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The Different Faces of Modern – Designing a Less Minimalist Dining Room

Friday, March 5th, 2010

In part two of our series we will discuss how to design a modern style dining room that has a slightly more relaxed look. While still modern, it won’t be austerely minimalist. This is for people who find the idea of modern style appealing but are afraid that it will end up looking too industrial or space age. You can successfully design a less minimalist dining room by selecting modern furniture with different textures that incorporate bold color or the use of shape in unique ways.

Modern dining room furniture has lines that are clean, rectilinear or angular. Furniture pieces, like the Global Furniture USA Rebecca Arm Chair, typically possess exuberant shapes that could even be considered sculpture-like in appearance. The veneer-like pattern of this dining chair creates a visually stunning focal point.

It should be minimalist in design while providing the maximum amount of light.

Asymmetrical shapes can seem “warmer” or at least not as minimalist as straight or angular lines. Both the ItalModern Lotta Indoor or Outdoor Black Plastic Dining Side Chair and the ItalModern Beatrix Modern Green Dining Chair with Chrome Legs definitely have the appearance of a sculpted work of art. They also use asymmetrical shape in astonishing and exciting ways that will bring an energizing feel to your dining area. Popular construction materials for modern style furniture are glass, plastic and metal. The Lotta dining chair is made of plastic while the Beatrix dining chair is fashioned from a combination of plastic and fiberglass and includes metal legs.

Modern style is well-known for its crisp lines, straight edges and no decorative detail. Does this mean you only buy plain or “boring looking” furniture? Don’t you need decorative detail to make furniture interesting? The modernists didn’t think so. The Modloft Howard Modern Upholstered Dining Chair is a great example of how visual interest is created by the raised square design of its side panel. While the profile of the chair is strictly geometric, the tapered legs combined with the textured side give it a softer appearance.

The underlying simplicity of modern line, shape and form is ideally suited to the dining room. Modern style dining table designs are cool and sleek. They are often characterized by polished surfaces and geometric profiles. The focus of the modern style is on form and function. While metal and glass are popular dining table construction materials for modern style dining furniture, for a less minimalist look, select one made of wood, with or without a glass tabletop. Especially for a dining room that is used often or regularly to entertain guests, you will want to select a dining set that includes chairs with comfortable seating.

The Modloft Cliff Extendable Wood Dining Table has a truly modern design. The tabletop and the legs of the dining table are defined by clean, smooth expanses of wood. The floating effect of the tabletop is created by the metal accents that lift it up and away from the legs. No added decorative detail is needed: the eye is instantly drawn into the room by the table’s striking design and form.

The modern style of the Global Furniture USA Gabriella 5 Piece Dining Set is evident in its use of uncomplicated geometric shapes. The two-tone finish combined with the paper veneer accents will add layers of texture to the dining room’s interior design.

Here the use of curves and color give the Global Furniture USA Neville Dining Set a distinctly modern look without the minimalist vibe.

In keeping with the dictates of modern design, the Global Furniture USA Gabriella Buffet displays highly polished surfaces. The lines, with a touch of curvature, are sleek and beautiful, ideal for a less minimalist dining room.

While the Modloft Elizabeth Modern Buffet Table possesses some of the main elements of minimalism – sleek, metal legs and hardware; straight lines; composed of wood, metal and glass – the warm walnut finish diminishes the starkness of its profile.

The Different Faces of Modern – Minimalist Living Room

Friday, February 26th, 2010

While modern style can be somewhat easily defined as form is function, since its first appearance in the second half of the twentieth century, it has evolved to include a range of degrees if you will, from minimalist to something that closely resembles contemporary or transitional styles. In other words, when choosing modern style for your home, you can decide how little or much. Some of us find true modernism too stark, while for others, it is that very starkness that is so appealing – the clean, sharp lines and angular profiles that create a spare, uncluttered environment which sets the stage for a busy, modern lifestyle.

