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Dorm Decor

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Fun and Funky Dorm Room Decor

Why would you want your dorm room to look stiff and boring? Your dorm room should be a representation of you – when you have guests in your room, you want to show off your unique personality in your dorm’s decor design. Making it as fun and funky as possible not only keeps things amusing while you decorate, it will make you want to come home to your dorm and spend time there because of its positive vibe.

Here are some unique pieces for your dorm room that will really make you smile:


Black FutonFeaturing a front-loading mechanism so you won’t have to move it away from the wall, the Strata Furniture Carriage Lambton Black Futon is easy to convert to a bed – and is visually appealing too, with its black finish and woven-arm look.

Wood Futon FrameIf you’d prefer an armless model, try the Night and Day Furniture Eureka Rosewood Cherry Wood Futon Frame. The rich red in the cherry wood finish is a twist on the normal, standard brown wood finishing.

Bifold FutonThe sleek and modern look of the Lifestyle Solutions Fashion Hardwood Barbados Convertible Bifold Futon will give your dorm room a fashionable look. It also has built in storage for books or magazines.

Retro FutonHave some fun with the Homelegance Upholstered Convertible Retro Futon in Violet Red. Upholstered in soft, smooth microfiber, this futon has comfort and style written all over it.



Duvet Cover SetManor Hill offers a selection of bright and bold bedding that will suit a funky dorm room. The Branches Mini Duvet Cover Set in Spice Red will definitely attract attention with its deep red colour and contrasting white branch pattern,

Manor Hill Duvet Coverwhile the black and white Manor Hill Duvet Cover Set in Black has a geometrical, retro-inspired look to it.

Flower Duvet CoverOr, you can try different styles from Nygard. Their Home Batik Flower Duvet Cover has a unique colour combination of aqua and brown, as well as a gorgeous flower pattern.

Dorm BeddingThe Dorm Bedding from Home Chelsea Duvet Cover combines dark chocolate and white for a bold duvet cover that will surely get noticed.


Bean Bags

Microsuede Bean Bag ChairWhy not add some extra seating to your room with bean bags? The Jaxx Pillow Sac Microsuede Bean Bag Chair is super soft and comfy, and makes a great spot for guests to hang out. You can even sit down, relax, and study your textbooks on it.

Oversized Beanbag ChairChoose from seven different colour finishes with the Extra Large Oversized Beanbag Chair – you’ll get a customized look and a super soft place to sit with memory foam!

Funky Beanbag ChairThe uniquely designed Sitting Bull Fashion Bag Wave Funky Bean Bag Chair is guaranteed to make a fashion statement in your dorm room!

Large Beanbag ChairRemember what it was like to be a kid with the Ace Bayou Large Bean Bag Chair in Shiny Purple. The vinyl upholstery is shiny, youthful, and easy to clean, which is a bonus!



Light SpheresAlthough Davya International has made these lights for the outdoors, how cool would they look in your dorm room? Their 8 Globe Light Spheres can be hung around your ceiling trim,

String Lightsor you can string their String Lights around your door or window frame.

Contemporary LightingAnother option is to add some track lighting to your dorm’s ceiling. ELK Lighting has some really funky examples, such as the Milan Vertical Ascending Pendant Track, with its blue marble glass shade.

Elk LightingYou can also try the Mela Vertical Ascending Pendant Track with lantern-shaped shades in green and orange.

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality in your dorm room! Need help, tight dorm decor budget let me know I can help you pick the perfect decor!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva 

Interior Design Advice Discount Furniture Decorating!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Budget Interior Design Advice

Decorating on the lower end of the price range can be a struggle but not with this interior design advice. When you have less cash to spend; it seems you get less décor selections.

Choose to decorate significant rooms that are the most important to you, and take it one project at a time – it’s the key to saving money. Interior decorating on a budget will be less of a struggle and, ultimately, rewarding!

Here is a list of interior design tips to decorate the different rooms in your house for less than $1000.00 per space:

1. Budget Living Room Interior Design Advice(total spent: $972.99)

Sofa Bed SectionalA practical choice for living room seating is a convertible sofa bed sectional. It’s two pieces of furniture in one – a comfy couch and a guest sleeping spot.

Look for practical features, like inside storage and reclining abilities. Always see how many pieces you can get when buying a sofa – you’ll save time and money if it comes with at least two, like a chaise lounge or an ottoman.

Outdoor Natural RugIf you’ve noticed a dent or stain in your hardwood flooring or carpet, you might be thinking about getting it replaced.

