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Bedroom a la Shabby Chic

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

The appeal of shabby chic is its capacity for being both glamorous and comfortable at the same time. This makes shabby chic an ideal design style for the bedroom, because, while you do want a little glamor you want to be comfortable and cozy even more. To create a shabby chic bedroom, don’t be afraid to experiment: mix-and-match bedroom furniture pieces; pile on those pillows in a variety of fabrics; and accessorize to your heart’s content to add texture upon texture – the result will be an enchanting bedroom that will be really welcoming.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Hues

First decide what to do with the walls. A shabby chic palette is soft with a touch of the romantic. Select gentle shades of red, yellow and blue. Keep shades of green pastel and soothing. If you would like to wallpaper either all or one or two of the walls of your bedroom, choose neutral shades with small-sized patterns where lines are curvy as opposed to linear.

If painting isn’t an option, give your bedroom that shabby chic look with one or more of these wall décor ideas:

  • Framed floral or botanical prints
  • Antique frames displaying black and white photographs or sepia prints
  • A shadow or memory box with collectibles like porcelain figurines, dried flowers or other vintage items
  • A vintage or heritage quilt; one made by an ancestor or relative is even better

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

To evoke the spirit of the shabby chic interior design style, mix-and-match bedroom furniture pieces that are made of wood and have a distressed finish with ones that incorporate metalwork or organic accents.

Popular types of inserts for shabby chic bedroom furniture and beadboard and louvered; often headboards or side panels of dressers or nightstands will include beadboard or louvered detailing.

Don’t forget to include bedroom accent furniture pieces like a bedroom vanity, armoire or accent chair.

Shabby Chic Accents

Accessories for a shabby chic style bedroom should have the look and feel of being comfortably vintage. A milk can in the corner of the room can display grasses or twigs. A water jug and matching wash basin would make a good conversation piece sitting on a dresser or tall chest of drawers.

Eyelet cotton or lace is an excellent choice for a pillow or window treatment fabric. Slipcovers are often used to change the look of bedroom vanity or accent chairs according to the season.

Hurricane lamps and railroad lanterns are popular choices for table lamps.

Lavish Traditional Style for your Bedroom

Friday, January 28th, 2011

The bedroom is the one room of your home that should be as luxurious and indulgent as you want it to be. Those little flourishes typical to traditional bedroom furniture such as bun feet, cabriole legs, scrollwork, pilasters and ornate brass or carved pulls are right at home in a bedroom environment designed to pamper and renew you. While grand, formal or stately (or all of the above), opulent traditional style layered for function as well as for show can be comfortable and comforting in its lavishness.

Set the Stage

This is the bedroom we’re talking about! Any type of traditional style bedroom furniture that you choose will provide enough “drama” in the space. Keep the walls neutral, earth-toned or tranquilly pastel hues of heritage shades such as damask, rose, jade or delft blue.

Traditional Style Bedroom Furniture

Traditional style bedroom furniture has a timeless, comforting appeal because it is typically crafted from woods that have rich finishes,  either polished (shiny) or distressed (matte). There is something about a traditional style armoire, poster bed, lingerie chest or storage blanket chest that is sumptuous in a charming Old World sort of way. It is the elaborate detail – a shell motif, an inset medallion, carved pilasters, fluid decorative molding – that inspires one to hand these bedroom furniture pieces down through the generations because they possess the look and feel of heirlooms. Some traditional sub styles such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, Sheraton and Victorian have an undeniably romantic sensibility which is ideal for a lavish traditional style bedroom design.

Accessorizing Lavish Traditional Style

Go with as many extras as will fit the space. A well-placed accent chair will add functionality (a place to sit when putting on shoes) and luxury (a place to sit and read or meditate).

Anywhere there is fabric involved, it should be as lavish as you can afford. Select bedding sets with a high thread count for a soft, luxurious place to sleep.

Pile on those pillows – using accent pillows not only will make the bed more comfortable, it also adds texture to the room’s focal point (the bed), especially when they are made from different types of material.

Make your window treatments stand out with fabrics such as silks or brocades that include gold thread.

Come back next Friday when I start a new 3-part style series called British Colonial Style.

