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Make the “Right” Statement with the Right Hall Table

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Since we just pass through them on our way to somewhere else, sometimes hallways and even the entryways of our homes can end up as dead space simply because we are at a bit of a loss as to how to decorate them. Decorating with hall tables makes perfect sense: hall furniture such as a console table or accent chest is not only practical; they can add functionality and visual interest to an otherwise “empty” space. But it won’t be much of a benefit if you just stick a hall table against a bare wall. When you give some thought to selecting the right hall table, improve the appeal, design and functionality of the space by adding interest, focal points and those personal touches that make your home unique.

Location for your Hall Table

Before selecting a hall table, decide on the location. An accent table for an upstairs hallway across from the master bedroom will serve a different purpose than a console table in the entryway by your front door. Measure the area where you would like it to go; since hall furniture, including hall tables come in a variety of sizes, you will be sure to find one that will fill the space proportionately. If the hall table or accent chest has doors, ensure that there will be enough room to open and close them.

Purpose of your Hall Table

Hall furniture such as accent chests, accent tables and hall tables, doesn’t just serve an esthetic purpose. Are you always loosing your keys? Can you never find your gloves just as you’re about to leave the house? Don’t want to run back upstairs for a scarf? Accent chests and hall tables are available with a number of features that can boost the functionality quotient of the hall or entrance to your home.

A hallway can be “boring.” Create a focal point for a long, narrow hallway with an accent chest; it can make the space visually interesting.

Increase the storage capacity of your front hallway with a console table or accent chest that includes baskets, cubbies or drawers.

In a small entrance way or a narrow hallway, pair a console table with a mirror; the mirror will make the space appear larger than it is.

Accessorizing you Hall Table

Once you have decided on what type of hall table or hall tables will best suit your home, don’t forget to make the most of them. The way you accessorize you hall table, accent chest or console table will definitely add your personality to the room. In an entryway way, nothing says “welcome” like a vase of fresh flowers sitting on your console table. An accent chest in a second storey hallway is a great place to display family photos while a hall table outside of a living room or dining room can be used as a place for an extra lamp.

Soul Mates – Furniture Pairs that Just Belong Together

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

It’s easier to make a splash with some pieces of furniture than it is with others. But when you pair certain pieces of living room furniture together, say a fireplace and a club chair, you not only up the room’s “wow” factor, you also add another layer of comfort and functionality to your living space.

A club chair or a recliner parked beside an accent table instantly forms its own grouping separate from rest of the living room. Just add a lamp and you have your own personal space for reading the latest bestseller or catching up on the evening news.

In a living room or family room, pairing a loveseat with the Butler Specialty Plantation Cherry Wood Nesting Tables increases your options: it allows you to have a meal in front of the television; a place to put two different bowls of munchies while watching a movie; and when entertaining, you can move the nesting tables around the room to wherever else they are needed.

Placing an unusual mirror above a console table in a foyer makes a statement about your personality and the home you’re welcoming people into. Whether the mirror is an attention grabber or not, pairing a console table and a mirror together is a practical combination – you can set down your keys or purse to check your appearance or fix your lipstick just before you go out the door.

To create a conversation piece and punch up the room’s visual impact, include pieces of furniture that are typically found in other rooms, such as a dresser in the dining room instead of the traditional sideboard or a baker’s rack in a hallway in lieu of  the standard console table.

I have stayed in places where there was no nightstand by the bed; it always causes me minor annoyance at the realization that I have to now get out of bed to turn out the light just as I feel I could easily drift off to sleep. A nightstand or a bedside is the perfect companion for any type of bedroom, from a master bedroom to a guest room to a child’s room. If you want to ramp up your bedroom décor replace the standard night stand with a hand-painted accent chest or a bachelor chest, which is slightly wider than a nightstand but not as wide as a dresser.

Pairing furniture pieces in such a way as to increase the room’s functionally is just good sense. You can also make your furniture pairings stand out and grab attention by selecting living room, hallway and bedroom furniture pieces that are unique and striking.

