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Dorm Decor

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Fun and Funky Dorm Room Decor

Why would you want your dorm room to look stiff and boring? Your dorm room should be a representation of you – when you have guests in your room, you want to show off your unique personality in your dorm’s decor design. Making it as fun and funky as possible not only keeps things amusing while you decorate, it will make you want to come home to your dorm and spend time there because of its positive vibe.

Here are some unique pieces for your dorm room that will really make you smile:


Black FutonFeaturing a front-loading mechanism so you won’t have to move it away from the wall, the Strata Furniture Carriage Lambton Black Futon is easy to convert to a bed – and is visually appealing too, with its black finish and woven-arm look.

Wood Futon FrameIf you’d prefer an armless model, try the Night and Day Furniture Eureka Rosewood Cherry Wood Futon Frame. The rich red in the cherry wood finish is a twist on the normal, standard brown wood finishing.

Bifold FutonThe sleek and modern look of the Lifestyle Solutions Fashion Hardwood Barbados Convertible Bifold Futon will give your dorm room a fashionable look. It also has built in storage for books or magazines.

Retro FutonHave some fun with the Homelegance Upholstered Convertible Retro Futon in Violet Red. Upholstered in soft, smooth microfiber, this futon has comfort and style written all over it.



Duvet Cover SetManor Hill offers a selection of bright and bold bedding that will suit a funky dorm room. The Branches Mini Duvet Cover Set in Spice Red will definitely attract attention with its deep red colour and contrasting white branch pattern,

Manor Hill Duvet Coverwhile the black and white Manor Hill Duvet Cover Set in Black has a geometrical, retro-inspired look to it.

Flower Duvet CoverOr, you can try different styles from Nygard. Their Home Batik Flower Duvet Cover has a unique colour combination of aqua and brown, as well as a gorgeous flower pattern.

Dorm BeddingThe Dorm Bedding from Home Chelsea Duvet Cover combines dark chocolate and white for a bold duvet cover that will surely get noticed.


Bean Bags

Microsuede Bean Bag ChairWhy not add some extra seating to your room with bean bags? The Jaxx Pillow Sac Microsuede Bean Bag Chair is super soft and comfy, and makes a great spot for guests to hang out. You can even sit down, relax, and study your textbooks on it.

Oversized Beanbag ChairChoose from seven different colour finishes with the Extra Large Oversized Beanbag Chair – you’ll get a customized look and a super soft place to sit with memory foam!

Funky Beanbag ChairThe uniquely designed Sitting Bull Fashion Bag Wave Funky Bean Bag Chair is guaranteed to make a fashion statement in your dorm room!

Large Beanbag ChairRemember what it was like to be a kid with the Ace Bayou Large Bean Bag Chair in Shiny Purple. The vinyl upholstery is shiny, youthful, and easy to clean, which is a bonus!



Light SpheresAlthough Davya International has made these lights for the outdoors, how cool would they look in your dorm room? Their 8 Globe Light Spheres can be hung around your ceiling trim,

String Lightsor you can string their String Lights around your door or window frame.

Contemporary LightingAnother option is to add some track lighting to your dorm’s ceiling. ELK Lighting has some really funky examples, such as the Milan Vertical Ascending Pendant Track, with its blue marble glass shade.

Elk LightingYou can also try the Mela Vertical Ascending Pendant Track with lantern-shaped shades in green and orange.

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality in your dorm room! Need help, tight dorm decor budget let me know I can help you pick the perfect decor!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva 

Futon – Sofabed Buying Guide

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Futon – Sofa Bed – Convertible Sofa – Daybed Furniture Design Buying Guide

Convertible Beds – A Guide

Thankfully, convertible sofabeds have gotten a lot comfier and stylish over the years. And of course, they’re convenient for extra sleeping space whenever visitors stay over – no need for a guest room!

