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Encourage Your Teen to go Coastal

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Because it conjures up soft ocean breezes, tranquil summer days spent by the lake or the scent of tropical flowers on a Pacific island, coastal style is an ideal choice when decorating a teen girl’s room. A coastal theme will allow you both to be as creative as you like, offering a wide range of hues for the wall color, bedding, accessories and even the bedroom furniture itself. With such an eclectic style like coastal, the ideas are endless and the color palette you choose can be as bright and bold or soothing and tranquil as the mood takes you.

Youth Panel Bed

Coastal Style Colors

Colors for a coastal style teen girl’s bedroom can be bold or pastel simply because the palette takes its cue from a particular coast or region – a Caribbean coast is bluer and brighter than the coastline of the eastern States, which is readily identifiable by soft grays reflecting the drifting fogs or fine sea mists common to the area.

full panel bed

Coastal Style Furniture

Coastal style furniture is designed to capture the spirit of a summer holiday spent by a lake; an escape to a tropical island or a winter seaside getaway. Coastal style youth bedroom furniture possesses a laid-back feel that is casual yet sophisticated – perfect for a teen girl. When looking for a bed for your teen’s coastal bedroom, choose one that includes bead board panels or louvered accents. Coastal has become such a popular interior design style that manufacturers like Lea and Young America offer bunk beds that display charming decorative details such as bead board, molding, bun feet and scalloped aprons typical of coastal style furniture. You will want to look for similar accents in case goods like an armoire, dresser or chest of drawers.

full over full bunk bed

Coastal Style Bedroom Finishing Touches

Accessories for a coastal style teen bedroom should be warm, comfortable and inviting. Try to include organic elements like wicker baskets or a rattan hamper. Add touches like a shell-base table lamp, shell motif wall sconces or oceanscape prints.

Select nautical striped or botanical patterned fabrics for window treatments, area rugs and/bedding. Anything water-related such surf-themed bedding, sail boats, sea creatures, etc.

Look for collectibles like starfish, shells or hurricane lamps. Hanging objects like oars or a lifesaver make great wall art.

full poster bed

From Coast to Coast – Coastal Style Bedroom

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Since coastal style does its best to imitate the easy living, laid back atmosphere of a seaside cottage, it is a perfect interior design for a bedroom. The bedroom is the one room of your home that is meant to be a sanctuary after a long and busy day. The room’s atmosphere should also be conducive to refreshing and rejuvenating you. Because it brings the peaceful feeling of a deserted sandy beach or the prism shades of blue of an afternoon ocean into a room through color and shape, coastal style bedroom stimulates the senses while soothing the spirit.

 Incorporating coastal style or a beach theme into the master bedroom also allows you to contrast soft neutrals of earth and sand with corals, ocean blues and sea greens. When choosing a color palette for your bedroom, take some cues from the a day spent sailing (white and blue), the scenic view from a resort cabin (beach sand with cloud white) or a classic surf and turf combo (bold greens and blues paired with warm browns).

To make a coastal style bedroom truly comfortable, think of ways you can give it seaside resort atmosphere. Choose furniture, like a headboard or dresser mirror that incorporates organic materials that reflect a coastal lifestyle. Dress the bed in cool linens, either in crisp whites or in bold colors and pile on the pillows. Not only will a variety of accent cushions and pillows make the bed a comfortable place to rest and relax, it will also make the bed more of a focal point by defining the surrounding area and adding texture. Drape the windows in mosquito netting-like sheers. Lighting should be evenly diffused throughout the space; a balance of ambient (overhead) and task (bedside lamps) lighting that is practical while not being intrusive.

Anywhere there is a coastline or an ocean, the resulting lifestyle is unique to that region. The west coast, for example, has an entirely different flavor from the east coast, while the California coast is distinctive from the rest of the Pacific coastal region. When decorating a costal style bedroom, mix and match different coastal styles with care. The focus and atmosphere of the room should be calming and harmonious. While coastal style does possess an eclectic element, it shouldn’t be so “mixed-and-matched” that the overall effect is busy or cluttered. A coastal style bedroom is one that is exudes tranquility and will give you the feeling of a seaside vacation year-round.

Coastal Living no Matter Where You Live

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Coastal style evokes easy living, blue ocean, sunny skies, breathing warm, salt air and feeling the pounding drum of the waves on a smooth, sandy shore. Recreating the perfect seaside vacation or a weekend escape to a coastal resort has become a popular interior design motif for those of us who have fond memories of the ocean but don’t live anywhere near it. Because many of us find the sound and feel of water soothing, it’s an appropriate theme for decorating the one room in our homes that most of us regard as a sanctuary after a busy, hectic day. It is also a great way to decorate a second bedroom, creating an instant holiday mood for your guests.

Coastal décor definitely reflects a specific region and mindset, from the moody grays of the Eastern Seaboard to the vibrant, tropical flavored colors of California’s Pacific Coast. Coastal style bedroom furniture is truly eclectic: it can take on the appearance of cottage country chic, the flowing lines and intricate, decorative accents of traditional design or anything in between. The style emphasis isn’t as important as feeling as though everyday you’re waking up at the beach. Coastal style is a blend of nautical themes, colors and materials culminating in a look that is casual, relaxed and fresh, creating a year-round vacation for the soul. And it’s easy to bring coastal living into your bedroom with these few simple design ideas.

Paint by Nature

Coastal style palettes range from vibrant hues like the Lexington Long Cove Middleton Night Stand to earth-toned colors, depending on which coast it takes its inspiration from. Marine blues, sky blues, sandy creams and beiges, sea greens, turquoise and white are common colors for furniture, walls, bedding and accessories. Lighter colors are favored over darker ones but pieces with medium to dark wood finishes are often used as accents or focal points to create visual interest. Painted finishes such as white, lemon and cream, bring a sunny day spent by the ocean into your home, while creating a relaxed environment. Since there are such a range of coastal style palettes, choose one; to give your bedroom a cohesive and tranquil feel, mix and match from different coastal palettes carefully.

Organic Elements

When designing a coastal style bedroom, select natural or organic materials for the furniture pieces in the room. Wood is a good place to start. Bamboo, teak, wicker and rattan are other popular materials for coastal style bedroom furniture. The Home Styles Queen Cabana Banana Natural Woven Bed in Cocoa Finish is certainly an ideal way of bringing a relaxed coastal mood into the bedroom.

Coastal Style Design Elements

Nautical stripes, anchors, shells, coastal birds and starfish are time-tested motifs for accessories and furniture decoration. Tropical flowers and trees are common patterns for bedding and fabrics. As demonstrated by the Stanley Coastal Living Louvered TV Door Deck, shutter or louvered detailing is a popular accent for anything from beds to nightstands to armoires.

The overall appearance of a coastal style bedroom should be relaxed and comfortable. Nothing makes a bed more inviting than a variety of pillows in different shapes and fabrics.

Window treatments should be made of lighter weight fabrics.

Going coastal can be as simple as pairing a dark woven mirror with a lighter contrasting dresser.

Accessorize with care; spreading your shell collection and other nautical-themed knickknacks around the room can make it appear small and even cluttered or cramped.

For that timeless, lived-in appeal, choose furniture that has a distressed, “worn” or antique look.

Because coastal style can be eclectic, furniture pieces might vary in size and proportion. When purchasing pieces for your coastal style bedroom, make sure that they match one another in scale.

Coastal style can be as casual or as sophisticated as you want it to be. Choose the mood for your bedroom that’s right for you.

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