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A Rustic Lodge-Inspired Dining Room

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

A rustic lodge inspired look is a popular choice for home decor. This design concept focuses on rough or exposed wood finishes. Mix it up with wrought iron and stone accents for a gorgeous showroom-quality dining room look. Soften up the chunky wood with a warm-on-the-toes area rug in an earthy tone such as neutral gray or beige. Or throw in some color with soft reds, greens or blues. This rustic look is perfect for a luxury mountain escape but would also complement an Arts & Crafts architectural style home quite nicely.

We’ve broken down the look into a few basic parts to make it easy to bring home.

Light The Space

Zuo Canary Ceiling Lamp in Rust

Zuo Canary Ceiling Lamp in Rust

Light up your space with a the right fixture. This ceiling lamp from Zuo is an ideal choice with it’s mixture of metal and glass.

Rustic Dining Sets

Choosing a dining set is an easy way to bring home the look. These stylish picks will give your room that rustic lodge aura instantly.

Powell Furniture Kraven 6 Piece Dining Set in Dark Hazelnut

Powell Furniture Kraven 6 Piece Dining Set in Dark Hazelnut

Riverside Furniture Summerhill 5 Piece Dining Table Set in Rustic Pine

Riverside Furniture Summerhill 5 Piece Dining Table Set in Rustic Pine

Steve Silver Company Lakewood 7 Piece Dining Set

Steve Silver Company Lakewood 7 Piece Dining Set (Bench sold separately.)

Powell Cafe 6 Piece Turino Dining Set in Grey Oak Stain

Powell Cafe 6 Piece Turino Dining Set in Grey Oak Stain

Lexington La Tourelle Toulouse 11 Piece Dining Set in Aged Mocha

Lexington La Tourelle Toulouse 11 Piece Dining Set in Aged Mocha

For a more elegant and sophisticated lodge try a dining set that is more along the lines of this chic set from Lexington which has a touch of French Country flair.

Mix’n'Match Dining Room Decor

Mixing and matching your dining set allows you to create a contemporary rustic lodge look that is totally unique. Make the feel of the room as simple or as elegant as you desire. Check out these ideas if you need a jump start:

Modus Palindrome Dining Table in Chestnut
Modus Palindrome Dining Table in Chestnut

Office Star Metro Parsons Dining Chair in Cream Bonded Leather
Office Star Metro Parsons Dining Chair in Cream Bonded Leather

Riverside Furniture Belize Rectangular Dining Table

Riverside Furniture Belize Rectangular Dining Table

Steve Silver Company Matinee Fabric Dining Parson Chair in Beige

Steve Silver Company Matinee Fabric Dining Parson Chair in Beige

Sligh Barton Creek Westlake Rectangular Dining and Work Table

Sligh Barton Creek Westlake Rectangular Dining and Work Table

International Concepts Simply Linen X-Back Wood Side Chair in Black Finish (Set of Two)

International Concepts Simply Linen X-Back Wood Side Chair in Black Finish (Set of Two

Feast Your Eyes on This

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

It’s finally nearing the holiday season. You have your BBQ all shined up and ready to cook for the masses. Your fabulous potluck BBQ is all organized with food, drinks and even lots of squirt guns for the kids big and small. However, your current dining room table seems a tad small for holding all that delicious food. The ultimate solution would be to purchasing a fancy new dining set with ample room for everyone.

Hillsdale has the perfect solution with their Park Avenue collection. This 11 piece counter height dining set has a distressed cherry finish to add a hint of old-world charm to your space. The X trestle base adds that touch of masculinity. Transitional decor for the dining room will seamlessly blend with your eclectic mix of designer furniture. The matching counter height dining chairs will only look like you’ve spent a pretty penny. These padded seats are faux leather, which is easy to clean and looks sensational.

Hillsdale Park Avenue 11 Pc Counter Height Dining Set in Dark Cherry

Hillsdale Park Avenue 11 Pc Counter Height Dining Set in Dark Cherry

The table extends via two leaf inserts to seat as many as ten people. Imagine how much food that can hold at your all-you-can-eat buffet. With a counter height table, your guests can see the array of down-home cooking through the patio doors, making sure nobody leaves for home with a tank only half-full. After your guests have finally left, you can downsize the table back to a comfortable seating for six. Large families can leave the table as-is or downsize to seating for eight. This is a table that grows as the family grows or as the party-list grows. Family game nights will be a blast with more elbow room between overly competitive siblings and parents. Sleepovers will be a breeze with a proper sit-down family meal that can include your guests of honor, instead of banishing the family to the TV room. Hillsdale has thought through their design carefully, and has created a magnificent work of dining room art that mixes country elements with an urban design sense.

