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From the Design Files of Heather B – Vaulted Ceiling Paint Dilemma

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Design Question

Hi, I have a master bedroom that I just don’t know what to do with. The main problem is choosing color for the walls. My husband and I have a great master bath which is relaxing and soothing in color (light blue) but I am stumped on color for the bedroom. I feel if I could just get some ideas on color than the rest will fall into place. I want a relaxing/romantic feel for our bedroom. I have attached two pics. I tried to show that we have a vaulted ceiling as well.

Any suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks!

Design Answer

.Especially a bedroom with a vaulted ceiling, the instinct is to paint the entire room white or some other neutral color like beige, light tan, cream or gray because these colors on ceiling give the illusion of more space. You don’t have to stick to neutrals, but it would be wise to pick a softer shade since a richer color on both the ceiling and the walls has a tendency to make the space feel claustrophobic or too dark.

You like the color in the master bath; I would start there. See if you can find a varying shade of the blue in your bathroom that would suit your bedroom. You also said that you would like to give your bedroom a romantic feel, which typically means softer tints of purple, such as lavender or lilac or deeper shades of pink like rose.

Another trick for helping you to decide what paint color to choose, is to start “backwards.” Go shopping for new bedding or select a favorite bedding set. Pick out some colors that you like and search for comparable paint chips at your local hardware store. It doesn’t have to be a bedding set; you can take your color inspiration from a colorful print or painting; a treasured memento or an upholstered accent chair. I love the curtains; blue is actually a complementary color (the color directly opposite on the color wheel) of gold.

Once you have a specific color in mind, don’t forget to take the room’s natural and artificial light into consideration. You will want to invest in a little paint sample you can actually apply to the wall and see if you like the color you have chosen in all types of light from the sun coming into the room (if the room faces east) in the morning to how it looks in early evening and then again how the color appears in the room when a lamp is lit or the overhead light is on.

I hope this has been helpful. Thanks for writing in. Stay tuned next Monday when we tackle another interior design question. And don’t forget to keep sending me those emails!

One Bed, Three Looks – Product Spotlight

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Modern style bedroom furniture is often instantly associated with metal, high tech plastics and glass. When wood is used as a construction material, it is typically bleached and lighter in color. But the Global Furniture USA Soho Bed, even with its lightly distressed dark wood finish, is definitely modern in style and design. The headboard panels that extend out over the built-in nightstands actually flip up and include night lights. Talk about form is function!

Décor Option #1 – Neutrals

Neutral Palette

With the Global Furniture USA Soho Bed as the bedroom’s focal point, choose an earth toned color palette (all colors are by Behr) for the wall color.

Once the walls have been painted with any one of these shades, dress the bed with bedding to match. The Nygard Home Soho 10 Piece Bed In A Bag Set includes a comforter with a quilt weave that is beautifully textured.

The Brink & Campman Area Rugs- Luna Collection Fields 91801 brings each one of the neutral/earth tones in the bedroom together. In keeping with modern style design attributes, the pattern of the area rug is geometric but not uniform.

Décor Option #2 – Neutrals with an Accent Color

Neutral Palette2Neutral Palette3

The Global Furniture USA Soho Bed is very versatile. The textured veneer end panels of the headboard created visual interest. Placing the platform bed in a neutral toned room against an accent wall will really draw the eye naturally toward the bed.

The neutral shades chosen for this palette are cool or blue toned neutrals. Use the lighter color on three of the bedroom’s walls; the darker one as the accent color.

The Manor Hill Plaza Mini Duvet Cover Set can be matched to any of the above color combinations.

The Brink & Campman Area Rugs- Himali Collection Shade 94508 definitely complements the bedding, adding yet another dimension to the room.

Décor Option #3 – Neutrals with Bold Accessories

Neutral Palette4

Using whites as the predominate neutral shade, color is brought into the room by selecting bedding and other accessories, such as an area rug, that are bright and bold.

The Mystic Valley Traders Profiles Plum Bedding Set has tones that appear in the area rug.

The asymmetrical pattern of the Brink & Campman Area Rugs- Icon Collection Confetti 772501 is totally in accordance with modern interior décor.

Bedroom Design Ideas

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Design Your Bedroom like a Five Star Hotel

If you have ever checked-in at a Five Star Hotel then you probably have had a taste of what ultimate bedroom luxury is. From lighting to furnishings to sumptuous sheets what indulgent bedroom design ideas, these First Class hotel rooms offer a carefree stay in extreme comfort that make you feel like a pampered celebrity.

