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The 10 Best Small End Tables

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Sometimes you need a small end table to fit in a tight space or awkward corner. There used to be a shortage of these small but functional tables. But no more! Today’s market has a variety of options for the small space. Side tables are available in a range of sizes and finishes so that it’s easy to find the right one for your space.  We’ve whittled down our choices to just ten here but there are plenty more options on our site. Have a look and get inspired!

1 Riverside Furniture Escapade Chairside Table in Dark Walnut
2Jofran Chairside Table with 2 Shelves in Rustic Loft Finish
3Hammary Elipse Chairside Table in Champagne
4Lexington Black Ice Tungsten End Table in Carbon Black
5 Lexington Long Cove Hidden Lake 1 Drawer 2 Shelf Accent End Table in Coral Pink Finish
6Riverside Splash Of Color Tray Top Accessory Table in Shores White
7Zuo Bolo End Table in Black
8Riverside Harmony Chairside Table
9Eurostyle Eileen Gray Glass Top Table in Chrome
10 Avenue Six Wall Street End Table in Espresso

Dress Up Your Bedroom with a New Nightstand

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Magnussen Southampton 3 Drawer Nightstand in Black

The right nightstand is an important component to get right in your bedroom or master suite. While the bed is the major focal point for your room, selecting complimentary nightstands is just as important. This is where you place your most valuable and useful  items like alarm clocks, cell phones or current reading material. It also usually houses a lamp as usually provides extra storage as well.

Sonax Pacific Contemporary Nightstand in Ebony Pecan Cart

Choosing a nightstand that is the right size and height is important. Be sure to measure the height of your mattress to help make a decision. In general it’s a safe bet to buy a nightstand that is about equal in height to your mattress. It’s also useful to consider that usually the taller the table the more formal the look. A low profile look is usually more contemporary. But for your personal comfort and style a few inches higher or lower might be preferable.

Wynwood Cypress Point Nightstand in Soft Amber Finish White

There is also no need to feel constrained by the rest of your bedroom furniture. Maybe you are looking to upgrade your space one piece at a time. Or maybe your bedroom set has been discontinued. Buying a matching set is still the easiest way to get a cohesive look in any room. But buying furniture pieces that are complimentary but not matching is a great way to get an individual look and show off your unique personality.

Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Coral Nightstand Cart

Today’s nightstands feature a variety of different design options. Choose from open shelves or one to three drawers. Go for a sleek urban look with a dark finish like espresso or black accented by shimmering satin chrome hardware. Keep it casual with the charm of rustic pine or white wood with attractive turned legs. Or go for traditional flair with an antique-inspired nightstand with three drawers in a sophisticated soft amber finish. The incredible style and great prices on the market today make it super simple to find the right choice for you.

Encourage Your Teen to go Coastal

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Because it conjures up soft ocean breezes, tranquil summer days spent by the lake or the scent of tropical flowers on a Pacific island, coastal style is an ideal choice when decorating a teen girl’s room. A coastal theme will allow you both to be as creative as you like, offering a wide range of hues for the wall color, bedding, accessories and even the bedroom furniture itself. With such an eclectic style like coastal, the ideas are endless and the color palette you choose can be as bright and bold or soothing and tranquil as the mood takes you.

Youth Panel Bed

Coastal Style Colors

Colors for a coastal style teen girl’s bedroom can be bold or pastel simply because the palette takes its cue from a particular coast or region – a Caribbean coast is bluer and brighter than the coastline of the eastern States, which is readily identifiable by soft grays reflecting the drifting fogs or fine sea mists common to the area.

full panel bed

Coastal Style Furniture

Coastal style furniture is designed to capture the spirit of a summer holiday spent by a lake; an escape to a tropical island or a winter seaside getaway. Coastal style youth bedroom furniture possesses a laid-back feel that is casual yet sophisticated – perfect for a teen girl. When looking for a bed for your teen’s coastal bedroom, choose one that includes bead board panels or louvered accents. Coastal has become such a popular interior design style that manufacturers like Lea and Young America offer bunk beds that display charming decorative details such as bead board, molding, bun feet and scalloped aprons typical of coastal style furniture. You will want to look for similar accents in case goods like an armoire, dresser or chest of drawers.

full over full bunk bed

Coastal Style Bedroom Finishing Touches

Accessories for a coastal style teen bedroom should be warm, comfortable and inviting. Try to include organic elements like wicker baskets or a rattan hamper. Add touches like a shell-base table lamp, shell motif wall sconces or oceanscape prints.