A cheaper option is to cover up the imperfection with a stylish rug or mat . It might seem odd to cover up carpet with a rug, but if the rug you select is a completely different texture than your carpet, it will balance out. Make sure the colour of the rug looks right with the carpet colour, or else it will appear out of harmony.

Black Coffee Table WoodLooking for a coffee table? Just a normal table with no features isn’t the most practical choice.

If you’re low on storage, try finding a coffee table with built-in drawers or shelves . A table made of durable hardwood will last the longest, and finding a table in a solid colour or shade (like basic black) will never go out of style, so you won’t have to replace it for years to come.

Leather Picture FrameAn easy way to add some modern style to your living room is by adding a few chic photo frames (Zodax Modern Chic Faux Patent Leather 4 x 6 Photo Frame).

However, they don’t have to be limited to family photos only – get creative and frame old postcards, greeting cards, or handmade art. Place the frames on end tables, your fireplace mantle, or the TV stand.

2. Budget Dining Room Design Advice (total spent: $888.99)

Dinette SetDining rooms are usually considered to be a formal sitting area, but if you want to liven your dining room up a little with a cool modern look, try a glass dining 5 piece dining set.

Since dining sets come with a table and matching chairs, they’re normally less expensive than purchasing a table and chairs individually.

Corner CD DVD Storage TowerA great place to put extra storage is the dining room.

Since this space is normally restricted to a table and chairs, you’ll have some leftover room in the corners. Utilize this space to its full potential by adding a corner pantry storage tower. Store the good china, silverware, placemats, and whatever else needs a place in its cabinets.

Storage cabinets cost less than installing a shelving unit, and far less than a fancy glass curio cabinet but still looks stylish. Plus, it leaves more storage space available for you in your kitchen.

Teardrop Crystal ChandelierTo add a touch of class and a focal point to your dining room, consider installing a crystal chandelier. Chandeliers with one light are the least expensive option, and they still give off the sophistication of a full chandelier.

3. Budget Kitchen Design Advice (total spent: $599.99)

Soda Shop Breakfast NookIf you want to have a little fun in your kitchen, consider putting in a retro-inspired soda shop breakfast nook.

Extra seating is always a good investment choice in the kitchen – a breakfast nook is suitable for quick meals, waiting for your food to be done, or seating for guests.

Nook sets are normally constructed for corners, so be sure to take measurements and see if a corner in your kitchen has enough room to hold extra seating.

Artsy Wall ClockSince the kitchen is generally the heart of the home, where all the hustle and bustle is contained, you’re going to want a wall clock in there so everyone knows the exact time .

Don’t stick to traditional clocks – you can find fun, low-cost artsy wall clocks out there that will enhance the look of your kitchen.

Some clocks on the market have numbers that are exceptionally hard to read, so look for a clock with numbers that are big and bold. There are designer clocks out there with no numbers at all – how do you expect to tell the time quickly with those? Look for a clip-on feature on a clock – when hanging it to the wall, you won’t leave nail marks!

Natural 3 Wick CandleThe kitchen is also a place of unusual smells. To clear out the odd scents of meals past, and give the kitchen some flair, put in decorative scented candles .

They look great on the kitchen island, a windowsill, or on top of the fridge.

4. Bedroom (total spent: $760.45)

Platform Bed SetAnother great set to consider is a platform bed set . In general, you can get a bed frame, dresser, and mirror with one of these sets.

Of course, sets are more practical since they’re quick to order – you’re only making one purchase! There are plenty of styles and set combination’s out there, so think about what design style and the certain pieces you’d like to have.

Brown Comforter SetFreshening up the look of your bedroom is as easy as changing the comforter.

Try to choose a comforter set – they will save you money and time because you won’t have to buy the items (like bed skirts and pillow cases) separately.

Machine-washable fabrics, like cotton, are the best choices because they are light, breathable, durable, and of course washable – giving you the best deal for your dollars.

Round Mirror SetAnother set that makes for inexpensive design is a mirror set .

Because the mirror is divided up into different pieces, you can constantly change around their order, which will always keep your design fresh. You won’t ever feel like replacing it. Could you do that with a one piece mirror?

5. Budget Kid’s Bedroom Design Advice (total spent: $269.99)

Twin Trundle BedWhen your child has a friend over to spend the night, a great bed for them to have is a bed with a built-in trundle.

The trundle bed is a pull-out bed from the bottom, so you don’t have to pump up an air mattress or lay down an old futon mattress for their guest.

Round PillowSometimes all you need to keep a room decorated is a throw round pillow . Show your kids an assortment of lower-priced decorative pillows, and let them choose their favourite for their bed. It not only ties their bed together, it’s comforting to sleep with!

