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Hotel Chic for Your Bathroom

Friday, December 17th, 2010

One of the pleasures of a weekend getaway in a high-end resort or a boutique hotel is the room and ensuite. Just as the room is designed to soothe and pamper, the same can be said of the bathroom. The emphasis is on relaxation and renewal; an appeal to all of the senses; and tranquility. What with our daily schedules, dealing with the unexpected and preparing for the holidays, things can get pretty stressful. A great way to deal with the “little” stresses life can inspire is a boutique hotel look for your bathroom that will provide the benefits of a luxury getaway without you having to leave home.


Especially if your bathroom is shared by everyone in the family, it makes sense to keep shampoo bottles, body lotion and other bath and beauty products out in the open where they are easily accessible. But when creating hotel chic for your bathroom, the sense of luxury is typically created by a less-is-more approach. Examine the storage space that is currently available in your bathroom. Is there room for improvement? Clearing out anything from your bathroom vanity with an old expiry date, duplicates and items that should have been thrown out but weren’t can free up a lot of room for those items that should be cleared from the countertops. There are many stylish bathroom storage options available that will help you conceal toiletry items while still making them accessible.


Treat yourself to new towels and wash cloths that are made of high quality cotton. It might seem like overindulgence but nothing says hotel chic like thick towels that wrap you in comfort and luxury. Especially if you’re not going to have the opportunity to repaint, choose bath linens, curtains, a shower curtain and bathmat in neutral or soft earth tone colors. Not only will this harmonize your bathroom, it will also give it that hotel boutique tranquility. Add those other little indulgent touches that are in evidence in boutique hotel bathroom such as fresh flowers; small planters with live plants; a glass vase of grasses, branches or pussywillows; or a shallow ceramic bowl filled with stones, pebbles or shells.

Set the Mood

Rethink the light fixtures in your bathroom. Are they outdated? Are they too bright? You definitely want it bright enough to see yourself in the mirror when putting on your makeup or brushing your hair, but to achieve that luxury hotel bathroom feel you will also want lighting with a little ambience. If changing the lighting or adding wall sconces is not in the budget, consider replacing your current switch with a dimmer switch; this will give you the option of having it bright when grooming but softer while relaxing in the bath.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Easy Design Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover!

Bathrooms are utilitarian rooms that are often overlooked when redecorating a home but there are some great bathroom design ideas for giving your bathroom a makeover. If your stone pedestal bathroom vanitybathroom(s) at home are more than ten years old – chances are they are functional but not as attractive as they could be. The beauty of it is that you often don’t have to spend a lot of money to transform your bath so let’s look at some changes that you might enjoy.

Many older bathrooms had built-in white sinks with long counters and the master bathrooms usually had two sinks along with storage shelves and drawers beneath the countertop. While these are extremely convenient for married people sharing a bathroom they were not very imaginative when it came to bathroom design style. They also generally had a large mirror that would extend across the entire length with no framework – another basic accessory that was needed but was not too attractive.

double basin sink bathroom vanity setToday’s sinks and vanities can be as functional as those of yesteryear but they also offer many more options for your bathroom design in terms of style, color and fixtures. With pedestal sinks becoming popular again but if you still need to have storage you can add that with an attractive cabinet that is either part of the sink or entirely separate. Many of the vanity sinks today look like a piece of furniture with exquisite carved doors and a huge selection of styles so you can have your storage and functionality while adding a handsome look to your bath.

Mirrors have progressed a long way as well and most are framed beautifully like a painting and look especially nice over these attractive sinks and vanities. Your faucets and other fixtures have also matured with a wide selection of polished brass, chrome, antique bronze and even onyx and other stones used as decorative touches to complement the sinks and vanities – and you can often get towel bars and other accessories to match.bathroom vanity bowl sink

Separate designer sinks are another popular way to go – particularly in a guest bath. These gorgeous sinks look like works of art with their sculptured glass or stone and come in dramatic colors, designs and shapes and make an immediate impression upon entering a bathroom. Usually placed on a vanity they look too pretty to use but function just as well as the old fashioned kind – and sure look a lot better.

bathroom faucetPaint on walls in a passionate red or peaceful blue can also transform a bathroom and of course new flooring in beautiful tiles or travertine can all add their bits of glamour to a bathroom makeover. It doesn’t have to be a lot but it is amazing what a difference any change does to a bathroom. Simply adding a coat of paint and purchasing some stylish towels or changing the faucets – any of these little things can give a bathroom a fresh look and won’t cost you much either.  So whatever your budget might be – you can afford to do something that will give a bath a makeover and you will love it.

Happy Bathroom Designing! Need some help, leave a comment or send me a picture!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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