Select nautical striped or botanical patterned fabrics for window treatments, area rugs and/bedding. Anything water-related such surf-themed bedding, sail boats, sea creatures, etc.

Look for collectibles like starfish, shells or hurricane lamps. Hanging objects like oars or a lifesaver make great wall art.

full poster bed

The Sophisticated Bedroom

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

It’s one of those things we know when we see it, but how exactly does one go about decorating a bedroom that looks as sophisticated as it is functional? It actually isn’t all that difficult and doesn’t even particularly depend on a certain design style of bedroom furniture: a modern style bedroom can possess sophistication just as easily as a traditional styled room. It’s all about focusing on specific design qualities: a sophisticated bedroom is refined, elegant and cosmopolitan.

Color Dictates the Mood

Neutrals like gray, silver, or deeper hues of beige can create a sense of calm in a room. Earth tones such as sand, mulled wine, or sage also have a tranquil effect. Bolder colors often generate excitement or energy which creates a different vibe. Neutral or earth-toned colors tend to be more sophisticated than brighter or bolder ones.

Less is More

De-clutter the space. Nothing ruins the atmosphere or appearance of a bedroom faster than clutter. Tidy things away when they are no longer needed; throw things away or recycle when they’re broken or worn; and get into the habit of not leaving miscellaneous items lying around on the dresser or the nightstand.

Choose accessories wisely. An elegant flower arrangement in a cherished vase; three or four pictures in simple frames grouped together; or one or two porcelain figurines or bronze sculptures will lend the room elegance and sophistication.

Examine the bedroom furniture pieces currently in the room. If you are not using the chest of drawers crammed into the corner, move it to another place in your home. Or if you’ve fallen out of “like” with a piece of bedroom furniture, someone else is sure to like it; list it on the internet and see what happens.

Replace and Upgrade

How long have the curtains been in the room? Especially if they are five or more years older, consider replacing them with window treatments such as sheers and chicly patterned fabric curtains or classic Roman blinds.

If the washable cotton duvet has been on the bed since the kids were toddlers, it is definitely time to upgrade. Choose bedding that matches the colors in the room, has a textured feel or weave and will enhance the appearance of the bed. Select solid colors or bedding that has a small rather than large pattern.

Adding bedroom accent furniture pieces like an accent chair, a lingerie chest, a jewelery armoire or a bedroom vanity gives the bedroom décor a cosmopolitan appeal.

From the Design Files of Heather B – Black Mantle Headboard

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Design Question

Hello. Construction on my new home is almost complete. I have in my bedroom cove ceilings and my bedroom furniture includes a black mantle headboard bed. In my bedroom I am also going to be adding a red leather loveseat. Can you give me ideas of what color(s) I can use to paint my bedroom? I am horrible at selecting colors and plus this is a brand new home I don’t want just plain white walls. Any help is so much appreciated.

Design Answer

Congratulations on your new home! Your bedroom sounds gorgeous; I’d love to see pictures of it after it has been completed. Yes, choosing a paint color is not a particularly easy task, but there are ways to simplify the process so that you end up with a paint color that will work for you. I suggest a neutral shade like gray and have selected fo ur just to give you a starting off point. Here are some pointers that will help you find the ideal color for your master bedroom:

  • Match the paint color to something in the room such as the window treatments; a predominant shade that appears in your bedding or a favorite picture or print; or an accessory piece like a piece of sculpture or a vase. For example, a pale hue of green like sage or even forest or silver crest 1583 from Benjamin Moore would complement the red in the room.
  • Unless it is your personal preference to leave it white, plan on painting the ceiling as well; typically one or two shades lighter than the color you have chosen for the walls.
  • Choose a neutral color – this in no way is an endorsement for beige or cream. Colors like gray, silver and hues of navy blue can go with almost anything. While navy blue isn’t strictly a neutral color, it works like one, in that it “plays nice” with most other colors in the spectrum.

Thanks for writing in. I hope this was helpful. Let me know how it turns out. Next week I will be answering another design question – please keep writing in!

British Colonial Style for the Bedroom

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Like many interior design styles, British Colonial style has its regional distinctions. Largely due to the fact that it evolved over a period of roughly a century and touches most continents, this style, while firmly rooted in traditional design principles and certain, distinct traditions, has many faces. The look we often readily associate with British Colonial is the eclectic appearance of bedroom furniture that arose from the active colonization period of the some of the islands in the Caribbean during Queen Victoria’s reign. But we mustn’t underestimate the influences other exotic locales like India, China and East Africa brought to bear on British Colonial style. No matter; whatever regional emphasis you choose, British Colonial style is ideal for the bedroom because of its lavish, exotic nature.