Seeing Red

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

The color red is vibrant and rich. It is the color associated with the season fall; the color that royalty wears; one of the most predominant colors in a winter sunset. In China, red is the color of good luck or good fortune. In some eastern cultures, brides wear red dresses on their wedding day. In literature and other art forms it symbolizes emotions that are polar opposites like love (Cupid), hatred (war), power, passion and evil (the Devil). Regardless of the symbolism, red is strong and passionate. It is a color that shouts! 

“Seeing red” is an expression that connotes anger, so it should be no surprise that the color red is known to have an actual physiological affect on us, such as causing rapid breathing and a faster heart rate. It is often the color used in restaurant interior design and other commercial environments such as bars and lounges to generate excitement and to create a “party” vibe. Since it’s the one room in your home you want to be able to really relax, you may want to skip the use of red in the bedroom, but for the other rooms in your home, red is the ideal accent color. 

Abbyson Aris Accent Chair

Using red in interior design is a great way to add a punch of color and a touch of passion into a monochromatic or neutral décor. It doesn’t take much. A little red can go a long way to transform an entranceway, a family room, living room or den. Placing an accent chair or a club chair in the corner of a living room or den not only fills the space, making it more functional, it also creates visual interest. 

Blossom Accent Chest

When the walls and/or the majority of the furniture are in neutral tones or earth colors, a red accent chest or console table in a hallway or foyer will provide a focal point. It will also make the space “pop,” drawing the eye (and hopefully the person) into the room.

Pulaski Accents Secretary Desk

Like all colors, red has its warm and cool hues. Red brings a sense of drama into the room. A red writing desk against a warm tan, taupe or beige wall will make a bold statement. A red coffee table introduces a fresh, exciting element into a living room or family room. 

You don’t have to depend on just red furniture to punch up a neutral or monochromatic décor. You can include red in your interior design plan with red window treatments. Using patterned fabrics from curtains and accent pillows will give your room texture, as well as color. Choosing wall art for a dining room, living room or hallway that predominately uses red is another option for introducing this vibrant color into a neutral toned room.

Mix it Up, Move it Around

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Ameriwood 16 Cube Organizer in Espresso Finish

You would like to give your home a new look in time for the holidays. Since it is just before the holiday spending spree that can stress out your wallet, you don’t know where to begin. You might not have to dish out as much as you think; you might end up not spending any money at all! Sound like it might fit your budget? Redecorating a room or two can be as simple as reusing or recycling those abandoned items hidden down in the basement or out in the garage. First go “shopping” in your own home.

Yes, that’s right – many of us have three chests of drawers but none in the entryway by the back door where gloves and scarves are scattered from one end of the kitchen counter to the other. There are several magazine racks in the living room and family but you’re constantly tripping over piles of your son’s Guitar World every time you go into his bedroom. Does the front hallway look a little bare? Repurpose a bedroom dresser you no longer need by re-staining it and using it as a console table. Just by mixing it up and moving around some select pieces of furniture, you can give the rooms of your home a fresh lease on life without breaking the bank.

Pick a Room

Klaussner Furniture Heights Sofa

Choose one room at a time to focus on. Pick the room that needs a makeover or the room in your home where you’ll be entertaining the most. Once you’ve decided which room you want to redo, look at the space carefully. Does the room seem too dark? Is the style a little outdated? You liked the color of the room once-upon-a-time, but not so much anymore. Decide what you like about the room the way it is now, and what you would like to change.

When you have a general idea of how you want the room to look, decide what stays and what goes. You can instantly give yourself more space to work with by removing any items that are broken beyond repair or so worn out that they really do need replacing. Also remove any pieces of furniture that will not fit in with your new design. For example, if you’ve decided on a more sophisticated look, the country style end tables with a scalloped apron will disrupt the flow of the room’s décor. 

Prep the Room 

Somerton Signature Rectangular Gathering Table 5 Piece Pub Set

Make a list of what needs to be done to make the room look the way you have visualized it. Remove any pictures or wall art. Before you move furniture around from one room to another, prepare the room you have chosen to redecorate. Repair that favorite accent chair, clean the carpets and shampoo the sofa before moving furniture around and adding more pieces.

What else needs to be done? If you have decided to paint the walls a different color, now is the time to do it while the room is relatively empty. You can greatly improve the appearance of the space by cleaning the windows and baseboards and laundering the curtains. Wipe down any built-ins like bookshelves, storage units and counters.

