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Furniture Ideas for a Small Dining Room

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

You might think that just because you have a small dining area that you will have to compromise on style. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have a plan. And the place to start is with your dining room furniture. Make sure to include one or two pieces that are multifunctional. When decorating small spaces, the trick is to select dining room furniture that is smaller in scale, which will help you maximize all available floor space.

Making the Dining Room Look Larger

Because the one thing a small dining room needs is the one thing it can’t have, there are ways to making it look larger:

  • Arrange your dining set as far from the side walls as possible; this will prevent your dining furniture from appearing cramped in the space
  • Try to keep the area into your dining room clutter and obstacle free; by blending the room’s “boundary” line, it gives the impression that the room is bigger than it really is
  • Add a mirror to the décor; preferably place it across from the doorway or a window – this will make the room look larger because the mirror “moves” light around the space
  • Let as much light into the room as possible; keep window treatments streamlined and choose lighter fabrics
  • Select a dining set that includes seating that fits perfectly underneath the table

Choosing the “Right” Dining Table

Ideally, if you have enough room to work with, the dining table should “echo” the shape of the room. For example, when you’re decorating a dining room that is long and narrow, select a rectangular dining table; where the walls are all the same width, pick a square table. However, these two can take up a lot of room. For a space-challenged room, choose a round pedestal table. Because the table doesn’t have legs so to speak, you will be able to easily fit one or two additional chairs when hosting a holiday dinner.

Choosing the “Right” Dining Chairs

When buying dining furniture for a smaller sized room, give some thought to the dining chairs you choose to accompany your dining table. Best case scenario – you should go armless. While dining chairs with arms are indeed a little more comfortable, they do tend to take up more space than side chairs without arms. Another thing to keep in mind, is to pick a chair design that has straight legs as opposed to tapered or sabre. This will free up a little more floor space between the wall and your dining table.

Country Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Country style is an ideal choice for a dining room or kitchen eating area because it is laid-back, inviting and comfortable. It creates the feeling of welcome; of having been here before, even though this might be the first time guests have visited your home. While they all share these relaxed and welcoming design elements, country style has many faces, from rustic and cottage to Colonial and Americana to English country and Italian country.

Casual Country Dining Room Furniture

A casual country dining set will have a “lived in” appearance. Casual country style dining room furniture typically is made of wood with a milk wash, distressed or matte finish. Furnishings possess a folksy warmth that inspire people to hang out, take their time and catch up on all the news. Dining chairs might have turned legs, spindles and sheaf backs.

The International Concepts Dual Drop Leaf Table & Windsor Chair Set displays several casual country features. The dining table and dining chairs have both a natural and a white-painted finish. The table has a turned pedestal base that gives it a simply enchanting appearance, while the chairs have Windsor backs, resulting in a relaxed, homey feel.

If casual country appeals to you but you prefer medium to dark finishes, the Lifestyle California Jamestown Windsor Dining Set with Trestle Table has a relaxed charm. With its trestle base table and two-toned finish and matching chairs, this dining set is as inviting as it is functional.

The Klaussner Furniture Urban Craftsman 7 Piece Rectangular Dining Table Set is truly rustic in nature. The farmhouse kitchen style table has angled legs and a rough-hewn appearance that has a real “at home” feel. The spirit of country style dining furniture, whether casual or more formal, is simplicity and this dining set certainly qualifies.

Formal Country Dining Room Furniture

Still maintaining its philosophy of simplicity and its inherent hominess, formal country dining room furniture might mimic many decorative details of traditional style but with underlying differences, such as utilizing other natural materials like cane, wicker and wrought iron. The result is functional furniture that is well-made and possesses a timeless elegance in its own right.

The Home Styles Homestead 7 Piece Dining Set in Warm Oak is distinctly Colonial Revival. Like the dining table and dining chairs, the Home Styles Homestead Side Board Server has a utilitarian design but incorporates and adapts Jacobean, Queen Anne and Chippendale influences. While still retaining its traditional roots, it has a country style that graceful and elegant.