Color and Texture

In the Old Country where Victorian style held sway, colors were heavy and rich. But once in the Caribbean or in the Orient, walls were typically painted lighter colors. Softly hued walls made the perfect backdrop for the richly embroidered fabrics of India or China; the floral patterns of the Caribbean islands or exotic organic elements like wicker, rattan, antlers, zebra prints, coral and shell. When painting a British Colonial style bedroom, select gentle shades of the sea, the forest, the sun and the desert.

British Colonial Style Bedroom Furniture

The occasional bedroom furniture piece made of metal or one that has metalwork accents is perfectly acceptable. However to get the look, British Colonial style furniture, especially the bed, is made of wood. Since they were so far from home, local woods were used instead. British Colonial bedroom furniture is typically made of tropical woods such as mahogany and teak with dark, rich finishes. Because the expatriates were often moved from posting to posting, furniture pieces were smaller in scale and tended to be lighter in weight than their Victorian counterparts. British Colonial style furniture might have been scaled down, but decorative detail was still lush and ornate, while profiles consisted of sweeping and curvy lines. Case goods like armoires, dressers and nightstands often included cane insets, louvered doors or panels or bamboo accents.

Accessorizing British Colonial Style

Use botanical prints for fabrics for bed benches, curtains, bedding sets and upholstered occasional chairs. Accessories for a British Colonial style bedroom are sophisticated and can incorporate travel-related items such as trunks, suitcases or sepia photographs in burnished metal or cast iron frames. You can also incorporate objets de arte that reflect the flavor and customs of the region like drums, pottery pieces or brass hurricane lamps. Table lamps often have tropical motifs like pineapples, palm leaves and sea shells.

A British Colonial style bedroom is the ultimate in luxury, with its hint of adventure and the trace of tropical sea breezes. Come back next Friday for British Colonial Style part 2.

From the Design Files of Heather B – Oak Furniture Help

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Design Question

Our oak furniture is too large for our bedroom but I have no choice but to keep it. So I would like to at least make it look different. My original plan was to paint the bedroom furniture black and distress it; paint the walls a steel bluish color; and use white bedding. I am now rethinking that design because I am scared that the black of the furniture will just make it pop and be that much more noticeable that the scale is too large. Any suggestions on paint color for the furniture, paint for the walls both bedroom and bedding? My trim is white and I really would like to keep it because it would be a lot to paint. I also have an attached master bath that I would repaint as well to match or blend with the bedroom. Thanks for your help!

Design Answer

You have good instincts – the original plan you describe sounds simple yet sophisticated. By using neutral (black bedroom furniture, white bedding) and cool (steel blue walls) colors and tying the white already in the room to the bed through white bedding, you are essentially diminishing the effect of the oversized furniture in your bedroom. Cool or neutral paint colors move the walls away from you, creating the illusion of a larger space.

You might have no choice but to keep your bedroom furniture, but does it all have to be in the same room? For example, can you manage with a single nightstand or can the nightstands be replaced by glass side tables that will add yet another “neutral” element to the room? Are there other small changes you can make that will “open” up the room?

Thanks for writing in. I hope this has been helpful. Let me know how it turns out. Return next Monday when I reply to another design question.

Lavish Traditional Style for your Bedroom

Friday, January 28th, 2011

The bedroom is the one room of your home that should be as luxurious and indulgent as you want it to be. Those little flourishes typical to traditional bedroom furniture such as bun feet, cabriole legs, scrollwork, pilasters and ornate brass or carved pulls are right at home in a bedroom environment designed to pamper and renew you. While grand, formal or stately (or all of the above), opulent traditional style layered for function as well as for show can be comfortable and comforting in its lavishness.

Set the Stage

This is the bedroom we’re talking about! Any type of traditional style bedroom furniture that you choose will provide enough “drama” in the space. Keep the walls neutral, earth-toned or tranquilly pastel hues of heritage shades such as damask, rose, jade or delft blue.

Traditional Style Bedroom Furniture

Traditional style bedroom furniture has a timeless, comforting appeal because it is typically crafted from woods that have rich finishes,  either polished (shiny) or distressed (matte). There is something about a traditional style armoire, poster bed, lingerie chest or storage blanket chest that is sumptuous in a charming Old World sort of way. It is the elaborate detail – a shell motif, an inset medallion, carved pilasters, fluid decorative molding – that inspires one to hand these bedroom furniture pieces down through the generations because they possess the look and feel of heirlooms. Some traditional sub styles such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, Sheraton and Victorian have an undeniably romantic sensibility which is ideal for a lavish traditional style bedroom design.

