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Showing Off – Displaying Collectibles to their Best Advantage

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Antiques, memorabilia and collectibles can be anything from a few treasured postcards to antiques to a hug (a collection of teddy bears). Sometimes though collecting can snowball, becoming problematic by taking up too much of your living space. Whether your collection is small or large, a “museum” approach is best; what you view in on display in museum is only a portion of its entire collection. By displaying only a few choice pieces and storing away the rest, you can showoff your treasured keepsakes to their best advantage. It will also give you the option, as in a museum environment, to change the display from time to time, according to the season, a special holiday, a specific occasion or just because you want to. Getting into the habit of rearranging your collection from time to time also helps to better integrate your “museum pieces” into your living space.

There are many ways to showoff your collections. A collection of teapots, decorative plates or antique jugs would be best displayed in the kitchen or the dining room on the shelves of a sideboard with a hutch like the Somerton Villa Madrid China Display Cabinet in Dusk Brown Finish

or a baker’s rack such as the Steve Silver Madrid Bakers Rack. Whether it’s a wood bakers rack or a metal bakers rack, bakers racks with open shelves are the ideal way to display and store collectibles or decorative items in a kitchen, dining room or even a family room.

Curio cabinets are cabinets specifically intended to showcase collectibles and other treasured keepsakes. Because of their unique design, a curio cabinet such as the Pulaski Chocolate Cherry 46 Inch Wide Curio Cabinet typically has mirrored back as well as glass sides, so that each piece in the collection can be viewed and appreciated from all angles.

Wall cabinets with glass doors or specially designed wall mounted curio cabinets like the Howard Miller Edmonton Wall Display Curio Cabinet are perfect for putting the spotlight on smaller collections of ornaments that might not require a standard sized curio cabinet but still need to be protected from dust and the environs (including curious little fingers).

Bookcases are another ideal way to make a special place for your treasured keepsakes. The Jesper Collection 16 L-Puzzle Shelf has a versatile and distinctive design. It can be used as a single unit on a tabletop or a sideboard or you can use two or three to customize it to your showoff your collection to its best advantage., trophies, a collection of dolls, antique jugs and other family treasures are important additions to interior design because they give our homes personality as well as a comfortable, lived-in look. Because no one else has the same collection, it also makes your home totally unique to you.

Accessorizing Your Home in time for the Holidays

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

1 Server in Currier Brown

I find that at this time of year I’m moving stuff around my apartment to make room for Christmas. The occasional upholstered chair with the splat back that stands near the north end of the couch in front of the bookcase needs to be moved into the hallway to make way for my little 3-foot artificial tree. But first, the large round wicker hamper must be wrestled into the bedroom. The top shelf of the low bookcase in the hallway must be cleared off and re-accessorized with various Christmas collectibles I have acquired over the years, including a Santa Claus mug that sat on the coffee table of my childhood home. Everything must be removed (and have a temporary home found for it) from the top of the china cabinet so that I can set up my gingerbread house and Christmas candlesticks. 

Preparing your home for the holidays, whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, is a great opportunity to rethink how you have accessorized the rooms of your home. Especially if there will be young children visiting, and you don’t currently have young ones yourself, reorganizing accessories will also give you the opportunity to “childproof” your home (or at least move the antique vase that’s been handed down for a few generations out of reach of exploring little fingers). Photographs, ornaments, trophies, a collection of dolls, antique jugs and other family treasures are important additions to interior design because they give our homes personality as well as a comfortable, lived-in look. 

 Mission Cherry Bookcase

While these very treasures can transform a room into a warm, inviting place, accessories can also make the space appear cluttered, cramped or untidy. To avoid this decorating pitfall, there are some things you can do when accessorizing or reorganizing your home for the holidays that will draw your family and your guests into the room. 

  • When placing items on a bookshelf or in a curio cabinet, don’t cram in your entire collection. Be selective and give each treasure some “breathing” room and the viewer a chance to appreciate each one individually.
  • Collectibles should be arranged in groups by type; jugs with jugs, porcelain cats with porcelain cats, etc.
  • Collectibles should also grouped by color.
  • While you don’t want everything in the grouping to be the same height, color, etc., you will also want to stay away from extreme contrasts, like paring a very tall vase with a very short one. Such extreme contrasts tend to jar the eye.
  • Accessorizing in a particular way can create visual interest or a focal point in the room. For example, placing a collection of antique ornaments on a contemporary style sideboard will make them standout. 

How you display your collectibles and other knickknacks makes just as much of an impact as what you display. 

Hexagonal Glass Tall Hurricane

Even if you don’t celebrate any particular holiday at this time of year, reorganizing the accessories of a certain room in your home, such as the dining room or the living room, and introducing seasonal elements can breathe new life into your living space. A display of silver and white candles paired with an oil lamp or a vase filled with twigs or seasonal flowers are ideal ways to accessorize a room with a winter theme.

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