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Bringing Romance to Your Dining Room

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Bringing romance into your dining room doesn’t have to mean that you must choose a certain style like shabby chic, traditional, country or vintage. Furniture profiles should definitely possess curves; lines must be smooth and flowing. It’s more about creating an atmosphere that is intimate and inviting. For a distinctly romantic feel pick a theme like Paris, an outdoor European café or a seaside castle. It can be as simple as placing candles on the dining table or making a floating floral centerpiece. A romantic dining room, regardless of the style you have chosen for your dining furniture, is elegant and timeless.

Start at the Top

A romantic dining room must have a chandelier of some type. It doesn’t have to be the traditionally ornate kind, but it should add some “drama” to room. Gracefully shaped arms are a must. A dimmer switch is compulsory – being able to dim the lights is a key ingredient to setting the right mood. A chandelier with up lights is also an option; light won’t be aimed directly downward.


You might have selected the ideal chandelier for your romantic dining room, but don’t forget the candlesticks, particularly medium to tall ones made of metal. Warmer colored metals like gold, brass or bronze are good for skin tones, putting you and your guests in a good light.

Mirrors add a romantic element to a dining room, especially when positioned opposite something shiny like the dining table with candles or a window that reflects back the night sky or a glittering city skyline. Pairing a large, decorative mirror with a buffet or sideboard captures and reflects back the romance of dining table while creating a secondary focal point.

Go Girly

For an instantaneous romantic feel, paint the walls a shade that is typically “feminine” like rose, lavender, plum or lilac.

Replace your current window treatments with lace sheers.

Transform your dining chairs with custom made slipcovers that include frills, ties or bows.

Place a small table lamp with a silk shade on a buffet or side board. Or why not sconces with silk shades and beads or colored crystals?

Other tips for creating a romantic dining room include:

  • Don’t save your good china for special occasions
  • If you don’t have at least two crystal wine goblets or drinking glasses of some kind, indulge in some
  • Cover the table with a pretty cloth tablecloth or fabric placemats and matching napkins

Lavish Traditional Style for your Dining Room

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Over the years, the formal dining room has been replaced by more casual style eating areas like breakfast bars, breakfast nooks and opening design multipurpose living spaces. But some of us like the idea of entertaining friends or spending time with family around a dining table. Lavish traditional style creates a dramatic dining room setting that possesses a formal yet timeless elegance. It is all about rich woods, sophisticated profiles and ornate decoration that textures the room in layers of Old World charm. When you design a traditional style dining room for your home and select traditional dining furniture, you are embracing a European flair will cherish today and want to pass along to future generations.

Set the Stage

To create a lavish traditional style dining room, start with the walls. Colors should be bold, deeper shades of red, pink, blue and green like burgundy, rose, royal blue and emerald green. If your formal dining room is part of an open design floor plan or you are not a fan of bold colors, choose richer hues of neutrals such as grey, silver, white and taupe.

If you really want to go all out formal, opt for an elegantly patterned wallpaper design. Should wallpapering all four walls not appeal to you, consider using it on one accent wall.

Window treatments are made from brocades, velvets or silks. For even more “drama” pair a set of curtains with a valance and sheers for a luxuriously formal look.

Traditional Style Dining Furniture

Traditional style furniture for your lavish dining room should be suitably impressive and typically crafted from wood or wood veneers. If you are a traditional style aficionado, select a sub style that is know for its elaborate decoration such as Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance or Victorian. If you wouldn’t know Queen Anne from Jacobean, you don’t really have to – simply pick traditional style furniture that is pleasing to you while including plenty of curvy lines and decorative details.

There’s formal, and then there’s formal. Choose the shape of your dining table to create the lavish atmosphere that best suits your personality. A rectangular dining table will have a stylized formal appeal while a round dining table projects a casual sophistication while still being classically traditional.

When you purchase dining chairs separately for your traditional dining table, make sure that they match the table’s decorative detail and the color and texture of the finish (matte finished chairs for a matte finish table or highly polished chairs with a table that has a high sheen).

A lavish, opulent and imposing traditional style dining room is attractive and timeless place you and your family will want to spend time. Come back next Friday for Lavish Traditional Style part 2.

Modern Dining Room Chic

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Modern style dining room furniture is distinguished by polished surfaces and angular forms. Features of the modern dining tables and dining chairs are angular lines, sweeping stark surfaces and sharp crisp profiles. Decorative detail is non-existent, putting the focus on form and function. Dining tables made from gleaming metal and glass paired with dining chairs featuring sleek materials like leather, leatherette and space-age plastics can be used to create a dramatic and compelling dining environment. But modern style dining tables and chairs can hold their own, with high gloss finishes and striking profiles.

Metal and Glass

The focus of the TransDeco Glass Dining Table is its unique pedestal base.

Choose chairs like the Eurostyle Sabrina Leather Seat Dining Chair in Black/Chrome that will complement the table’s distinctive design. It has an angular shape softened by subtle curved lines while the base of the chair gives the chair a floating appearance that echoes the dining table.

The Abbyson Fusion Reflecting Silver Rectangle Glass Table is a celebration of reflective surfaces. By selecting dining chairs like the Grand Rapids Chair Baby Dome Squiggle Back Side Dining Chair, the color of the upholstered seat will add another dimension to the base of the dining table.

The Euro Style Trave 48″ Table has an industrial feel that is both futuristic and high-tech. It is minimalist in design but packs a visual punch. Select chairs like the Grand Rapids Chair Jill Ladder Back Side Dining Chair that have a sleek, industrial vibe and are predominately constructed of metal.

Wood and Glass

The Global Furniture USA 798 5 Piece Dining Set is definitely modern in design. The asymmetrical shape of the dining table’s base lends this dining set a trendy air that won’t soon go out of style. The curved stem of the chair gives it a suspended appearance, creating visual interest.

The Modloft Varick Modern Art Square Dining Table and the Modloft Varick Modern Art Dining Chair display clean and rectilinear lines. The result is spare yet rich looking, largely due to the combination of wood, metal and glass. The dining chairs complete the look by being upholstered in leatherette.

Nothing is more modern than the classic black and white combo. The Global Furniture USA Black and White 5 Pc Dining Table Set pairs white wood with black glass and black leather-look upholstery. The Global Furniture USA Black and White Dining Chair has a modified split back that makes this dining set really stand out.

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