Blog About Your Dream Dining Room to Win!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

We’ve all got that room in our minds … the dream room that one day, when the time and budget are right, will get the ultimate makeover with all the trimmings.

For many home décor aficionados, that room is the dining room. What better opportunity to showcase your interpretation of elegance, sophistication, and comfort. Does that sound like you? Well then, blog about it!

If you’ve got a blog, design-related or otherwise, tell us about your dream dining room and link to for your chance to win $100 gift certificate from Cymax Stores.

What’s your personal design style? Is it all about the dining set or will you focus equally on your walls and floors? Tell us what the dining room of your dreams will look like.

Opulent & Traditional Dining Room?
 AICO Villa Valencia 13 Piece Rectangular Dining Table in Classic Chestnut Finish

Modern & Minimalist Dining Set?
 Global Furniture USA 798 5 Piece Dining Set

Retro-Inspired Table & Chairs ?
 TMS 5 Piece Retro Dining Set in Black

Blog about the dining room of your dreams and comment here with a link to your blog post. It’s a simple as that. Tweet about it to your heart’s content for more bonus entries.

  • Write a blog post that mentions Share the link to your post in a comment here on Furniture and Design Ideas
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We’ll be selecting a winner on April 30th, 2011. The winning blog entry will be announced here on Furniture and Design Ideas. So blog soon and tweet often!

Furniture Ideas for a Small Dining Room

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

You might think that just because you have a small dining area that you will have to compromise on style. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have a plan. And the place to start is with your dining room furniture. Make sure to include one or two pieces that are multifunctional. When decorating small spaces, the trick is to select dining room furniture that is smaller in scale, which will help you maximize all available floor space.

Making the Dining Room Look Larger

Because the one thing a small dining room needs is the one thing it can’t have, there are ways to making it look larger:

  • Arrange your dining set as far from the side walls as possible; this will prevent your dining furniture from appearing cramped in the space
  • Try to keep the area into your dining room clutter and obstacle free; by blending the room’s “boundary” line, it gives the impression that the room is bigger than it really is
  • Add a mirror to the décor; preferably place it across from the doorway or a window – this will make the room look larger because the mirror “moves” light around the space
  • Let as much light into the room as possible; keep window treatments streamlined and choose lighter fabrics
  • Select a dining set that includes seating that fits perfectly underneath the table

Choosing the “Right” Dining Table

Ideally, if you have enough room to work with, the dining table should “echo” the shape of the room. For example, when you’re decorating a dining room that is long and narrow, select a rectangular dining table; where the walls are all the same width, pick a square table. However, these two can take up a lot of room. For a space-challenged room, choose a round pedestal table. Because the table doesn’t have legs so to speak, you will be able to easily fit one or two additional chairs when hosting a holiday dinner.

Choosing the “Right” Dining Chairs

When buying dining furniture for a smaller sized room, give some thought to the dining chairs you choose to accompany your dining table. Best case scenario – you should go armless. While dining chairs with arms are indeed a little more comfortable, they do tend to take up more space than side chairs without arms. Another thing to keep in mind, is to pick a chair design that has straight legs as opposed to tapered or sabre. This will free up a little more floor space between the wall and your dining table.

Out in the Open – Transitional Style for Open Concept Living Spaces

Friday, August 27th, 2010

If you’ve just bought a condo or purchased a loft or moved into a bachelor/studio apartment for the first time, it might have never occurred to you before how are you going to decorate a space where all the “rooms” run one into another. Do you have to stick to one wall color? How do you arrange the living room furniture? Are you going to be stuck with the kitchen in your peripheral vision while you’re watching television? Even though you have considerably less space to work with when decorating a bachelor or studio apartment than you do when moving into a condo or a loft, the principles for making an open concept floor plan comfortable and inviting will be the same. Choosing an interior design style like transitional for an open concept home, will give your living space a contemporary synergy while honoring certain traditional elements that add sophistication and a chic sensibility.

 The good news is you can choose only one for the whole space or not; it’s really a personal preference. You do however, want avoid painting the same wall two different colors even if they are a part of two distinctly different areas, like the dining room and the living room, unless it makes “sense” visually. However, picking an accent wall and choosing to paint it another color, especially a bold one, will give your transitional style living space definition, while letting you introduce more color into your interior design.