Accessorizing Lavish Traditional Style

Go with as many extras as will fit the space. A well-placed accent chair will add functionality (a place to sit when putting on shoes) and luxury (a place to sit and read or meditate).

Anywhere there is fabric involved, it should be as lavish as you can afford. Select bedding sets with a high thread count for a soft, luxurious place to sleep.

Pile on those pillows – using accent pillows not only will make the bed more comfortable, it also adds texture to the room’s focal point (the bed), especially when they are made from different types of material.

Make your window treatments stand out with fabrics such as silks or brocades that include gold thread.

Come back next Friday when I start a new 3-part style series called British Colonial Style.

Plastic Furniture You’ll Want to Show Off

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Let’s face it – plastic furniture has a not-so-good reputation. When talking about outdoor furniture, most people agree that it is an economical and functional choice when choosing chairs and tables for the backyard, deck or balcony. But when purchasing furniture for the rooms of your home, that’s when plastic furniture gets a really bad rap, with words like “cheap-looking” and “flimsy” immediately springing to mind. But many designers like the creative freedom and challenges plastics give them when designing furniture pieces that will capture your imagination as much as your eye.

Plastic Furniture for the Bedroom

Plastics take many forms and a popular construction material for bedroom furniture such as headboards or bed benches is leatherette, a high-grade vinyl that has the surface look and feel of leather. While in some ways it is not as durable as leather, leatherette does have some lasting power and it is easier to maintain.

The Modloft New Ludlow Platform Bed in Black Leatherette displays strength of character and a Zen-like tranquility that is timeless. Visual interest is created by pairing the tall, tufted headboard with the low-profile design of the bed.

Plastic Furniture for the Dining Room

Plastic dining furniture has a modern vibe that is versatile and trendy. Lines flow; edges are smooth to the touch – there is something sleek yet energetic about an attention-grabbing dining chair or chic dining table made from one type of plastic or another.

The Global Furniture USA Neville Casual Dining Set transforms a space into a dining room where family and friends share a good meal, laugh together and exchange stories and ideas. The plastic dining chairs in different colors matched with the same colors in the base of the table adds a distinctive look that will give any dining room a contemporary (and fun) appeal.

Plastic Furniture for the Living Room

Don’t forget acrylic equals plastic too. Placing the Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Acrylic Magazine Coffee Table over a patterned area rug or in front of a colorful sofa will introduce a whimsical element into your living room interior design.

Molded and modern, the Avenue Six Slick Cube Modern Occasional Table is not only whimsical, it’s just plain fun.

Ditto for the Zuo Ripple Chair. Not only is this unique club chair a real eye-catcher, it is sure to be a conversation piece as well.

The Great Escape – Decorating a Contemporary Style Bedroom

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Some interior designers and interior decorators define contemporary style simply as what is happening at the moment regarding furniture and décor trends. However, other design professionals look at contemporary style as an off-shoot of modern, which emerged mid-twentieth century as a reaction to traditional design. Modern design stripped away anything that was “useless” or additional to the intrinsic form of the piece. Simply put, contemporary style softens the stark, undiluted appearance of modern bedroom furniture with some decorative detail, tapered profiles and/or textured leather, stone or metal accents. Contemporary style is ideal for those who want their bedroom to posses the clean, uncluttered look of modern, but still includes elements that give the room a warm, comfortable and relaxed look.

Choose a Neutral Palette

For a contemporary style bedroom that will serve as a great escape, choose neutral palettes for your walls that are conducive to relaxation and tranquility. Gray, cream, and pure white are all good choices. More neutral shades of earth tones such brown, taupe, sand and sage are also color palette alternatives for a contemporary bedroom. Should you wish to add color to the walls, choose a bold shade for an accent wall. Keep in mind, that the accent color you choose should have some context; in other words, it matches or complements something else in the room such as your curtains, an area rug or an accent piece.

Contemporary Style Bedroom Furniture

When creating a contemporary bedroom that will provide the perfect escape after a busy or tiring day, select bedroom furniture with clean lines, smooth expanses and matte or satin finishes. Another option to consider is a contemporary bedroom set in birch, pine or maple. While lighter finishes are often more readily associated with modern style, light colored furniture can work equally well in a contemporary style bedroom.

Even if you are decorating a smaller-sized room, when arranging the bedroom furniture, leave as much free space as possible around each piece. You don’t have to go all out Feng Shui, but not only will this make allowances for opening doors and drawers and traffic flow, it will also lend the room a spacious feel.