Wake up your Bedroom

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

The bedroom is the one room of our homes that should be warm, inviting and comfortable. It can creep up on us slowly, but one day our attention is drawn to the frayed edge of the bed skirt; the collection of miscellaneous stuff scattered across the surface of the dresser; or the hand-me-down chair that should have been removed and replaced a long time ago. When areas of your bedroom have become tired and worn or you want to give it makeover without having to spend much money, there are ways to breathe new life the place that should be a soothing and refreshing sanctuary.

Focal Point

The focal point of any bedroom is naturally the bed. Especially if the bed was second-hand, is past its prime or was never quite right for the space (it was too big or too small), you can revitalize the room simply by replacing it. If the bed happens to be the right size for the space, you can give the bedroom a whole new vibe by simply removing the headboard. This will make the bed (and the room too) appear larger. Before removing the headboard, ensure that you can do this with your bed’s frame.

If the bed hasn’t had any new bedding in past three to five years, perhaps now is the time. One of the easiest ways to “renovate” your bedroom is to choose a new bedding set with a fresher or brighter palette than the ones you have had in the past. Whether you replace the bed or not, new bedding will help transform the bed into the focal pint it’s meant to be.

Spring Clean (early or not)

It’s one of those things that can creep up on us – clothes we have no intention of wearing again pushed to the back of the closet taking up space; bits and pieces left discarded in nightstand drawers; or toiletries and beauty products left out on top of the chest of drawers or the dresser. Clear away unnecessary clutter, including areas of your bedroom that you have overenthusiastically accessorized. Limiting the number of pictures or the cluster of ornaments set out on the dresser is another way to de-clutter.

Find creative ways to store things out of sight such as under-bed storage boxes, closet organizers and decorative baskets. Consider some bedroom furniture ideas such as a bed bench with hidden or cubby storage; a small armoire or replacing the bed with one that includes storage options. Having a place for everything in a bedroom environment is a good way to get a good night’s rest.

To Paint or Not to Paint

If the walls aren’t damaged or marked, sometimes thoroughly washing the walls can make the room seem fresher. But if you are getting tired of the color or it’s been awhile since the bedroom has been painted, maybe now is the time; nothing wakes up a bedroom like a new color palette.

Urban Sophisticated – The Modern Style Bedroom

Friday, October 15th, 2010

How you design your bedroom and the bedroom furniture you choose to furnish it with is very important to the overall mood. We instantly feel relaxed and welcomed in spaces, especially bedroom spaces that are spacious, well-lit, uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing. Known for its underlying simplicity of line, shape, form, the clean lines and streamlined detail of modern style bedroom furniture ultimately contributes to an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, which is exactly the right tone you want for a bedroom that will be your sanctuary after a busy or even hectic day.

Earth tones and neutral palettes with splashes of bold color characterize a modern style bedroom. Whites, grays and blacks are commonly used as main or accent wall colors. Color is always used sparely: in a modern interior design bedroom, color is an exclamation instead of a conversation. If you’ve chosen a bold color like red, orange or intense blue as an accent color, select neutral colors for other items in the room such as lamps, window treatments and carpets or area rugs.

To the unfamiliar eye, furnishings can look stark or devoid of personality. Clean lines, natural elements, lighter finishes and polished, gleaming expanses typify modern style bedroom furniture. Because form is function, decorative detail is viewed as “unnecessary.”

Visual interest is commonly created through the design and appearance of the individual bedroom furniture piece. Shape, both strictly geometric and asymmetrical, is often used for dramatic effect. The result is bedroom furniture that is deceptively simple; but because lines are uncluttered, the eye isn’t working overtime, and the sleek profiles work just as well in smaller spaces as they do in larger ones.

When accessorizing – don’t! As with modern furniture design, when accessorizing your modern style bedroom, less really is more. While you do want the room to be inviting, you don’t want to add anything that does not have a specific purpose; including items that are solely decorative will not reflect true modern style principles. 

Modern style furniture has clean lines and streamlined detail. Profiles are strictly angular, geometric or asymmetrical. It can even have a “space age” appeal; so decide which modern vibe will work for you.

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