But now that there are so many choices available, it can be a challenge to pick one out, or even decide what kind you would like. That’s why I have created a step-by-step guide to help you understand the different types of convertible beds – sofabeds – sleeper sofas -daybeds out there. Just look through the different varieties of beds, follow the steps, and you’ll be on your way to selecting a convertible bed that’s right for your home. If you need some help with yor decision just ask!

Convertible Sofas

These sofas have reclining backpieces that allow them to fully flatten out into a bed.

1. Choose your folding method

Black Convertible SofaClick-clack (or “klick-klack”): a European method of clicking the back of the sofa backwards to create a bed. LifeStyle Solutions Aruba Casual Convertible Upholstered Sofa in Black

Black Leather Convertible SofaSplit-back: the bed is divided into at least three different sections allowing different folding styles (from a seat, to a lounger, to a bed, etc). Lifestyle Solutions Casual Convertibles New Jersey Convertible Sofa in Black Leather

Modern Convertible SofaExtending arms: allows the arms to fold upwards or downwards. Lifestyle Solutions Serta Dream Convertible Nadine Sofa

2. Choose your design style

Brown Convertible SofaModern: minimal and organized, this style focuses on bold colours and straight lines in its design. It is an advanced and artistic style. Lifestyle Solutions Casual Convertibles Orlando Convertible Sofa

Contemporary: Few adornments and geometric shapes compliment the contemporary interior style. The look is sleek and up-to-date, with lots of different colours and textures to choose from. Lifestyle Solutions Serta Dream Convertible Hailey Sofa

Click Clack Convertible SofaCasual or Country: The casual style is for homes with a comfy, laid-back vibe. Soft details and simple décor top off a room with casual design. Lifestyle Solutions Casual Convertibles Van Ness

3. Choose your convertible sofa material

Leather Sofa BedLeather Convertible Sofabed: Heavy-duty, visually appealing, and simple to clean: that’s leather in a nutshell. It also wears better with age, making it an ideal selection for sofas. Leather is also available in a wide spectrum of colours, and there is the option of faux-leather and pleather materials that are inexpensive versions of real leather. Coaster Furniture Jetson Convertible Sleeper Sofa Bed

Microfiber Sofa BedMicrofiber Convertible Sofas: A few benefits of microfiber include its resistance to fur and dust, its soft texture, and low maintenance upkeep. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth soaked in water and detergent to keep it sanitary. Plus, it’s inexpensive, but not low on quality. Global Furniture USA Sofa Bed in Burgundy Microfiber

Suede Convertible Sofa BedSuede: Soft to the touch, simple to clean, and luxurious-looking, suede is an attractive material for your convertible sofa. Suede is resistant to stains because they can easily be wiped off its surface. LifeStyle Solutions Valencia Convertible Sofa


A futon is a mattress pad constructed of tufted cotton that can be placed on the floor or on a frame.

1. Choose your Futon frame

Bi-fold or Tri-fold: a bi-fold frame has the ability to fold once along its length. This is the standard type of futon frame that normally comes without a mattress, so you will have to find a bi-fold mattress separately. A tri-fold frame can fold at least three times, giving it more seating/sleeping possibilities. Tri-folds usually have a mattress included with their frame.

Full  Futon FrameElite Products Hermosa Full Metal/Wood Futon Frame in Espresso Finish,

Futon Frame and MattressElite Products – Mali Metal Futon Frame and Mattress Set in Aubergine-Caper

Wooden/Metal frame: wood is generally a more pricey and heavy futon frame. It would work well in a living room or an office, since it wouldn’t be moved around often. The most popular choice with futon frames is metal because it is relatively inexpensive, light, and is the most available.

Metal Full Futon FrameElite Products Santa Barbara Full Walnut Futon Frame, Elite Products Evolution Full Metal Futon Frame

Futon ChairFuton Chair: Chair futon frames are a great idea for space-saving. They easily convert from an armchair to a twin futon sleeper. If you’re not sure you want to buy a full sofa just to get sleeping space, the futon chair is ideal for that. There are just as many styles and mattresses out there for futon chairs, as well as futons. Figure out whether you want a bi-fold futon chair that unfolds outwards, or a tri-fold that adjusts backwards and forwards. Elite Products Bridgeport Junior Twin Walnut Futon Chair

Folding methods: there are different options when it comes to folding your futon into a bed. A kicker is a small bit of wood or plastic between the seat rack that locks the futon in place once you’ve moved it to your preferred angle.