White Wood Toy BoxKids can leave their toys and books all over the room. Where’s the design style in that? Encourage your kids to put away their belongings in a toy box.

If you find a basic, inexpensive box, you can always paint it to your child’s liking. Choosing a themed toy box isn’t the best idea, because the theme will eventually go out of style.

Classic toy boxes will last much longer, and can eventually be moved into their teenage room for shoe or magazine storage!

6. Budget Patio Design Advice (total spent: $270.00)

Torch Candle HolderA cute and clever way to display your candles on your deck is by installing a few clamp-on candle torch lanterns .

Traditional torches are limited to where they can be placed, but the clamping feature makes it more versatile, therefore more practical. Plus, candles are natural light (obviously) and don’t need to be plugged in anywhere – saving money on the electrical bill!

Outdoor Bistro Set Outdoor Bistro sets are a charming and inexpensive addition to a patio.

Most bistro sets have a charismatic, wrought iron look, but the cheaper versions are actually made with aluminium – which is rust-proof, unlike iron! These sets come with two seats, so if you’re looking for more, you’re going to have to buy them separately.

Cedar Garden Deck TileIf you’ve been wanting to update your patio’s flooring without tearing it up, consider selecting wooden cedar garden deck tiles.

These cedar deck tiles don’t come with any hooks or clips, so they are easy to move around. Tile a certain area of your patio, like the space under your outdoor table, or underneath potted plants. You can also cover up water damaged or ripped areas on your patio.

7. Budget Bathroom Design Advice (total spent: $302.00)

Black Shower CurtainWhen it comes to interior design, sometime the bathroom is overlooked. What do you do to improve your bathroom’s look without spending a fortune on renovations? Start with a shower curtain!

Shower curtains come in as many textures and styles as comforters these days, so it won’t take you long to find a design you love.

Try to pick quality over price, and don’t go with a print that’s super trendy – if you opt for a classic look that isn’t made of cheap plastic, it will last much longer, and won’t need to be replaced in the near future.

Chrome FaucetUpdated hardware can always revive the look of your bathroom.

Try adding a new chrome faucet to your sink , in updated metals like stainless steel and chrome. Installing it yourself will save money, since you won’t be hiring a contractor.

Tempered Glass Bowl SinkAlso think about adding an up-to-date sink .

Bowl sinks that rest on countertops are fashionable at the moment, but don’t feel like a trend – they’re visually appealing and they catch water more efficiently. There’s also a wide selection of these modern-day sinks – they’re available in many different colours and finishes.

8. Dorm Room (total spent: $497.99)

Everybody knows that dorm rooms are extremely low on space. So how do you decorate one while on a budget and trying to save space at the same time?

Futon Frame and Mattress SetStart off with a futon – it can convert easily from a couch to a bed, so you won’t need both pieces in your room.

Try to find a futon with as little detailing as possible to save space, and pick one out that already includes a mattress – you’ll save time and money!

Coffee Table Magazine ShelfFrame your futon with a pair of end tables (Southern Enterprises Mission Wood Magazine Table).

You’ll want end tables that are easily moved around, and not just built to hold a drink. Look for tables with racks and/or drawers to store extra items, and make sure they are small enough to fit into your dorm room.

Coffee Table Lift TopA coffee table is a perfect centerpiece for a dorm room , especially if it comes with extra features. A lift top coffee table is ideal for storage, as well as a rack and a drawer on the bottom.

You can store your books, CDs, movies, and more in a storage coffee table – it will leave precious room in your dresser for clothes! Make sure you take down the measurement of the coffee table you want to see if it will fit into your dorm, and see if it has casters – they will make it easier to move around!

Grand total: $4562.40 (less than 5 grand for a whole house!)

Take this final Interior Design Advice to add to your cost-friendly design plans:

  • Re-arrange your furniture. Research placement plans on the Internet and find a way to make your current furniture work for you and your space – no new furniture purchase required!
  • Clean up! If you’ve got dust or pet hair everywhere, or clutter spilling out of closets, it can interfere with the design plan you’re going for. Once you have everything neat and organized, you can focus on the design style you’re after – not the mess!
  • If you have any tired-looking wooden cabinets, tables, or chairs, consider staining them a different shade. It will instantly update the look of the wood and make it seem like you bought new furniture. Finish off with a sealer or varnish to make your wood last a long time.
  • Take down any bulky curtains. You might find that the room becomes more open and inviting!

Let me know what worked for you, how did you save money on your latest design project?

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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