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Contemporary Loft Furniture Ideas for the Dining Room

Friday, March 11th, 2011

A loft apartment’s wide-open spaces, high ceilings, large and/or numerous windows, exposed pipes, ducts or beams are very appealing. But these are the very features that can present the loft dweller major decorating challenges when planning a dining room in an open concept living space. Whereas you will most likely want clearly defined areas for sleeping and relaxing while watching television, it makes “sense” for the dining area to flow into the other living spaces in your loft.

Open Concept Dining

A dining room, whether it’s formal or informal, generally has an intimate feel about it because the space has walls; the intimacy factor can be further enhanced by the wall color that is chosen for the dining room. In a loft apartment you will not have those options since your dining set and any other dining furniture you select for the dining area will be out in the open. Here are a few ways to create a cozy atmosphere for a loft dining “room”:

  • Put an area rug on the floor
  • If there is no ambient lighting directly above the dining table, add a pendant or a chandelier that is on a dimmer switch
  • Feature a picture or print, especially if your dining furniture will be opposite a wide expanse of wall, that projects an intimate or cozy ambiance

Contemporary Loft Dining Furniture

The most important aspect about a loft dining area is to choose a dining set that makes a statement. It will be the focal point of the loft space as a whole rather than just the immediate dining area.

You don’t necessarily have to create walls, but if you would like to project a definitive end of the dining zone and the beginning of the next functional space, position a sideboard, buffet or credenza in such a way that it acts as a boundary between the two.

There are no hard and fast rules; there is no reason why you can’t have more than one eating area. While the main dining area can stand in for the formal dining room of a house or condominium, you could place counter stools around a kitchen island or add a gathering table at the opposite end of the loft as a place to have breakfast or a casual meal.


Thanks for joining me for this 3-part Contemporary Loft Furniture Ideas series. Come back next week when I will begin a new 3-part discussion on how to design a games room for your family.

Casual Contemporary Dining

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

People tell me all the time that they don’t have a dining room or even a dining area any more – they have transformed the space into a home office and eat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen or in front of the television. For someone like myself who gets plenty of mileage out of my dining set – I have impromptu and planned dinner parties at least twice a month – I can’t imagine being without a dining room. If you have no need for a formal dining table but still would like some place to sit and eat comfortably when you have friends over, it’s easy to create a casual contemporary dining room in a room of its own or as part of an open area living space.

While counter-height dining tables, also referred to as gathering tables, have not replaced formal dining or the standard dining table, they have become more and more popular in recent years. One of the main reasons they have become so popular is counter height tables are the ideal space-savers, utilizing vertical rather than horizontal (floor) space. Another reason they have gained in popularity could be attributed to their inherently casual nature – because a counter-height dining table is typically round or square, there is no “head of the table.” When decorating a dining room in a condominium, loft, apartment or even a smaller sized home, space-saving furniture is instrumental in designing a dining area that will work for you.

Like the Standard Bay Heights Deep Brown Round Glass Dining Table Set, the typical gathering table is 36” high and is usually accompanied by counter-height chairs with a seat height of 24”.

As demonstrated by the Canterbury Home Furnishing Cambridge 7 Piece Counter Height Dining Set, counter-height dining tables are available in a wide range of styles including traditional and country. A typical counter height table seats four to six people.

Some types of gathering tables, just like a standard dining table, include leaves, which will allow you to seat up to eight people. The Jofran 7 Piece School House Counter Height Dining Set in Saddle Brown Oak includes a butterfly leaf that expands the width of the table by 18 inches.

The casual nature of counter-height dining tables can be easily integrated into a kitchen floor plan, as part of the living room or in a corner of a family room without looking awkward, out of place or taking up too much space. By selecting a counter-height dining table such as the Klaussner Stetson Counter Height Dining Table that includes built-in storage, you make your living space even more functional.

A casual contemporary counter-height dining table isn’t just for dining – it can double as the ideal place to gather around to play a game of cards or a favorite board game. It is versatile, flexible and well-suited to a variety of environments, including the kitchen, a breakfast nook and even the family room.

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