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Go Navy Blue for a Boy’s Bedroom

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Whether you’re transforming the ex-nursery into a “big” boy’s bedroom or redecorating because it’s just time for a new look, consider the color navy blue. While it is of course a color, it often functions much like a neutral shade such as black or beige. Navy blue can be layered throughout the room in a number of inventive ways, through the use of actual navy blue bedroom furniture, bedding and accessories, including wall art and area rugs. You can use navy blue “straight up” or mix-and-match with white and red for a truly classic look that might even last until he’s off to college.

youth bed

Pick a Theme

Especially if you’re upgrading from nursery space to a first “real” bedroom, pick a theme. This is an easy way to start decorating, because it will help you focus on a particular topic, hobby or interest that will inspire your son. As well, everything you select for his room will be related to this theme, resulting in a room that has cohesive, finished look.

youth bedroom set

Pick Where the Navy Blue Will Go

You will probably not want navy blue both on the walls and as the color of the bedroom furniture. A classic choice is to paint the walls navy, providing a rich backdrop for a light colored bed. But there is something to be said for a bedroom set that isn’t a typical dark wood finish or one that is black.

L-shaped bunk bed

Pick the Accessories

Have fun accessorizing your son’s room, especially if he is able to contribute ideas or “help” you with some final decisions. A table lamp with a red or green base and/or shade will add a punch of color to the navy blue already in the room. If you are accessorizing a bedroom with a bunk bed in it, an easy way to define each boy’s “territory” is to choose complementing bedding sets as opposed to matching ones. Don’t forget the floor, even if you already have carpet – area rugs in primary colors will introduce a light-hearted element into the room’s décor. Adding window treatments, wall art and themed bedding will give your boy’s navy blue bedroom a classic look that everyone can enjoy.

twin over full bunk bed

The Great Escape – Decorating a Contemporary Style Bedroom

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Some interior designers and interior decorators define contemporary style simply as what is happening at the moment regarding furniture and décor trends. However, other design professionals look at contemporary style as an off-shoot of modern, which emerged mid-twentieth century as a reaction to traditional design. Modern design stripped away anything that was “useless” or additional to the intrinsic form of the piece. Simply put, contemporary style softens the stark, undiluted appearance of modern bedroom furniture with some decorative detail, tapered profiles and/or textured leather, stone or metal accents. Contemporary style is ideal for those who want their bedroom to posses the clean, uncluttered look of modern, but still includes elements that give the room a warm, comfortable and relaxed look.

Choose a Neutral Palette

For a contemporary style bedroom that will serve as a great escape, choose neutral palettes for your walls that are conducive to relaxation and tranquility. Gray, cream, and pure white are all good choices. More neutral shades of earth tones such brown, taupe, sand and sage are also color palette alternatives for a contemporary bedroom. Should you wish to add color to the walls, choose a bold shade for an accent wall. Keep in mind, that the accent color you choose should have some context; in other words, it matches or complements something else in the room such as your curtains, an area rug or an accent piece.

Contemporary Style Bedroom Furniture

When creating a contemporary bedroom that will provide the perfect escape after a busy or tiring day, select bedroom furniture with clean lines, smooth expanses and matte or satin finishes. Another option to consider is a contemporary bedroom set in birch, pine or maple. While lighter finishes are often more readily associated with modern style, light colored furniture can work equally well in a contemporary style bedroom.

Even if you are decorating a smaller-sized room, when arranging the bedroom furniture, leave as much free space as possible around each piece. You don’t have to go all out Feng Shui, but not only will this make allowances for opening doors and drawers and traffic flow, it will also lend the room a spacious feel.

From the Design Files of Heather B. – Bedroom Upgrade

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Design Question


I am a 21 year old guy remodeling my room, and I need help! I would like to upgrade my room into a contemporary style bedroom. Problem is I have little sense of fashion being a male (stereotyping!) The thing is, I have furniture already and my budget doesn’t allow for me to scrap all my current furniture and buy these amazing sets I have seen on the internet.


I’m happy with the color of the room, which is a very light shade of tan, and a dark yellow around the window. My current furniture is a dark tan (as opposed to the walls which are very light tan). I need lots of direction; if you can please help?

Design Answer


Your room has “good bones.” In other words, I don’t think you really need to do a lot to it to accomplish what you want. There are several things you can do that are relatively simple and hopefully won’t cost you much. The room’s design just needs pulling together. This can be easily achieved by introducing some accent color or colors into the room with new bedding and an area rug and by creating a focal point. Right now, the eye wanders around the space because no one element in your bedroom stands out.

The first thing I would suggest is to remove the border and paint the exposed wall the same color as the rest of the bedroom. If the border can be painted, that might also be an option. With its map theme, the wallpaper border has an old world vibe about it; if you would like a border, replace it with something that has a more contemporary pattern. Make sure that the colors match the bedding and the area rug.

The second thing I suggest that you do is create a focal point. You can transform your bed into a focal point by choosing bedding (just a couple of samples to give you an idea of what to look for) like the Daniadown Arctic Waves Duvet Cover or the Southern Textiles Elite Contemporary Blocks Bedding Set with a contemporary geometric design. You don’t want to add bold color – just enough to spice up the bedroom’s current monochromatic color scheme. Treat the bed like a sofa and the wall like the sofa’s backrest by adding a body pillow, square and rectangle accent cushions. This will make the bed a conversation piece – and a cozy place to sit and relax.

There’s no rule about having more than one focal point in the room. Replace the chair now sitting in front of the keyboard and put a music-themed poster or framed oversized picture on that wall. Select a short piano bench or low wood stool with a padded seat to match the color of the bedroom furnishings.

To pull the contemporary elements in the room all together, thirdly I would suggest adding an area rug. I know that there is already carpet on the floor, but as mentioned above, it’s an inexpensive way to bring more color into the room while giving definition to the bedroom’s overall design. When choosing an area rug like the Liz Claiborne by Nourison Landscape Stripes LC10 Area Rug Collection in Light Blue or the Couristan Mystique Area Rug Collection – Aura/Blue Mercury select one with a color scheme and/or a pattern that works well with the bedding you have picked and won’t clash or appear too busy.

For those final finishing touches, put pictures on the wall above the bed. It will enhance the “living room” feel, especially if you dress the bed to resemble a sofa. Add a contemporary style mirror like the Linon Recycled Magazine Rectangular Mirror to the desk wall directly behind the bed.

I hope these suggestions will help get you started on your bedroom upgrade. Thanks for writing in.

Keep sending me those interior design question emails and don’t forget to include pictures if you can.

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