While the Lifestyle California Fallbrook Oval Pedestal Dining Set displays strictly formal country style, the sage tones paired with a sunburst oak finish will make the dining room appear brighter and warmer at the same time.

For a really formal country feel select the Hillsdale Wilshire 7 Piece Round Dining Table Set in Pine and Rubbed Black Finish. The chairs have a classic wheat sheaf back and turned legs. The two-tone finish emphasizes the dining table’s elegantly designed pedestal base.

Country style isn’t just one definitive style. It can have many looks from casual to formal. It can display the practicality of a farmhouse kitchen table or showoff its more sophisticated elegance with an understated élan. Whatever look you would like to achieve, there is a country style to accommodate the dining room of your dreams.

British Colonial Style for your Living Space

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

 Black Island TV Stand

At the height of her reign (from 1887 to 1901), Queen Victoria ruled over the British Empire which spanned several continents. Because of the infusion of Middle Eastern and Asian cultural influences, Victorian style was extremely eclectic, displaying the elegance, opulence, drama and romance of these other more exotic cultures. By the same token, those British subjects stationed in the British Colonial outposts of the Empire that included Singapore, East Africa, India and the British West Indies, brought with them their language, principles of government, architecture and furniture. 

But because they were so far from their beloved Isle, when new furniture was needed, the styles and designs that reminded them of home were adapted to reflect life in the tropics. Furniture in the British colonies of Asia and Africa sported traditional tribal motifs and animal prints like leopard and zebra. In the British colonies of the West Indies, beds, sideboards, tables and chairs often incorporated local materials including rattan and leather. Motifs, particularly floral ones, and even some of the furniture pieces themselves, took on fanciful aspects and elements. The British Colonial Style that emerged from the habit of British Colonials adapting the comforts of home to their new surroundings is richly traditional, with touches of whimsy and the exotic. 

British Colonial Style for the Bedroom 

3 Piece Bedroom Set

When decorating a bedroom, the bed is the natural focal point of the room’s interior design. Start with the Tommy Bahama Home Island Estate West Indies Poster Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Set in Plantation. The canopy bed in the middle of the room will command attention, especially if draped with mosquito netting-like canopy top and side curtains. Traditional arrow feet and finials are paired with simulated bamboo posts and cane panels, perfectly illustrating classic British Colonial design. 

Especially in the colonies of the British West Indies, color palettes for walls and window treatments typically reflected the lush colors found in nature: the vivid blues of the ocean and sky; the deeper greens of tree foliage and the rich pastels of flowering plants; and the varied yellows of sand and sun. Botanical prints are common fabrics for bed benches, curtains, bedding sets and upholstered occasional chairs. 

British Colonial Style for the Dining Room 

Rectangular Dining Table

When British Colonial officials of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria entertained head of state or the officials of local government, the meals were naturally lavish and the surroundings sumptuous and luxuriant. 

Wall colors are muted jewel or earth tones to provide a suitable canvas for the richness of traditional teak and mahogany dining room furniture. 

Swag curtains with ornate valances were commonly used window treatments. The heavy fabrics used for curtains often included gold thread and tie-backs were made of braided and/or tasseled cords. 

The matching dining chairs to the Tommy Bahama Home Island Estate Grenadine Rectangular Dining Table in Plantation are elegant and refined, incorporating organic elements such as rattan for the frame and abaca for the backrest. 

British Colonial Style for the Living Room 

boca coffee table

Living room furniture British possesses substantial profiles but with lines and curves that are relaxed by tropical and native influences. 

Arms of chairs and legs of tables were carved, often with motifs that reflected the region such as palm leaves or pineapple tops. Shutters, which kept rooms cool, were integrated into furniture designs as doors or side panels to keep the interiors of cabinets fresh and ventilated. 

In addition to curtains, window treatments also incorporated louvered shutters to keep out the noon heat. 

Living room accessories could include heavy candlesticks made of wood or porcelain; sisal area rugs; hurricane lamps; potted plants in oversized pots; and trunk style tables. 