When decorating a living room in modern style, furniture defines interior space by using geometric form and neutral palettes. A sofa like the Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio White Convertible Sofa is very minimalist, every line is straight and the profile is simple and spare.

If you prefer something less leather-look, go for sofa upholstered in neutral fabric, like the Innovation USA ILS04 Sofa with Arms.

Metal, glass and plastics are common construction materials. The Innovation USA 7″ Combination Coffee Table with Chrome Legs is definitely modern, with its metal tabletop, high gloss finish and polished chrome legs.

Wood in lighter finishes or that has been bleached or molded, is another popular construction material for modern living room furniture. The OFFI Scando Coffee Table in Walnut perfectly demonstrates form is function; it’s asymmetrical profile serves as a make magazine holder.

No modern living room can be without a television. The crisp, angled lines  Furnitech Classic Modern 75 Inch Wood Plasma/LCD TV Stand possesses crisp lines

Minimalist Dining Room

With modern minimalist dining furniture, there is absolutely no decoration such as molding, inlays or other decorative accents. Form speaks for itself. There should be no piece of living room furniture that does not fill a specific function.

Because there are no decorative accents, the eye is drawn to the furniture piece itself, rather than just certain aspects of it. In the Modloft Spring Dining Table, visual interest is created by the tabletop made of a combination of frosted and plain glass.

Wood cabinets are made of mahogany or other types of grained woods. Finishes can be matte, highly lacquered or anything in between, but never distressed. Doors, as in the Armen Living Travertine Buffet Cabinet are not framed and contrasting materials, such as the wood and stone, are often used to create texture or focal points.

The use of pure geometric shape makes the Global Furniture USA Triangular 5 Piece Dining Set in Dark Brown unique; classically clean lines make it minimalist.

Making a Royal Statement – Traditional Style with a Twist for the Dining Room

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Transforming your home into your own stylish castle is not difficult. Start with traditional style furniture that was popular during the reign of a certain king or queen like Queen Anne, Victorian or Louis Philippe; add a palette of royal colors that include, of course, rich reds, purples and golds; and accessorize royally with heavy silver candles and brass table lamp bases, pictures in oversized gold gilt or elaborately carved wood frames and objets d’art. Today in part three of our series, we’ll discuss how to create a dining room that makes a royal statement.

Royal Palette

When choosing a color palette, think of the Victorian era, palaces and formal, courtly spaces. Colors (shown here from Behr) are jewel-toned, with rich, deep tints. Mix paint with wallpaper. There are three basic options when considering using both paint and wallpaper: paper one wall and paint the rest; paper half the walls, paint the other half and separate the two with decorative molding like a chair rail; or paint the walls and apply a border around the room. When making a royal statement in your dining room, select wallpaper with paisley, diamond or damask patterns.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne style furniture actually became more common in the period following this monarch’s death in 1714 rather than during her reign. In British Colonies, particularly the American colonies, Queen Anne gained popularity throughout the Colonial period, roughly from the 1720s to the 1750s. The Trump Home Westchester Irvington 9 Piece Rectangular Dining Table Set in Medium Brown definitely displays Queen Anne sensibilities, particularly the dining chairs, with their yoke-shaped top rails and urn-shaped back splats.

Display your formal dinner set and tableware in true royal style with the American Drew Cherry Grove Breakfront China Cabinet. While broken pediments weren’t used by Queen Anne style cabinetmakers, they did make an appearance in later revival periods and in reproductions.


Victorian style furniture is very impressive, typically made of mahogany, walnut and teak with rich, luxurious finishes, while not highly polished, do possess a high sheen or “glow.” Dining room furniture pieces are highly decorative, with elaborate detail such as lavish, intricate wood carvings or very stylized metalwork scrolls. The use of botanical motifs, like the acanthus leaf, was especially popular during Victorian times.

Victorian dining tables, as demonstrated by the beautiful Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown Bonaire Round Dining Table were typically round with a pedestal base. Again, in keeping with Victorian design principals, the larger and more elaborately carved the better.