Click-clack options aren’t just for convertible sofas; futons use them too. Just click the backpiece of the futon backwards to a sleeping position. There is also the sliding pivot point that allows the futon to slide into place coming forward, so you don’t have to move the futon away from the wall.

2. Choose your Futon Mattress

Full Futon Mattress100% Cotton: Since it is the most traditional type of mattress, it hasn’t been updated with any sort of blend. It’s an ideal choice for a floor mattress because if put in a frame, it may eventually sag with the constant folding. Look for a mattress padded with extra cotton on top for maximum strength. Elite Futon Mattress

Futon Double Foam MattressCotton/foam blend: Lighter and more rigid than full cotton, this blend is the most popular choice for its comfortable foam center that relieves pressure once you come in contact with it. Plus, it doesn’t get shapeless with folding because of its excellent flexibility.  Gold Bond Cotton with Double Foam Core Mattress

Simmons Futon MattressCotton/polyester blend: This is the lightest of the mattress types, so it’s great for taking out of storage and placing on the floor or a frame. Choose your firmness by checking the amount of polyester in the blend – the more there is, the firmer the mattress will be. Polyester is also a hypo-allergenic material. Simmons Futons by Big Tree Comfort Sleep Full Size Futon Mattress

Simmons Spring Futon MattressInnerspring: They are the heaviest of mattresses, because of its coils that make the mattress extra thick. However, they are the most bed-like, and they do well on the floor or on a frame. Be willing to pay a little more for the innerspring than the other types of mattresses. Simmons Futons by Big Tree Deluxe Spring Full Size Futon Mattress

3. Choose your Futon Cover

Blue  Futon CoverCotton Fabric Futon Cover: generally machine washable and durable, cotton futon covers are also reasonably priced. Be sure to have more than one futon cover on hand in case one is accidentally damaged. Elite Products Solid Poly Cotton in Blue Futon Cover

Leather Futon CoverLeather Futon Cover: you’ll have to spend more, but a leather futon cover lasts extremely long. The natural cracks in leather are naturally occurring from the animal skin, so if your leather looks scratched, it isn’t – it’s only the skin pattern. Elite Rust Luxe Leather Futon Cover

Suede Futon CoverSuede: choose a suede cover for the ultimate in softness and comfort. It is also easy to clean; a spill can easily be wiped off. Sis Covers Premium Suede Midori Futon Cover

Sleeper Sofas

The sleeper sofa is a couch with a pull out spring-mounted bed that is hidden underneath the sofa pads.

1. Choose your size

Ottoman Sleeper Sofa BedOttoman (21 x 28 inches mattress, 21 x 28 seat): ottomans with pull-out beds are a convenient choice for homes with minimal space, and they make a great accent piece when closed. Coaster Furniture Skyler Twin Sleeper Ottoman

Leather Twin Sofa BedTwin Sofa Bed (39 x 75 inches mattress, 28 x 54 seat): also a great space saver, a twin pull-out that doubles as a chair gives you an extra sitting and sleeping area. LaCrosse Benson Leather Twin Sleeper

Double Sofa BedFull or Double Sleeper Sofa (54 x 75 inches mattress, 54 x 54 seat): around the size of a loveseat, a full or double sofa bed can snugly fit two people or have enough space for a solo sleeper to stretch out. Van Gogh Full Sofa Bed

Queen Sleeper SofaQueen Sofa Bed (60 x 80 inches mattress, 54 x 60 seat): for those with space to spare! Two people can rest comfortably in a queen sofa bed, and as a couch, it would be a great addition to the living room or basement den. Klaussner Furniture Biltmore Dreamquest Queen Sleeper

