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Back to School Bags

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Back to School Special: Bags, Backpacks, Wallets and Laptop Cases

Now that school is just around the corner, if you happen to be going back in the fall, or you have children that will be, you may need to replace a beaten and worn backpack or invest in a new laptop case for college. No matter what kind of bag or bag accessory you’re looking for, has exactly what you’re looking for when school rolls around! Take a look at these funky, youthful options for back to school:

The number one feature you should look for in a backpack? Comfort! Thankfully, modern day backpacks can be both stylish and comfortable. How do you determine what style of backpack you need? It all depends on what you’ll be carrying. For example, if you plan to have a selection of textbooks, notebooks, plus your laptop in your backpack, you’ll need a backpack with lumbar (lower back) support and possibly wheels and a handle if it gets too heavy to carry on your back. Check out the following examples of different backpacks:

Travelers Club Adventure 18 Inch Rolling Backpack
To relieve stress off your back, try a rolling backpack. Like a suitcase, they feature rolling castors and a pull-out handle to easily transport an extremely heavy load around.

California Pak S Curve 18" Lightweight Backpack
Backpack straps with an “S” shape to them are ergonomically designed to evenly distribute weight throughout your shoulders and back, reducing pressure.

Samsonite Los Angeles Backpack
Most backpacks made today feature padded handles, back panels, and shoulder straps to reduce pressure in the shoulders and back. Padding is essential for elementary/high school students who go to school five times a week and need a comfortable backpack.

Olympia Academy Backpack
If your backpack contents vary throughout the day, why not try an expandable option? They normally have front panels that zipper open to allow more room inside.

Sumdex Decode Print Design 15" Backpack
If you’ve got a laptop, it should have its own compartment in your backpack to keep it separated and safe from other items.

Messenger Bags
Once made just for bike messengers, the messenger bag is now considered a stylish way to tote around your belongings. When wearing a messenger bag, it’s important to make sure you have the strap diagonally across your chest, instead of hanging off one shoulder. If it’s constantly being slung from your shoulder, you have the potential to negatively impact your spine.

Sumdex Alti-Pac Laptop Messenger
Laptops are ideal fits for messenger bags, because they have a bigger compartment to slide into. Look for bags with plenty of pockets and separation to set apart your laptop.

Winn International Messenger Pro Messenger Bag
For a durable bag that’s super stylish, try a leather messenger back. It will last and last, as long as you take care of it properly, and black leather never goes out of fashion.

Sumdex MSB Medium Messenger
To protect the inside of your bag from water damage, a water-repellent shell will shield your items from the rain and other elements.

Laptop Cases
If a slot in your backpack or messenger back isn’t enough to protect your expensive laptop, or you just want to carry it by itself, a laptop case is a good idea. It further protects your laptop from any damage, using polyester or polycarbonate lining that protects it from moisture or impact. Cases can be lines with memory foam or air pockets to reduce pressure on contact. Make sure you know the measurements of your computer to find a laptop case that matches its size. Check out these different sized options from Sumdex Inc.:

Sumdex ImpactGuard 12" Computer Sleeve

Sumdex Impulse Fashion Place 13" Compufolio

Sumdex NeoMetro Transit II

Sumdex DigiPod 15.4" Compact Computer Sleeve

Sumdex ImpactGuard 17" Computer Sleeve

The first thing you should consider when finding a new wallet is what you’ll be putting in it. Do you have a lot of cards? Find a wallet with plenty of card slots to accommodate the ones you have. Do you always have change on you? Look for a wallet with a large change slot. The material of the wallet should be as strong as possible. Wallets have the potential to get worn easily, so don’t settle for a wallet made from cheap material.

Bi-Fold (Compact)
Moonsus Signature Large Compact Wallet in Mocha
With more room for cards, bills, and coins, bi-fold wallets that fold horizontally will not only store everything, but keep your bills unfolded as well. However, they are not as small as other wallets, so you’ll most likely not be able to keep it in your pocket.

Bi-Fold (Hipster)
Winn International High Polished Cowhide Aniline Leather Pass Case Wallet
If you want a compacted wallet that folds outwards, try a bi-fold wallet that goes width wise, called a hipster. If you don’t mind your cash being folded in half, and less change space, you can go with a hipster. It will definitely be able to fit in your pocket.

Wildkin Polka Dots Wallet
The most compact of wallets, tri-folds are normally constructed of durable polyester or nylon that’s built to take the constant folding. If you don’t normally carry change and only have a few cards, this is the option for you.

Sorry for the missing back to school bags pictures but I will update that soon!

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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