It’s important to mark out individual areas of an open concept home: having clearing defined areas, each with a specific purpose, prevents the furniture from appearing “lost” or “jumbled.” Transitional style living room furniture and dining furniture include traditional decorative and architectural elements as interpreted by contemporary design principles is a great way to decorate a condo, loft or studio apartment, because you can select furniture for the different open areas, that while still transitional in style, possess a slightly different look or feel. Even though everything is out in the open, some other ways to create the sense of separate rooms are:

  • Use a different area rug for you dining area than the one chosen for the living room
  • “Divide” up the space with strategically placed open shelf bookcases or decorative folding screens
  • Hang artwork on the walls that emphasizes what the particular space is being used for (pictures of Parisian cafes or outdoor bistros in the dining area)

When choosing furniture for an open area living space, select furniture pieces like a coffee table or an entertainment center that includes hidden storage. Dual or multi-purpose furnishings such a hallway bench or an ottoman coffee table will increase your storage options in the long run, giving you more place to tidy things away – something that is ultra important in an open design condo, loft or apartment.

Soul Mates – Furniture Pairs that Just Belong Together

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

It’s easier to make a splash with some pieces of furniture than it is with others. But when you pair certain pieces of living room furniture together, say a fireplace and a club chair, you not only up the room’s “wow” factor, you also add another layer of comfort and functionality to your living space.

A club chair or a recliner parked beside an accent table instantly forms its own grouping separate from rest of the living room. Just add a lamp and you have your own personal space for reading the latest bestseller or catching up on the evening news.

In a living room or family room, pairing a loveseat with the Butler Specialty Plantation Cherry Wood Nesting Tables increases your options: it allows you to have a meal in front of the television; a place to put two different bowls of munchies while watching a movie; and when entertaining, you can move the nesting tables around the room to wherever else they are needed.

Placing an unusual mirror above a console table in a foyer makes a statement about your personality and the home you’re welcoming people into. Whether the mirror is an attention grabber or not, pairing a console table and a mirror together is a practical combination – you can set down your keys or purse to check your appearance or fix your lipstick just before you go out the door.

To create a conversation piece and punch up the room’s visual impact, include pieces of furniture that are typically found in other rooms, such as a dresser in the dining room instead of the traditional sideboard or a baker’s rack in a hallway in lieu of  the standard console table.

I have stayed in places where there was no nightstand by the bed; it always causes me minor annoyance at the realization that I have to now get out of bed to turn out the light just as I feel I could easily drift off to sleep. A nightstand or a bedside is the perfect companion for any type of bedroom, from a master bedroom to a guest room to a child’s room. If you want to ramp up your bedroom décor replace the standard night stand with a hand-painted accent chest or a bachelor chest, which is slightly wider than a nightstand but not as wide as a dresser.

Pairing furniture pieces in such a way as to increase the room’s functionally is just good sense. You can also make your furniture pairings stand out and grab attention by selecting living room, hallway and bedroom furniture pieces that are unique and striking.

Japanese Style for a Relaxing Dining Experience

Friday, May 28th, 2010

A Japanese style dining room takes the best of east-meets-west by combining the minimalist principles of traditional Japanese design with contemporary western lifestyles. The result is simple lines paired with warm earth tones; rich wood finishes married to lighter organic elements and dining furniture artfully arranged to create balance and harmony. Shape also plays an important role in Japanese dining room design: it’s important for each piece of furniture to work in concert to create a calming and tranquil space that is appealing to the senses.

To create a Japanese style dining room that is soothing and harmonious, start with a color palette that reflects natural elements. Choose soft grays and greens for rocks and leaves; earth-toned yellows for sand and sun; washed-out neutrals for waterfalls, mists and clouds. In a traditional Japanese style room, the walls are typically free of decoration, but one featured print or a choice grouping of smaller sized photographs would be acceptable in a contemporary Japanese dining room design.

When selecting furniture for a Japanese designed dining room, choose furnishings that have a definitive purpose. While esthetics certainly play a role in Japanese interior design, practicality is equally important. No furniture piece should be picked solely for its esthetic or decorative value. In fact, Japanese style dining furniture generally has no or very little decoration. The furniture should stand low to the ground, be made of wood and arranged in such a way that “empty space” is featured in room’s décor as much as the furniture is. It is this “push-pull” effect between empty and occupied that creates contrast and visual interest.