If you wish you could feel like this every day in your own bedroom, you can! Whether you are decorating your own bedroom or a guest room, follow this guide to designing the ultimate Five Star luxury bedroom all your own.

Planning Your Bedroom Space

No matter what size your bedroom space is, from studios to suites, top hotels seem to make efficient use of even the smallest real estate. The key to their successful use of bedroom design space is simple: identify the activities you will do and make use of the space you have.

Here are a few areas you can create in your own bedroom space:

  • Sleeping – The #1 activity in the bedroom for most requires a bed, of course.
  • Working – A compact yet functional desk will work.
  • Storage – Apart from built-in room closets, some cabinets might be useful.
  • Entertainment – Listening to music, watching TV, or reading will require seating and audio/video equipment storage.

Two other options you will find in most hotel bedrooms are a mini refrigerator and a coffee maker that you can set aside space for as well.

Choosing Your Bed & Other Bedroom Furniture

Now that you have divided up your space accordingly, you can begin choosing furnishings and other accessories for each “activity” area. We will follow the space plan above when choosing our bedroom furniture.

1. Sleeping

Your bed is the foundation of your bedroom. It will also be the priciest in this design project even without the bedding included. However, hotels make a huge investment in their own beds since guests will remember their sleep experience above all else. After all, restful, worry-free slumber is the top goal of hotels. Therefore, you should invest in the best bed you can afford as well.

Of course, what kind of bed you purchase is not solely dictated by budget alone. The overall theme of your dream room is key to your choice.

Storage Platform BedPlatform beds like South Shore Furniture Back Bay Queen Dark Chocolate Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Leather Platform Bedand the Hillsdale Nova Brown Leather Platform Bed evoke a modern European hotel character with their contemporary lines and unique materials.

Canopy BedMeanwhile, canopy beds like the Pulaski St. Raphael Canopy Bed

Wood Canopy Bedand the Pulaski Casa Cristina Canopy will make you feel like royalty waking up in a castle thanks to their dramatic grandeur.

Sleigh BedOn the other hand, a sleigh bed like the American Drew Bob Mackie Sleigh Bed with Crocodile Embossed Leather Panels

Wood Iron Bedor a poster bed like the Stanley Furniture Santa Barbara Montecito Iron Bed makes you feel like being on a weekend in a charming, countryside Bed & Breakfast.

When shopping for this all-important cornerstone of your Five Star bedroom design, keep in mind that unlike at a hotel, your stay will certainly be longer. Therefore, make sure you are positively happy with your bed.

For increasing the comfort factor of your bed, add a plush pillowtop as well.

2. Working

A simple desk for your laptop or to sort mail on is your next step. As in many First Class rooms, the desk should not dominate the room. It should complement your other furnishings while being highly functional. You might not spend most of your time using it, but you will also be engaging in a lot of important activities on it.

Oak Pedestal DeskWriting desks like the traditional Haugen Furniture Solid Oak Roll Top Single Pedestal Desk

Writing Deskor the more contemporary Young American by Stanley myHaven Writing Desk will not take up too much space. At the same time, they offer enough surface area to work on.

Unless you are sorely lacking for space in your home, do not make your working area in the bedroom too elaborate. Save working for a home office or better yet, work!

3. Storage

2 Drawer NightstandApart from nightstands like the Prepac Sonoma Black 2 Drawer Nightstand to store your reading glasses or books in, dressers will be useful.

7 Drawer Triple DresserWhile you might have adequate closet space, a dresser like the Modus Nevis Seven Drawer Triple Dresser in Espresso not only adds a place to store clothes and other items in, it also adds surface space to place some accessories on that you might want to “personalize” your Five Star space a bit.

4. Entertainment

Five star hotel rooms will have storage space for a TV, a DVD player, a stereo system and sometimes even a video game system for the kids.

TV Armoire Cabinet Instead of opting for the usual Entertainment center or stand, a TV Armoire like the Klaussner Furniture Grand Oaks TV Armoire

Antique Paint TV Armoire Cabinet Standand Distressed Antique Paint TV Armoire with Adjustable Shelves keep everything well-hidden when not in use. Moreover, some TV armoire models even provide additional storage room to boot.

Club Chair & OttomanIf you have the space, you can also provide sufficient a seating area from a club chair like the Klausser Woodwin Chair and Ottoman to comfortably read in

Fabric Tufted Sofaor a sofa like the Avenue Six Plaza 79” Fabric Tufted Sofa to lounge on with guests while listening to music or watching TV.

Other 5 Star Bedroom Design Creature Comforts

When it comes to Five Star Hotels, your bedding needs to be First Class Quality overall. You can completely eliminate the bedspread. Purchase high-quality bedding of at least 300 thread count. You can also add a duvet and dust skirt. All in all, your bedding can be lavish yet easy to make in the morning with this recommended combination.