And the same naturally applies to the accompanying dinging chairs. Note that the Kathy Ireland by Standard Contemporary Nottingham Epic Chippendale Side Chair sports an acanthus leaf motif.

Since the Victorians loved to entertain – the length of an average Victorian dinner was about three hours – the sideboard or buffet played an important role in Victorian homes. The Steve Silver Harmony Buffet & Hutch asl includes the acanthus leaf motif.

Louis Philippe

Emerging from the French Restoration period, Louis Philippe furniture, like the Tradewins French Classics Dining Arm Chair has less ornamentation and lines are smoother and more rounded.

As during the Restoration Period, Louis Philippe dining room furniture was made of dark woods like mahogany, walnut and palissander. Although today, other woods like cherry used in the construction of the Tradewins French Classics Dining Table, are used as well.

If a traditional style of furniture could be “contemporary” this style is it, as evidenced by the Tradewins French Classics Dining Buffet with Hutch. Because it displays standard Louis Philippe characteristics like a simple pedestal base with bracket feet and the lack of decorative motifs, this china cabinet definitely could be mistaken for contemporary.

Come back for a visit next Friday when I’ll be starting a new series about the different faces of modern style.

Japanese Design Dining Room

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Japanese style is characterized by minimalism: dining room furniture virtually has no architectural or decorative detail. The emphasis of Japanese interior design, whether it’s a dining room, living room or bedroom, is on space. Whereas Western design practices focus on artistically filling the space, Japanese interiors incorporate open spaces into the décor. Typically, the furniture is centered in the room and the space around each piece of furniture as well as the furniture grouping as a whole is the point of the interior design.

japanese dining

Japanese style décor is soothing, unassuming and restful. Therefore color palettes (from Benjamin Moore) will project these qualities while reflecting nature. Earth tones like deep browns and muted reds are popular choices as are neutrals like beige, taupe and gray.

A Japanese dining table commonly has short legs and stands closer to the ground than Western style dining tables. But you can still capture the flavor of a traditional Japanese dining table by selecting a standard height table with lines that are calming minimalist in approach. The Somerton Enchantment 7 Piece Dining Set is beautifully appointed; lines are simple yet visual interest is created by the angled legs of the dining table and the unique slatted design of the backs of the dining chairs.

In a Japanese style dining room each piece of furniture has a specific function and purpose; no piece should be chosen solely for its esthetic value. The Sitcom Hida Collection Buffet has both style and purpose. Buffets or sideboards increase a dining room’s functionality by providing a place to conveniently store tableware and table linens in the room in which they will be needed and used.

A Japanese interior design dining room brings the outside in through natural elements like floor lamps and table lamps with rice paper shades; furniture pieces with bamboo and stone accents; and accessories like bonsai and water fountains. The Bluworld Innovations Tabletop Water Fountain in Dark Copper – Mini Moonshado would be the ideal accent piece to place on the buffet.

Light, especially natural light is an essential part of a Japanese interior design dining room. Another way to incorporate natural materials into the room’s design is through the shade of the Adesso Wright Tall Floor Lamp, which is made of silk. And because this floor lamp is also a shelving unit, it makes it an ultra-functional addition to a Japanese style dining room.

From the Design Files of Heather B. – New Home Décor Dilemma

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Design Question
My husband and I just purchased our first home and we would like to change the color of the walls to match our floors and furniture. Right now the colors of the walls are white. We like earth colors but we can’t decide what colors to choose.
The first floor has three areas. First the den; we will convert it into an office and are going to close the den with glass doors. The furniture that I have for the office is a black leather chair and a glass and black desk. I would like to keep the vertical blinds.
The second area is the living room, is a big rectangular space and I would like to have suggestions of how to set the furniture. Right now as you can see on the pictures there is a big empty space between the TV and the couches. That’s why I placed a rug in the place so it doesn’t look so empty. I’m also planning to hire an electrician to change the lighting in the living room. I want to install two chandeliers in the living room; one by where the TV is and the other one in the center of the furniture area. So I need suggestions for the lamps too.