In Japanese interior design the proper lighting is important. Any available natural light should be made the most of and used to its best advantage. Lighting can be softened by rice paper, silk or white glass shades. When accessorizing a Japanese style dining room, adhere closely to the essentials or things that have a specific purpose, such a glass vase, candles or shoji screen-like window treatments or room dividers. The overall effect should be not too bare and definitely not cluttered or cramped. You might have to experiment to get the right balance, but it will be worth it in the long when your dining room is a tranquil and elegant example of Japanese interior design.

From the Design Files of Heather B – From Bachelor Pad to 3-Bedroom House

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Design Question

I just recently bought a home in [this city] and have moved from my one bedroom apartment into a 3 bed/2 bath/pool home, with hardwood floors and 1960s style bathrooms (all ceramic tile at weird angles). I have some cheap furniture which I brought in from my apartment but there is not much — literally, just have a small couch, chair, coffee table, bed, dresser — and I am not interested in keeping it.

I want to begin to furnish my home but I do not want to just start purchasing furniture without some sort of plan. I want to develop a theme for my home and furnish it accordingly. Interior design and decorating is not my forte, to say the least. I am a young sales professional and want to furnish my home to reflect this. Basically, I am looking for help with a theme or style. I tend to be minimalistic but also want my home to be comfortable. Thanks so much for your help.

Design Answer

I don’t know why, but when I read your question the words “1960s bathrooms” and “minimalistic” brought to mind jazz. Jazz music is all about improvisation, slick riffs and saxophones that have their own special language. But you don’t have to like jazz to create the look for your home that I have in mind. Minimalist is typically associated with modern style – it doesn’t have to “cold” or “bare.” Transitional style, a combination of traditional and contemporary styles sounds like it also might be a viable option for your living space.

Make a Plan

Make a plan for each room in your home. It sounds like there might be bathroom renos in your future. Don’t forget to incorporate any renos into the long-term vision for your interior design plan. It should include the following for each room you wish to redecorate and/or furnish:

Select a style or theme. An interior design style refers to the overall appearance of the furniture, while a theme is more the look and feel of the room based on a particular personal interest like a favorite sports team, sport you like to participate in or other hobby or interest. For that chill improv vibe whenever someone walks into your home

I would select transitional furniture or modern furniture in warm wood colors.

What needs to be done? If you’re not happy with the room’s wall color, while the space is relatively empty, now would be a good time to paint or wallpaper. In keeping with either modern or transitional styles, choose soothing neutrals such as beige, white or taupe or earth tones such as sand, light browns or sage. These color palettes will also apply when choosing window treatments, furniture and fabrics.

Measure each room so that you will know exactly how much space you have to work with.

Make a List

List the furniture pieces you would like to buy. For the bedroom, your list might include a platform bed, two nightstands, a double dresser, floor mirror, new area rug and new blinds.

Set a budget. Knowing how much you are willing to spend on each item you need to purchase will be easier on your wallet. It might also be useful to setup a timeline that corresponds to your budget so that you’re not purchasing everything at once. It sounds like you want to project a certain image – you will probably be looking for furniture items in the mid-price range. Consider buying what you need in sets, such as a bedroom set, sofa set or a dining set. It’s more economical than purchasing each piece separately.

Make it Happen

Once you know roughly what kinds of things you want for each room, it will be easier to comparison shop. Don’t forget about e-tailers – the internet furniture market has become very competitive, which is great for the consumer because you can find some really good deals online.

You mentioned a pool – if you can see the pool from, let’s say your living room or dining room window, and definitely plan on making it a focal point of the room.

When you are ready to place the furniture in each room, start with the largest items first. Don’t forget to take into account traffic flow and space for opening doors, drawers, etc.

Hope this is helpful in giving you a starting point. Thanks for writing in. Come back next Monday when we tackle another interior design question. Keep sending me those emails and don’t forget to include pictures if you can.

Showing Off – Displaying Collectibles to their Best Advantage

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Antiques, memorabilia and collectibles can be anything from a few treasured postcards to antiques to a hug (a collection of teddy bears). Sometimes though collecting can snowball, becoming problematic by taking up too much of your living space. Whether your collection is small or large, a “museum” approach is best; what you view in on display in museum is only a portion of its entire collection. By displaying only a few choice pieces and storing away the rest, you can showoff your treasured keepsakes to their best advantage. It will also give you the option, as in a museum environment, to change the display from time to time, according to the season, a special holiday, a specific occasion or just because you want to. Getting into the habit of rearranging your collection from time to time also helps to better integrate your “museum pieces” into your living space.

