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From the Design Files of Heather B – Open Concept Condo

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Design Question

Hello, I have a brand new condo, with the open dining room / kitchen / living room concept. Can you please tell me what I could put on the long counter top just to decorate it? Right now, I have nothing on it, because I do not want it to look cluttered as you can see it very clearly when you walk into the dinning area or what they call the great room. I have kept my kitchen counters also pretty clear, since it is all open.

Is it ok to maybe get two or three nice counter stools to put under the counter that is part of the living room? It is bare and cold there. It would be more for decorative purposes, but I could use them to sit at the counter if I wanted to. Thank you!

Design Answer

Adding nice counter stools to the area will certainly create a focal point. Even if as you say, they end up being more for show, it never hurts to have additional seating especially in smaller-sized living spaces like apartments or condominiums for special occasions or holidays.

As for the counter top itself, take your time choosing an accent piece that is meaningful to you. For example, if you are particularly fond of ceramics scour your local markets for hand-crafted bowl that you really like. If you like flowers or fresh fruit, select a simple wood fruit bowl or stone, glass or porcelain vase.

Congratulations on your new condo! Thanks for writing in. Come back next Monday when I’ll be answering another design question.

Decorating with Counter Height Bar Stools

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Counter height bar stools have the distinction of being “borrowed” from the favorite local pub and transformed into a popular kitchen décor or dining room trend. By blending trendy style and contemporary design with practicality and comfort, decorating with counter height bar stools is an easy way to make a room like a kitchen, dining room or virtually anywhere in your home where you entertain more functional and convenient. Regardless of the décor style, bar stools can bring a sophisticated look and feel to any kitchen island, breakfast bar, family room or den. Nothing else quite shows your personal taste like bar stools that make a statement.

Bar stools or counter stools for intended for a kitchen, dining room or a home bar come in a variety of heights, colors and designs. Many types of bar stools have unique designs that can complement any number of décor themes and/or interior design style. A bar stool chosen to match the height of a counter, kitchen island, home bar or gathering table can help improve a room’s appearance in addition to enhancing your lifestyle. Well-placed bar stools can make a room “pop,” converting a kitchen counter or a wood gathering table into a focal point that draws the eye into the space in a pleasing and surprising way.

Even if you don’t have a kitchen island or a breakfast bar but you do have a dining room, turning an unused corner of your kitchen into handy eating area or as place to gather with family and friends is a practical way to increase the versatility and functionality of your living space. It’s as easy as choosing a counter height dining table and matching barstools. Since space is hard to come by in apartments, condos or smaller sized homes, having an extra eating area is especially useful when planning a holiday get-together or other celebratory occasion.

The main advantages of decorating with bar stools are esthetics and practicality. Even if they have been bought for a certain location in mind, such as a breakfast bar or gathering table, they can be easily moved to other rooms in your home when needed. Kitchen counter bar stools can be simple in design or as decorative in appearance as a dining chair, but whatever the style, color or type, well-chosen kitchen counter stools can unify the different décor elements in a room, creating an atmosphere that is both stylish and welcoming.

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