And the third and last area is the dining room. Here I only want to change the lamp and color of the walls.

We would like to keep the same furniture but within a few months we are going to buy a new dining room set, which I also would like to get your opinion about what kind of furniture I should buy. Please give me your ideas about the colors and some decoration items. We want to buy plants or pictures to decorate it. Thank you

Design Answer

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! This must me an exciting time for you.


Since the space is open – you enter through the door and are immediately in the living room – you will want to choose a color that is warm and inviting. Earth tones, depending on the color family they are from, can be “cool.” I would definitely choose warm earth tones for this space. The floors are beautiful and deserve to be shown off. I would also take this opportunity to bring color into the room; not too much but just enough to give your living space some punch. Because you intend on enclosing the den/office area, you could choose two colors, one for the office and another for the living room/dining room. However, since the furniture you have selected is neutral (black leather office chair and black desk), you could very easily use one color for all three areas of the first floor. Just to give you some idea of your color choices, these shades are from Benjamin Moore.

The problem with the second area of your living space, the living room, is that currently it has no real focal point. The eye wanders around the room. I can see why you have arranged the furniture the way you have, because the shape of the room doesn’t give you many options. You will have to take measurements to see if this will since it is hard to judge distances from a picture.
If it will fit while still allowing you access to the home office, I would place the sofa in front of the glass doors and toward the center of the living room. Then I would move the loveseat to the wall where the sofa is now. This will make the television a focal point. Having the shorter sofa against the wall will allow you to add an end table or a floor lamp. I would select lamps that match or complement the chandeliers that you plan on adding to the living room. The shades of the lamps should reflect the color palette you have chosen for the walls.
You mentioned that you will be purchasing a new dining set in the next couple of months. Since you didn’t specify, I am assuming that you are not replacing the china cabinet. If this is the case, then I would select a dining set that either matches the china cabinet in style or in color.

Since the china cabinet is predominately traditional, I would suggest either a traditional or transitional dining table and dining chairs. Something like the Tradewins French Classics Dining Table with Two 18″ Leaves, which is transitional, would work with your china cabinet.

Plants are always a great choice when accessorizing a room. House plants typically improve air quality and they also add “life” and color, especially they are flowering plants. Pictures should have some meaning for you personally and be in keeping with the spirit of the room. For example, abstract artwork in this particular living space would not be as effective as a landscape picture or painting.

Thanks for writing in. Stay tuned next Monday when we tackle another interior design question. Keep sending me those emails and don’t forget to include pictures if you can.

To view other entries in the “Design Files Of Heather B.” series, click here.

Amish Interior Decorating – The Dining Room

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Amish dining room furniture encompasses many styles, including Shaker, Mission and various sub styles of country. Typically, each Amish community focuses on a specific type of furniture or a craft such as quilts or baskets. Every piece of furniture produced by the Amish is unique, even when it is made within the same community, because, while some modern woodworking techniques are allowed in some communities, it is mostly made by hand. Since “Amish” is not necessarily a definitive or particular style, when creating an Amish dining room, there are some key principles that need to be incorporated to accomplish this type of interior design.

Design Principle #1

Amish Palette 2

Use heritage colors, paints that have been created with natural pigments. Hues and tints are generally less “intense” than other types of commercially produced paints, but that doesn’t mean “bland” or “colorless.” Most manufacturers, like Sherwin-Williams, make paint colors that resemble heritage colors. The typical Amish color palette reflects the fields they work, the crops they grow including the earth and sky.

Design Principle #2

If purchasing furniture from an Amish community is not an option, select furniture that is made of wood such as oak, walnut or cherry. Dining room furniture such as a sideboard, dining table or china cabinet, should have simple lines, wood finishes that have been distressed or have a low to medium shine and be oversized, solid or “boxy” in appearance.