There are many ways to showoff your collections. A collection of teapots, decorative plates or antique jugs would be best displayed in the kitchen or the dining room on the shelves of a sideboard with a hutch like the Somerton Villa Madrid China Display Cabinet in Dusk Brown Finish

or a baker’s rack such as the Steve Silver Madrid Bakers Rack. Whether it’s a wood bakers rack or a metal bakers rack, bakers racks with open shelves are the ideal way to display and store collectibles or decorative items in a kitchen, dining room or even a family room.

Curio cabinets are cabinets specifically intended to showcase collectibles and other treasured keepsakes. Because of their unique design, a curio cabinet such as the Pulaski Chocolate Cherry 46 Inch Wide Curio Cabinet typically has mirrored back as well as glass sides, so that each piece in the collection can be viewed and appreciated from all angles.

Wall cabinets with glass doors or specially designed wall mounted curio cabinets like the Howard Miller Edmonton Wall Display Curio Cabinet are perfect for putting the spotlight on smaller collections of ornaments that might not require a standard sized curio cabinet but still need to be protected from dust and the environs (including curious little fingers).

Bookcases are another ideal way to make a special place for your treasured keepsakes. The Jesper Collection 16 L-Puzzle Shelf has a versatile and distinctive design. It can be used as a single unit on a tabletop or a sideboard or you can use two or three to customize it to your showoff your collection to its best advantage., trophies, a collection of dolls, antique jugs and other family treasures are important additions to interior design because they give our homes personality as well as a comfortable, lived-in look. Because no one else has the same collection, it also makes your home totally unique to you.

Dining Room Transitional Style

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Transitional style dining room furniture is that pleasant mix of traditional and contemporary. While decorative detail might display the occasional flourish or two, transitional dining tables are less formal in appearance, tempered by contemporary design principles. Therefore, lines are rounded or tapered rather than ornately curvy. Transitional style dining tables and dining chairs typically use texture and shape to create visually interesting furniture. It doesn’t matter whether you use your dining room every day or if you only gather around the dining table when it’s a holiday, a special occasion or you have company. The dining room should be a place where you can linger for a little while in comfort and in style.

Transitional Palette

Start with neutrals such as pearl grays, soft ivories, gentle taupes and lighter shades of earth tones that are quiet and understated. Nothing sets the right mood as wall color (shown here from Benjamin Moore) that is pleasantly soothing. Use it to its full advantage by adding pictures that emphasize or highlight other objects in the room such as the window treatments, the area rug, a favorite vase or a floor lamp.

The dining table is the room’s natural focal point. This essentially means that you will want to choose a dining table that expresses your personality and lifestyle. The Canterbury Home Furnishing Plantation 7 Piece Dining Set has a classy appearance without being too traditional. The dining chairs have a lovely lyre back design that give this dining set true distinction.

A buffet increases a dining room’s entertainment savvy quotient. It also makes the space more functional, allowing you to conveniently store tableware and table linens in the room in which they will be needed. The Hillsdale Frankfort Slate Top Buffet has a simple style that borders on contemporary, but the beautiful slate inlay top lends this otherwise “simple” furniture piece texture, creating visual interest.

Lighting for a transitional style dining room reflects both traditional and contemporary design elements. With its combination of the metalwork and the soft amber blown glass shades, the ELK Lighting Phoenix Five Light Chandelier has a warm, casually elegant appearance.

For something more neutral yet just as warm, choose the Quoizel Lancaster Two Tier Chandelier With 9 Uplights. The traditional flavor of the metalwork is gracefully restrained, giving this beautiful chandelier a transitional style that is both versatile and unique.

An area rug pulls the dining room together. The flowing lines of the oversized pattern of the Nourison Tropics TS09 Brown Area Rug Collection dresses up the room.

Should you prefer a smaller patterned design, the Abbyson Oceans of Time Himalayan Area Rug Pattern 0012 has a transitional style that reflects the ideal balance between new and old.

Since it is a mix of other styles, typically traditional and contemporary, transitional style is easily adapted to the dining room, when you might want a dining set that has classic lines but also possesses a stylish contemporary look.

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