively simple enough to buy patio furniture for your patio or backyard. You decide on size, color and style and once you’ve made those decisions it’s pretty much a matter of purchasing an outdoor dining set, some lounge chairs or a bistro table. But what about the rest of your backyard? Choosing the right kinds of garden furniture to define the different areas of your outdoor living space can transform it into a place where visitors are welcome to enter your garden and enjoy the view. Having a plan in mind will ensure that the garden furniture you select for beyond the patio complements and enhances the overall mood and look of your backyard.

Just like in the rooms of your home, creating focal points in the backyard draws attention, not only to the specific parts of your garden but also to the area as a whole. Placed in front of a window or in a corner of the yard, the Oakland Living Sunflower Birdbath in Antique Bronze, particularly when surrounded by bird-attracting plants, will be esthetically pleasing to both winged creatures and humans alike.

Another way to create a focal point in your garden is with an outdoor bench. Make the most of your time in the backyard during the warm summer months or the warmer days of autumn by placing a bench near a favorite flower bed, tree or a water feature like a small pond or outdoor water fountain. You’ve worked hard to get your rose garden or special flower bed in tip-top shape; a garden bench is the ideal way to sit and appreciate your handiwork.

Showoff your gardening skills by using a trellis or arbor in creative ways to make a statement or to draw attention to a particularly attractive section of your garden. A wrought iron trellis or a wood arbor with a whimsical motif like elves, fairies or butterflies will give your backyard a less formal, landscaped look.

The ultimate symbol (next to the barbecue of course) of backyard lazing is the hammock. Use one to create a welcoming place to veg underneath a favorite tree or beside the pool or next to a colorful flowerbed.

Don’t forget that your house has windows. Decorating a backyard with garden furniture and outdoor furniture improves the look of your house from the outside, but it also increases the esthetic appeal of the interior of your home. A well-planned, well-dressed backyard helps give both your home and its grounds that certain character and individuality that makes your backyard a welcoming place to spend some down-time.

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