The Home Styles Ponderosa Solid Wood Dining Table, while it does have arrow feet and decorative detail, they are features common to traditional woodworking methods. Its rich pine finish gives the table a rustic yet refined handcrafted appearance.

The Stanley Furniture American Perspective Beeswax Cherry Windsor Side Chair also has arrow feet and turned legs. But again, this dining chair, with its Windsor back, shouts attention to detail.

While Amish furniture profiles are simpler, they can be dramatic. Backs of dining chairs are taller; tables are longer, emphasizing the “slab” appearance of the tabletop; china cabinets and sideboards are “chunkier.” The Tradewins Cherry Expressions Buffet with Hutch is impressive in stature, but decorative detail, such as the crown molding and the gently arched apron, is uncomplicated.

Design Principle #3

The emphasis of Amish interior design is on the combined impact of form and function. Put simply, it means that all of the furniture pieces in the dining room should be functional and practical, but they should look beautiful as well. For example, the Home Styles Ponderosa Solid Wood Dining Table includes a leaf, which allows the table to expand (from round to oval shaped), making it very practical when entertaining or hosting a family holiday feast.

Accessorize the same way. Select window treatments that are not “fussy” and made of natural materials like cotton for curtains and wood for blinds. Pick an area rug like the Calvin Klein Home by Nourison Loom Select Midnight Thread Area Rug Collection in Multicolor that has a natural, organic woven look. Don’t forget candlesticks and lamps made of materials like wrought iron or stone.

Come back next week when I will be starting a new series on traditional style with a twist.

Modern Dining Room Chic

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Modern style dining room furniture is distinguished by polished surfaces and angular forms. Features of the modern dining tables and dining chairs are angular lines, sweeping stark surfaces and sharp crisp profiles. Decorative detail is non-existent, putting the focus on form and function. Dining tables made from gleaming metal and glass paired with dining chairs featuring sleek materials like leather, leatherette and space-age plastics can be used to create a dramatic and compelling dining environment. But modern style dining tables and chairs can hold their own, with high gloss finishes and striking profiles.

Metal and Glass

The focus of the TransDeco Glass Dining Table is its unique pedestal base.

Choose chairs like the Eurostyle Sabrina Leather Seat Dining Chair in Black/Chrome that will complement the table’s distinctive design. It has an angular shape softened by subtle curved lines while the base of the chair gives the chair a floating appearance that echoes the dining table.

The Abbyson Fusion Reflecting Silver Rectangle Glass Table is a celebration of reflective surfaces. By selecting dining chairs like the Grand Rapids Chair Baby Dome Squiggle Back Side Dining Chair, the color of the upholstered seat will add another dimension to the base of the dining table.

The Euro Style Trave 48″ Table has an industrial feel that is both futuristic and high-tech. It is minimalist in design but packs a visual punch. Select chairs like the Grand Rapids Chair Jill Ladder Back Side Dining Chair that have a sleek, industrial vibe and are predominately constructed of metal.

Wood and Glass

The Global Furniture USA 798 5 Piece Dining Set is definitely modern in design. The asymmetrical shape of the dining table’s base lends this dining set a trendy air that won’t soon go out of style. The curved stem of the chair gives it a suspended appearance, creating visual interest.

The Modloft Varick Modern Art Square Dining Table and the Modloft Varick Modern Art Dining Chair display clean and rectilinear lines. The result is spare yet rich looking, largely due to the combination of wood, metal and glass. The dining chairs complete the look by being upholstered in leatherette.

Nothing is more modern than the classic black and white combo. The Global Furniture USA Black and White 5 Pc Dining Table Set pairs white wood with black glass and black leather-look upholstery. The Global Furniture USA Black and White Dining Chair has a modified split back that makes this dining set really stand out.