Stay Home and Go Shopping

 Butler Specialty Artists' Originals Demilune Console Table

Now you are ready to go “shopping.” From the list you made, walk through the other rooms of your home to see what will be useful to you. To save yourself time and effort, measure any potential furniture pieces to see if they will fit in the intended space in the room you are redoing. Don’t forget to examine the color of the furniture to ensure it will match. Stick to the plan. You may be tempted to include the bed bench from the bedroom that you ended up not using as often as you thought you would. But don’t recycle or reuse anything that doesn’t fit your original redecorating design. It will defeat the purpose of redoing the room if you end up with a look that isn’t balanced or doesn’t work. 

Making it Happen

Tandem Britney Chair

Once you have prepped the room and chosen the furniture pieces that will stay in the room and the ones that will be moved from the other rooms of your home, you are now ready to place the furniture in the room. Before you actually begin to shift everything around, roughly map out on a piece of paper where you want each piece to go. Make sure that there will be enough lighting in the room to accommodate the new layout. Your new room won’t be much good to you if it just looks pretty; it has to be functional and practical, as well.

Take into account any pieces of furniture that need to be near a power source like the end tables or the TV stand. If you want the sofa in a different place from where it had been, measure the wall were it is to go to ensure that it will fit without blocking doorways. Also take into account the room’s traffic flow, heating vents, etc. If someone needs to get to the entertainment center, you won’t want to place a table or an armchair in the way. 

Get help. You want enough helpers to get everything moved, but not so many that you’re in each other’s way. Arrange a specific time that’s good for everyone to gather everything up and move it to its new home. Bribe them with pizza and sodas if you have to!

Finishing Touches 

NOVA Lighting Overflow Flame Treated Steel

When everything as been placed in the room according to your plan, you are now ready to add the finishing touches. You don’t want to spend very much, so prioritize the items you want to add. New accent pillows, decorative candles and picture frames don’t have to cost much if you get them on sale. If you do go shopping (in a store), make a list and stick to it. The whole purpose of the exercise is to give your room a new look – you don’t want to end up with it looking cramped or cluttered, even if the items are new.

Buy Coffee Table?

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Need to Buy a Coffee Table Use This Coffee Tables Guide

Coffee tables are not only a useful place to put drinks or magazines – they act as the focal point of a living space, normally surrounded by couches and/or chairs. When you think about it, they’re the perfect social gathering spot.

If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, it may be difficult to find the perfect one, since there are so many kinds to choose from!

Browse through this numbered guide to help you select a proper coffee table for your living space.

1. Types of Coffee Table Furniture

2. Coffee Table Styles

  • Cherry Coffee TableCasual: If your living space is decorated comfortably, relaxing and warm, chances are it’s a casual style room. The design aspect is simple, with soft details and textures. Overall, casual style gives off a homey feel. Standard Glasgow Chocolate Cherry Coffee Table
  • Glass Black Coffee TableContemporary: Contemporary style is fresh and up-to-date. It features a lot of curvature, and there are minimal details in the design. Klaussner Furniture Ontario Round Black Wood Coffee Table with Glass Top
  • Rustic Oak Coffee TableCountry or Rustic Coffee Table: This style normally features wood-comprised furniture with very little to no finishing. The country/rustic design is uncomplicated, modest, and natural-looking. Ameriwood Coffee Table in Rustic Oak
  • Modern Coffee TableModern Coffee Table: Practical, clean, bold – these are the characteristics of modern style. Shapes and lines are straight and futuristic, with industrial elements. Modern Coffee Table
  • Modern Black End TableNovelty Coffee Tables: If you like to make a statement with original, odd pieces, you’ve got a novelty style! Flashy knickknacks and unique furniture models really make a living space stand out. Nexera Boomerang Modern End Table in Black Finish
  • Distressed Wood Cocktail TableTraditional Coffee or Cocktail Table: If your living space is adorned with antiques that feature curved lines and hand painted wood, it is considered traditional. Its regal, classic style gives any room a charming flair. Standard Distressed Cherry Oxford Cocktail Table

3. Coffee Table Materials

4. Extra Features

Need help picking your coffee table just drop me a line!  Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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