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From the Design Files of Heather B – Vaulted Ceiling Paint Dilemma

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Design Question

Hi, I have a master bedroom that I just don’t know what to do with. The main problem is choosing color for the walls. My husband and I have a great master bath which is relaxing and soothing in color (light blue) but I am stumped on color for the bedroom. I feel if I could just get some ideas on color than the rest will fall into place. I want a relaxing/romantic feel for our bedroom. I have attached two pics. I tried to show that we have a vaulted ceiling as well.

Any suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks!

Design Answer

.Especially a bedroom with a vaulted ceiling, the instinct is to paint the entire room white or some other neutral color like beige, light tan, cream or gray because these colors on ceiling give the illusion of more space. You don’t have to stick to neutrals, but it would be wise to pick a softer shade since a richer color on both the ceiling and the walls has a tendency to make the space feel claustrophobic or too dark.

You like the color in the master bath; I would start there. See if you can find a varying shade of the blue in your bathroom that would suit your bedroom. You also said that you would like to give your bedroom a romantic feel, which typically means softer tints of purple, such as lavender or lilac or deeper shades of pink like rose.

Another trick for helping you to decide what paint color to choose, is to start “backwards.” Go shopping for new bedding or select a favorite bedding set. Pick out some colors that you like and search for comparable paint chips at your local hardware store. It doesn’t have to be a bedding set; you can take your color inspiration from a colorful print or painting; a treasured memento or an upholstered accent chair. I love the curtains; blue is actually a complementary color (the color directly opposite on the color wheel) of gold.

Once you have a specific color in mind, don’t forget to take the room’s natural and artificial light into consideration. You will want to invest in a little paint sample you can actually apply to the wall and see if you like the color you have chosen in all types of light from the sun coming into the room (if the room faces east) in the morning to how it looks in early evening and then again how the color appears in the room when a lamp is lit or the overhead light is on.

I hope this has been helpful. Thanks for writing in. Stay tuned next Monday when we tackle another interior design question. And don’t forget to keep sending me those emails!

Free Interior Design Advice

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Free Interior Design Advice:  Just Ask Nicolette

Hi! My husband and I just got married and bought our first home! I want our bedroom
to have an amazing décor! I would love rich, deep, beautiful colors. Something that
conveys emotion, passion, and happiness! Do you have any ideas?
Thank you!!
Kara M.

- – -

Dear Kara,

Congratulations to you and your new husband! It must be thrilling to be newlyweds in your first home!

I love that you have an excitement for color, so to help you out, I’ve selected some beautiful wall colours by using’s Personal Colour Viewer, along with some bedroom furnishings to match!

Paint Colors

Colour Combo 1 – Purple and Brown

In Western society, the color purple signifies royalty and wisdom. It is also a sign of creativity, spirituality, and enlightenment. Painting your walls purple will give off a regal, luxurious feeling to your room.

When you select a bold wall color, try to keep your furnishings a bit more neutral. Black goes well with any shade of purple, because it’s such a strong hue, so the black won’t overpower it. You can add silver or chrome accents for a little extra pop.

Leather Platform BedHillsdale Hawthorn Black Leather Platform Bed

Black Leather OttomanWholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Black Leather Rectangular Bench Ottoman

Throw PillowMystic Valley Traders Boheme Wheat Boudoir Pillow

Black NightstandPowell Z-Bedroom 3-Drawer Nightstand

Table LampAdesso Bella Table Lamp in Chrome

Green Paint SwatchesColour Combo 2 – Green and Cream

Green can translate as natural and pure, but also stand for wealth and good luck. It produces a calming affect when looked at, so using it as your bedroom’s paint color will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

A traditional colour combination like green and cream can mix well with rich browns, like mahogany or bronze.

Green is almost considered a neutral because it can go with most colours, so you can choose any accent colour you want – I’ve selected a muted purple decorative pillow or burgundy sheet set.

Mahogany Sleigh BedModus Santa Barbara Tropical Mahogany Sleigh Bed in Sable

NightstandModus Santa Barbara Two Drawer Nightstand

Bed BenchStanley Furniture Barbados Mahogany Bed End Bench with Cane

Burgundy Sheet SetBurgundy Sheet Set

Square PillowMystic Valley Traders Cafe Cherry Square Pillow 18 x 18 (but not with the burgundy sheet set a more neutral duvet set would be perfect!)

LampKenroy Home Emilio Bronze Table Lamp with Tan Textured Woven Shade

Blue Paint ColorsColour Combo 3 – Blue and Gold

The color Blue signifies trust, relaxation, sedation, harmony, trust,  tranquility, and peace. It represents the ocean and skies, making it a calm, non-threatening, safe colour.

It is ideal for a bedroom because blue is believed to keep the “bad spirits” away.

The regal combination of blue and gold goes wonderfully with espresso tones – black would seem too harsh against the yellow in the gold. Since both hues are very bright, keep your furnishings very neutral.

Try to accent with creams and even gold as well.

Panel BedStanley Furniture Toluca Lake Santa Monica Panel Bed

Brown PillowMystic Valley Traders Cafe Cinnamon Square Pillow 18 x 18

Maple End TableStanley Furniture Toluca Lake Maple Rectangular End Table in Dark Espresso

Bed End BenchStanley Furniture Toluca Lake Maple Bed End Bench in Dark Espresso

Pulaski Accent ChestPulaski Devon Accent Chest

Satin Sheet SetRed Satin Sheet Set (Red represents passion, energy, confidence, and protection from fear or anxiety)

Gold Comforter SetLawrence Home Fashions Enchanted Comforter Set (this would be great with cream color satin sheet set)

Modern Table LampFangio Lighting 4253 Black Table Lamp

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

(Do you have an interior design question let me know I would be happy to help!)

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