Country Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Country style is an ideal choice for a dining room or kitchen eating area because it is laid-back, inviting and comfortable. It creates the feeling of welcome; of having been here before, even though this might be the first time guests have visited your home. While they all share these relaxed and welcoming design elements, country style has many faces, from rustic and cottage to Colonial and Americana to English country and Italian country.

Casual Country Dining Room Furniture

A casual country dining set will have a “lived in” appearance. Casual country style dining room furniture typically is made of wood with a milk wash, distressed or matte finish. Furnishings possess a folksy warmth that inspire people to hang out, take their time and catch up on all the news. Dining chairs might have turned legs, spindles and sheaf backs.

The International Concepts Dual Drop Leaf Table & Windsor Chair Set displays several casual country features. The dining table and dining chairs have both a natural and a white-painted finish. The table has a turned pedestal base that gives it a simply enchanting appearance, while the chairs have Windsor backs, resulting in a relaxed, homey feel.

If casual country appeals to you but you prefer medium to dark finishes, the Lifestyle California Jamestown Windsor Dining Set with Trestle Table has a relaxed charm. With its trestle base table and two-toned finish and matching chairs, this dining set is as inviting as it is functional.

The Klaussner Furniture Urban Craftsman 7 Piece Rectangular Dining Table Set is truly rustic in nature. The farmhouse kitchen style table has angled legs and a rough-hewn appearance that has a real “at home” feel. The spirit of country style dining furniture, whether casual or more formal, is simplicity and this dining set certainly qualifies.

Formal Country Dining Room Furniture

Still maintaining its philosophy of simplicity and its inherent hominess, formal country dining room furniture might mimic many decorative details of traditional style but with underlying differences, such as utilizing other natural materials like cane, wicker and wrought iron. The result is functional furniture that is well-made and possesses a timeless elegance in its own right.

The Home Styles Homestead 7 Piece Dining Set in Warm Oak is distinctly Colonial Revival. Like the dining table and dining chairs, the Home Styles Homestead Side Board Server has a utilitarian design but incorporates and adapts Jacobean, Queen Anne and Chippendale influences. While still retaining its traditional roots, it has a country style that graceful and elegant.

While the Lifestyle California Fallbrook Oval Pedestal Dining Set displays strictly formal country style, the sage tones paired with a sunburst oak finish will make the dining room appear brighter and warmer at the same time.

For a really formal country feel select the Hillsdale Wilshire 7 Piece Round Dining Table Set in Pine and Rubbed Black Finish. The chairs have a classic wheat sheaf back and turned legs. The two-tone finish emphasizes the dining table’s elegantly designed pedestal base.

Country style isn’t just one definitive style. It can have many looks from casual to formal. It can display the practicality of a farmhouse kitchen table or showoff its more sophisticated elegance with an understated élan. Whatever look you would like to achieve, there is a country style to accommodate the dining room of your dreams.

Arts Crafts Style Dining Room Design

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The Arts and Crafts movement emerged out of Great Britain as a reaction to the mass produced furniture of the Victorian era. Since many crafts people were put out of work due factories replacing the cottage industries, the emphasis of Arts Crafts furniture was on the use of natural materials and handcrafted furnishings. Other common elements were exposed joinery and the use of local or native woods.

Today, the Arts and Crafts interior design principles are still popular because of their clean lines and simple profiles. The Arts Crafts style can be especially effective in a dining room, where a tranquil atmosphere is conducive to enhancing the quality time spent with sharing a meal with family or friends.

Designing the Room

f2Quoizel Town Park One Tier Chandelier With 4 Downlights

Since natural materials and traditional woodworking techniques are stressed, to create an Arts and Crafts dining room, start with neutrals such as ivory, gray or taupe or natural shades like sage, forest green, sand, browns, golds, bronze and berry tones as paint or wallpaper color for the walls.

The same colors can be used for seat fabrics and window treatments. If you choose dining chairs that are upholstered, consider adding texture to the room by selecting leather or nubby fabrics like cotton and wool.