2. Choose your style

3 Seat Sleeper SofaTraditional: traditional style is normally carried out with wooden, dark stained, old-world pieces that are classically detailed. The details are mixed with straight and curved lines. Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Leather Laredo 3 Seat Sleeper Sofa

SofabedRustic: another style that includes wood in its design is the rustic look. Wood is normally left unfinished, and this interior design has an outdoorsy, natural feel. Van Gogh Designs Tiffany Sofabed

Convertible SofaContemporary: for a current, swift, relaxed look. Lifestyle Solutions Casual Convertibles Roxbury Convertible Sofa in Beach

Queen Leather Sofa BedModern: suitable for a room with a straight-lined, clean, functional look. Simmons Upholstery Paris Leather Queen Sleeper Sofa in Taupe 

3. Choose your material

Leather SofabedLeather Sofa Bed: a long lasting, expensive-looking, luxurious sofa bed material is definitely found in leather. It’s a great material if you have kids, since it repels liquids and other stains easily. Distinction Leather Manhattan Leather Sleeper Sofa (multiple finishes)

Sectional Sleeper SofaMicrofiber Sleeper Sofa: microfiber is generally an economical choice, for its price and its resilience. Plus it is simple to clean up. Global Furniture Sectional Sleeper Sofa in Beige and Brown Microfiber

Serta SofabedFabric Sofa Bed: while being durable and soft, fabric is also the cheapest option for a sofa bed material. Lifestyle Solutions Serta Dream Convertible Nita Sofa


Daybeds are basically twin beds turned sideways, with a foot, backpiece, and head that make it a couch by day and a bed by night.

1. Choose your Daybed frame

Wood DaybedWood Daybed: if you’re looking for the warming, friendly appearance of wood, choose a wooden daybed frame. They offer a decorative charm to any living space. Fashion Bed Group Fraser Wood Daybed with Link Spring

Wrought Iron DaybedMetal Daybed: depending on what your style is, you can find a metal daybed frame that has an industrial feel or an antique, wrought iron look. Hillsdale Bonaire Daybed with Suspension Deck

Trundle DaybedDaybed with Trundle: a trundle is an extra twin bed that can be pulled out of a drawer underneath the daybed frame. Two beds in one! Young American Daybed With Trundle

2. Choose your Daybed Mattress

12 Inch MattressMemory foam: these mattresses are made with several layers of high-density foam for maximum comfort. The open cells in the form allow air to pass through it with body contact, and re-shape to adjust to the specific body type. It is naturally anti-microbial and hyper-allergenic. Gold Bond 12 inch Visco Touch Mattress

8 Inch MattressInnerspring: the standard mattress choice, mainly for beds. If you’re looking for a daybed that is most like your current bed, opt for an innerspring mattress. Its coils minimize noise and motion, resting in their own fabric compartment. Gold Bond – 8 inch Comfort Coil Mattress

3. Choose your Daybed Bedding style

Daybed Bedding SetCountry: floral and plaid designs are elements of the country style. The theme is tranquility and texture. Southern Textiles Jolie 4-Piece Black Daybed Bedding Set

Retro Bedding SetRetro: think back to the sixties for fun designs, like circles, but keep them contemporary by using a soft colour palette. Southern Textiles Halo 4-Piece Daybed Bedding Set

Animal Print Bedding SetWorld: using patterns from different parts of the globe, like exotic animal skin, gives a room a flavourful, rich vibe. Southern Textiles Jaguar Onyx 4-Piece Daybed Bedding Set

A few final tips to remember when choosing a new convertible bed:

This is an investment piece that you’ll most likely have for a long time, just like a regular sofa – so don’t give up quality for a low price.

Accessorize! A new sofa bed gives you the chance to express your designing personality. Add great bedding and lots of fun, decorative pillows.

Be careful with mattresses that are lined with foam – they’re flammable. Keep them away from your fireplace.

Make sure your sofa bed comes with a warranty and you understand what it covers and what it doesn’t.

Trust your instincts – if you don’t really love it, don’t consider it!

For more options, be sure to check out:

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Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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