British Colonial style has an appeal and allure that stems from adventure in exotic lands. While still retaining the dignity of Victorian style, British Colonial furnishings branch out into brave new territory; a reflection of British subjects recreating the comforts of home in unfamiliar lands.

Fine Dining

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Epic Cherry Leg Table with 18 Leaf

It’s official; the festive season has begun! I attended my first company Christmas party this past weekend. The menu was amazing; it was a buffet and the dishes included braised meatballs in red wine jus, madeira pan jus lamb shank (the meat literally fell off the bone) and carbonnera fettuccini with andouille sausage. At first, I skipped the bread basket and mashed potatoes in a dismal attempt at caloric intake damage control. But when several people at my table raved about the potatoes, I had to taste them for myself. And yes, the mashed potatoes were worth the trip back to the buffet table. And before you wonder if I had a good time, yes I did. But I’m a thinker, and what occurred to me as I was enjoying and taking part in the festivities, was that no matter how good the food is (and it was indeed excellent), whether we are conscious of it or not, the surroundings, including the furniture, all play a part in contributing to our ultimate dining experience. 

Arm Chairs Dining Set

Especially around about this time of year as we’re heading into the holiday season, we want our homes to look their best. When entertaining for the holidays, the living room, kitchen and dining room see a lot of the holiday action. And particularly the dining room where it’s the designated stage for the big reveal – the Christmas bird decked out in all its stuffed glory. It’s most likely because the furniture in the home I grew up in was furnished in the traditional style and so too were the homes of my relatives and the friends of my parents we visited during the holidays. To me nothing says Christmas more than a traditional dining table elegantly set to celebrate the occasion. 

When preparing for Christmas, you want your dining room to look warm and welcoming, but you don’t want to have to do a major renovation to get it to look guest ready. For a traditional style dining room, start with a dining table that has a rich dark finish with a satin or semi-polished surface. If you tend to entertain a large number of people only occasionally, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, select a table that has a leaf. This will allow you to seat more people when needed, but for everyday meals with just the family, the table can be used without the leaf, providing a more intimate setting.

Mirabella China Cabinet

Dining chairs should match the dining table in color and style. To be truly traditional, they have flowing lines, carved decorative detail, and have a thickly padded seating area designed to go the distance of a festive, many-course meal. Legs are typically curved and ornate, either turned or carved. Traditional style dining chairs without upholstered backrests often include intricate splat backs and with classic motifs such as acanthus leaves, shells and rose medallions. 

Part of the fine dining experience is atmosphere. Shed some romantic light on your dining table with a chandelier. Showoff your china and crystal to its best advantage with a traditional style buffet or china cabinet. Fine dining is essentially paying attention to the details, such as silver candelabra, gold trimmed chinaware and vintage flatware. A traditional style dining room will provide you, your family and your guests an elegant and refined setting, not just for the holiday season, but year-round.

Dining Room in the Kitchen

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Kitchen Island Table

Today, many condominiums, apartments and lofts have an open concept design where the kitchen flows into the dining area and the dining area merges into the living room. Even when building or designing their own homes, some people prefer to skip the formal dining room that they might only use, at the most, twice a year. Putting the dining room in the kitchen really makes the kitchen the heart of the home, transforming cooking, serving and eating a meal into a connected and more interactive process.

Cream & Boylston Brown

It makes sense in contemporary homes to dispense with room that will be under-utilized and often the dining room is an extension of the living room, the family room or the kitchen. It relates to the ever-growing trend of building homes with as many multi-purpose rooms as possible. However, to be practical, functional and esthetic, a successful kitchen dining room design requires a little extra planning and ingenuity.

To visually ground the dining area and blend it seamlessly into the kitchen environment, select a tabletop for your dining table that matches or complements the kitchen counters.

When working with a limited amount of space:

  • Select furnishings that are compact or smaller in scale
  • Choose a dining set that is not “solid”; a dining table and dining chairs that have an openwork design will open up the area
  • Adding mirrors will “throw” light around the room, giving it a more spacious appearance

Because this is a dual-purpose room used for both preparing and eating meals, especially if it’s smaller-sized, lighter colors like white and pastels paired with light-colored furniture will make the appear larger.