Lighting for an Arts and Crafts style dining will reflect the rectilinear forms so closely associated with this style of furniture. Lines will be uncomplicated. The glass of the light fixture is typically opaque and in a soft white or cream with iron or bronze accents and/or hardware.

As with the window treatments, area rugs should be made of natural materials, especially wool and cotton. Colors reflect those found in nature.

Selecting the Furniture

f3International Concepts Rockwood Slate Inlay Sideboard

As mentioned above, furnishing have simple profiles and rectilinear lines and with exposed joinery. They are also practical and functional, with minimal decorative detail. Furniture pieces are made from native woods like oak and pine and tend to be compact and can include space-saving features like concealed drawers or compartments. Finishes will be matte (very little sheen) or distressed.

The dining table with an Arts Crafts style will possess a distinctive, handcrafted look.

Hardware is typically “chunky” and oversized, but with simple lines. The back plates of door handles and drawer pulls tend to be rectangular rather than square. Plain iron rings or wood knobs are popular choices for door pulls.

Legs on chairs and case goods tend to be straight or angled.

Buffets, sideboards or dining tabletops sometimes include organic elements such as stone accents or ceramic tiles; again reflecting what is available locally.

Jofran Dining Set in Braeburn Rough Hewn Cherry

The overall look and appearance of Arts and Crafts dining room furniture and interior design is calming and esthetically pleasing. Decoration is kept to a minimum and each piece is crafted with a specific purpose in mind. Over a century after the Arts and Crafts movement first emerged, this style is experiencing a revival of sorts. Elements of Arts Crafts design are being reinterpreted into a contemporary context to produce furniture that is ultra-functional and beautiful, but which is also rooted in more traditional woodworking ethic that creates furniture that deserves to be passed from generation to generation.

Furniture Designed for Home Entertaining – Armen Living Product Review

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

This product review was sent to me by one of the blog’s regular readers. Thanks Eric A. for writing in and letting us know about these beautiful furniture pieces by Armen Living.

Home entertaining has become more popular than ever, and essential pieces like cabinets, home bars, or even utensils are taken into great account to make a guest’s in-home dining experience perfect. However, the centerpiece of every home entertaining venture is the dining room set.

While dining out is still a very popular practice, the home dining gathering experience is quickly regaining its popularity. Even in smaller, confined spaces like condos, people are transforming their dining rooms into stylish places to entertain as trends in design, color, and functionality have caught up with today’s lifestyle of back-to-basic, simplified living.

The demand for compact furniture has risen since limited area space has become the norm within the last few years. Although, the allure and glamour of standard sized furniture, particularly, dining room sets, continues to draw people to decorate their dining rooms or kitchen eating areas with fashionable and trendy dining or gathering tables.

Armen Living’s line of dining room furniture boasts of various materials that are truly top of the line. From marble to travertine to wood, each piece is creatively crafted to give a distinctive, classic look without compromising function, durability, and price. Representing the epitome of style and sophistication, Armen Living’s stone tables blends nature with everyday living.

Travertine owes its organic beauty to nature. How the limestone deposits were formed produces the beautiful beige colors and gives the stone the distinctive veins and unique patterns that make travertine timeless. That’s what makes these tables so special: due to its natural process, each piece of travertine is an original and unique. No two tabletops are identical or even alike.

Armen Living Alexis Dining Table

Armen Living Alexandria Travertine Rectangular Dining Table

Armen Travertine Dining Table

Armen Living’s dining chairs match each table perfectly; the classic, clean design of the chairs enhances the organic hues of the stone.  Each chair uses the best materials and is designed for comfort to ensure your and your guest’s excellent dining experience!

Armen Side Dining Chair

Armen Del Mar Side Dining Chair

Armen Living Black White Floral Side Dining Chair

Matching one’s tastes with available space, your family’s lifestyle and your guests’ preferences may be a challenge. But with these beautiful yet functional dining tables, dining chairs and dining sets from Armen Living, you will have dining room you can really show off.

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