In addition, while you can use standard pillows, you can incorporate some throw pillows and a throw blanket for color and texture. The throw blanket also protects your duvet when placed at the foot of the bed.

Queen Bedroom Bedding SetSome hotel-quality bedding sets include the Southern Textiles Elite Collection Impressions 4-Piece Queen Bedroom Bedding Set

4 Piece Queen Bedding Setfor a more dramatic atmosphere or the muted elegance of the Southern Textiles Elite Allentown 4-Piece Queen Bedding Set.

Personalizing Your Bedroom Design Space

Finally, while most hotel rooms will be welcoming and beautiful, they do lack character except for the hotel stationery and branded bath products. Of course, since this is essentially your bedroom, you will want to add a bit of personality to it. Framed photos and art, your favorite books, and other items can be integrated into your scheme. However, do not clutter your room with too much. This applies to both bedroom furniture and accessories.

Hotels often are our sanctuaries while traveling far from home. Yet even in this instance, they act as home where you can escape a stressful business meeting or reenergize after being on your feet all day sightseeing. Your Five Star bedroom should be your personal sanctuary as well even though it is located in the comfort of your own home.

Hope that sparks you with some of your own bedroom design ideas!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

Bedroom Design Ideas on a Budget

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Bedroom Furnitue & Design Ideas

Budget Bedroom Design Ideas

In every home the bedroom should be a tranquil design haven. The image of fluffy pillows, fresh cotton sheets and vast airy space springs to mind. In all reality, the bedroom ends up being the most ignored room in the house when it comes to interior decorating. Designing a bedroom can be expensive but with these budget design ideas your bedroom can be a designer tranquil dream!

But when you finally get round to doing something about it, you may realise you haven’t much money to spend on the renovation. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips to affordable bedroom design that will transform your sleeping space into that little sanctuary you always wanted.dark chocolate nightstand

Start off by rearranging the furniture. Sometimes just ‘’refreshing’’ the space makes a dramatic difference. If you find a lot of clutter has accumulated over the years, invest in some storage containers to slide under the bed. Nightstands can also be used in this way, such as the South Shore Back Bay Nightstand in Dark Chocolate. The more space you can make available, the more relaxing your bedroom will feel.

Painting your room a colour that you love is a quick, inexpensive method. Light colours inspire a serene atmosphere, whereas darker hues set a more intimate mood. Try and avoid vibrate shades, as they stimulate your mind and make it difficult to get that much needed shut-eye!

Perhaps select a theme to base your decorating around. If you want to transform your boudoir into a Moroccan suite, opt for terracotta and sand coloured paints, cushions, as well as a stripy rug. Cushions are inexpensive and can fit into any theme. Layers of pillows create a homely appearance, whereas a selection of big floor pillows encourage a ‘’kick back and relax’’ feel. For a more romantic atmosphere, use soft colours, luxurious fabrics and invest in some scented candles. These are affordable bedroom designs that can express your personality.

four post metal and wood bedBut the most important design feature is the bed. It has to be the perfect size for two reasons. If too large, your bedroom will appear smaller than it actually is. If the bed is not big enough, you have some uncomfortable nights ahead of you! The Hillsdale Madison Metal and Four Post Wood Bed is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. So whatever your budget or bedroom size, you have an option. The design of the bed can also be incorporated into a traditional themeThick Firm Memory Foam Mattressd room as well as a modern one.

Even if you tighten the purse strings on the bed, invest in a decent mattress. The 11 inch thick firm memory foam mattress by Memory Mattress is a good example. It is important to seek comfort in this area, as the majority of people spend approximately 50 hours a week sleeping.

Dark Chocolate Headboard in Queen, Full, Twin and King Very AffordableIf you already have a comfortable bed and just need a focal point to liven up the room, perhaps introduce a bold headboard. Take the South Shore Furniture Back Bay Dark Chocolate Headboard. It can be purchased separately, and is an affordable way to give an old bed a new lease of life.

For an even more economical technique, contemplate new sheets! A new duvet cover can offer a transformation when it comes to a fresh colour scheme or the overall look.

Bedroom design does not have to cost a fortune. Focus on creating a tranquil space for all stress and worries to disappear. Including storage, soft cushions or even a new bed can make all the difference. Affordable does not have to mean limited. The possibilities for your bedroom design are endless, even on a budget.

I would love to see what you come up with! Need help post a picture or questions lets see what we can come up with for your budget bedroom design! Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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