Dining Breakfast Nook by Linon

Choose casual furnishings such as a table with benches instead of dining chairs. For a casual yet somewhat sophisticated look select a table with a glass top and pair it with leather chairs. Or buy the table separately from the chairs; deliberately opting for a dining set that doesn’t match will also help to create a less formal feel.

Since you will be cooking, pick window treatments for your dining area that will be easy to clean.

Should you desire a formal dining atmosphere, there are ways to create a separate and intimate atmosphere even in an open concept area.

  • Paint one wall a bright, bold accent color, one that has not been used in the kitchen. You can use the same trick on the dining chairs, by selecting a fabric for the seats in a color to match or complement the accent wall.
  • If it’s an option, use different flooring materials; this will clearly differentiate the dining area from the kitchen.
  • Choose furniture in darker colors. A wood table and wood dining side chairs have a tendency to appear more formal than lighter colored furnishings.

Buy Dining Room Furniture

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Buy Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture: A Buying Guide

Some of the most classic pieces in a home are the dining table and chairs. They aren’t considered disposable pieces that you’ll replace in a couple years – you’ll want your dining room furniture to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to buy dining room furniture like a new dining room table and chairs, follow this guide to help you pick that dining set which will last for years to come.

What size of dining table are you looking for? You should know the measurements of your dining area, so you know what table size can actually fit there. Round tables are generally better fitting in smaller rooms, while rectangular tables take up more space. There should be about 48 inches between your table and the wall to be seated comfortably.

Cherry Top Dining Room TableHillsdale Embassy Cherry Top Dining Room Table

Brown Dining Room TableCanterbury Home Furnishing Plantation Rectangular Brown Dining Room Table

There are many different styles of dining tables out there – which one is right for you? Traditional lovers should look out for oval or slightly curved tables with handcrafted detailing and Queen Anne style legs. Country or rustic followers will be drawn to naturally finished wood and a simplistic design. And for modern or contemporary fans, streamlined, detail-free tables constructed of glass and/or chrome are ideal.

Double Pedestal Dining TableStandard St Pierre Double Pedestal Dining Table

Country Style Dining TableInternational Concepts Farmhouse Unfinished Country Style Dining Table with Turned Legs

Contemporary Dining Room TableGlobal Furniture USA Amy Dining Table

Remember to consider the material of your table as well. The most popular choice is wood, but beware of softwood tables, because they will be easier to scratch. Tablecloths can always help prevent damage. On the other hand, glass top tables will resist against scratches and staining, but they have one downfall – fingerprints. Keep up the look of your glass table by wiping it occasionally with window cleaner.

Maple Dining Room TableStanley Furniture Lincoln Park Parsons Maple Dining Room Table

Glass Dining TableTransDeco – Glass Dining Table

When it comes to dining room chairs, if you’re buying them separate from the table, you have to take their measurements and be sure they fit the table of your choice.

You want about 12 inches of space between the chair’s seat and the table top for comfortable seating. Basic dining chairs are about 18 – 19 inches tall, and the seat is normally 20 – 24 inches in width. Remember to consider who will sit in these seats – if you’ve got a tall family member, find chairs with backs that will accommodate their height.

You can possibly have different chair options for children if your dining chairs are too big or heavy for them.

Dining chairs that have been upholstered will be comfortable, but beware of spills. Buying chairs with a darker shade of fabric will minimize the look of stains.

The best materials for an upholstered chair are leather and microfiber, because they can be easily cleaned. Basic wood or metal/plastic chairs will repel stains with the right finishing, although they will not have the same comfort level.

Lexington Arm ChairLexington Long Cove Glen Arbor Arm Chair with Cream Fabric in Shell White Finish (Set of 2)

Leather Dining Room ChairSteve Silver Montibello Leather Dining Room Chair

Black Side ChairHome Styles Furniture Black Solid Hardwood Side Chair

Now you are ready to buy dining room furniture!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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