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Illuminating Your Games Room

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Shed some light. You don’t want your games room to be lit up like a movie set, but you don’t want it too dark to see what you’re doing either. Especially if your games room is in the basement or somewhere else in your home with little natural light or even no windows at all, lighting will play an important role in your game room design. The trick to proper lighting in a games room is balance. You don’t want your games room to be lit up like a movie set, but you don’t want it too dark to see what you’re doing either.

Trademark Nine Ball Stained Glass Lighting Fixture

Games Room Location and Purpose

When considering what type of lighting would be best for your games room, take into account its location and purpose. A basement games room will most likely need more light fixtures than one in the corner of a family room. If your new pool table has pride of place in the middle of the room, then you’re sure to want a game table light centered directly above it.

The Different Types of Lighting

Because the games room will be used for a variety of activities, the light fixtures you choose should accommodate these different lighting needs. A multipurpose room like a games room should include two or more of the different kinds of light fixtures available.

Reversible Top Poker Table

Task lighting is generally bright and used to put the spotlight on your game table, pool, poker or otherwise. It is also a great way to light your home bar. Track lighting is a type of task lighting that popular in games room.

General or ambient lighting is some type of overhead light, like a flush mounted fixture centered in the rooms ceiling. It fills the space with a medium to bright light that softens shadows and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Tiffany pendant lighting is particularly popular for a traditional style games room that features a pool or billiards table.

Recessed lighting with a dimmer switch would be ideal for a games room that has a video gaming or home theater area.

Stained Glass Lighting Fixture

Customizing your lighting needs to the various activities in your games room, is not only practical but it adds warmth and appeal to room’s décor.

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