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The Advantages of a Convertible Crib

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

As convertible cribs grow in popularity, you’ve probably noticed a few popping up here on Furniture and Design Ideas. You have an idea of what’s involved in setting up a crib to start, but have you been wondering about how you’ll convert the crib down the road? To get into more detail about what to expect when making future conversions, I’ve asked the knowledgeable staff over at Lusso Baby to guest blog.

Convertible cribs are a growing trend for savvy parents who want all their furniture purchases to last for many years. When you need to purchase a baby crib, why not choose the model that converts to a toddler bed, a daybed, and then to a full twin-size bed?

At Lusso Baby, we love helping busy moms and dads save time and money, without losing the style they crave. So we carry a number of trendy convertible cribs that provide the opportunity to shop once for up to four beds. Parents can save the time and trouble associated with several rounds of furniture shopping. Choosing a convertible crib is also an eco-friendly choice that means a lower carbon footprint and less overall waste in packaging and product.

We carry convertible cribs from Aldi Juvenile, Ap Industries, BabyLetto, Da Vinci, Lea, Natart Juvenile, Nurseryworks, Status Furniture, Stokke, Stork Craft, Tulip, and Westwood Design. While most of these cribs are solid wood, design influences range from contemporary to classic, covering European-style or antique-inspired themes.

Many of these convertible cribs can be purchased with coordinating wood dressers, changing tables, and armoires. Parents can choose an entire bedroom set for the nursery that will grow with baby, lasting until it’s time for college.

To walk through the conversion of a crib, we’ve chosen the DaVinci Kalani crib, popular for form, function, and affordability. The Kalani is available in cherry, honey oak, ebony, espresso, and white.

4-in-1 Crib Stages

DaVinci Kalani in Espresso

The first conversion is from crib to toddler bed. This transition is fairly straightforward and requires that you remove the lower front side of your crib and replace it with a smaller partial rail. To convert to the daybed, simply remove the toddler rail.

For the last conversion, which is the most involved, you’ll be removing the sides of the crib leaving only the tallest back side of the frame. The back of the crib will become the headboard of your child’s twin bed. You’ll then attach the twin bed rails and add the original lower front side of the crib for the footboard. Remember that you will also need a new twin size mattress at this point.

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Nursery Set

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Nursery Set

Using a convertible crib, alone or as part of a bedroom crib set, requires storage of these additional parts when not in use. You might be tempted to purchase the additional conversion rails as you need them, but we recommend purchasing the toddler and twin rails along with your crib. If the manufacturer decides to stop making your crib, you’ll already have the parts you need.

Purchase a baby crib set including a changing table and conversion rails, like the one shown above, and you’ll have the foundations of a bedroom that will last your child well into the teen years.

~ Lusso Baby Staff

Baby Crib Buying Guide

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Selecting Your Baby’s Crib

One of your first steps for baby room design is picking the right baby crib. Your newborn is going to be sleeping in their crib until the age of 2 or 3, so you’ll want a crib to hold up through those growing years. Because a crib is so essential to your baby’s health, you’ll want to opt for the latest models.

Earlier types of cribs may not be up to the industry standards, and may have been recalled at some point for safety hazards. Newer cribs may be more expensive, but they’re at the height of safety, so you should definitely consider quality over price. Avoid impulse buys as well – shop around and be sure you find the style and features that you want in your baby’s crib.

Baby Crib Types:

Standard – these cribs are divided into two different kinds: no drop sides and drop sides. No drop cribs have stationary sides that don’t drop down, but they offer different mattress heights to make it easier to place and remove your baby from the crib. Drop cribs allow you to lower the sides for easier access to your baby.

White Baby Crib

No drop: Bratt Decor Heritage White Baby Crib

Wood Drop Baby Crib

Drop: Young America by Stanley Hampton Pointe Piano Key Antique Wood Drop Baby Crib

Cherry Convertible Baby Crib

Convertible – also known as a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1, depending on what they can change into. These cribs can transform from a standard crib, to a toddler bed, and even to a day bed along the road. Convertible cribs are obviously more expensive, but they will save you from buying a toddler bed and day bed for your child in the future.

Canopy Baby Crib

Canopy – for an elegant, classic look, canopy baby cribs with four poster rods attached at the top allow you to hang fabric or curtains from it.

Round Baby Crib

Round – round cribs are the latest in fashion right now. Sharp corners are eliminated, and no matter what position your baby ends up in, they’ll be able to see their surroundings – and you’ll be able to see your baby!

Crib Mattresses:

Firm vs. Soft – you’re going to want a reasonably firm mattress for your baby’s crib, because babies need a more solid sleeping area. If the mattress is too soft, it will be hard for the baby to turn itself out of position, which is dangerous if it ends up face down. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the mattress is foam or coiled – they are both considered safe. It’s all about personal preference.

Steel Spring Crib Mattress

DaVinci Crescent Mini Steel Spring Crib Mattress 50 Coil

LA Baby Crib Mattress

L.A. Baby Maxi Support Memory Foam Cotton 2-in-1 Orthopedic Crib Mattress

Sizes – Most crib mattress sizes are standard nowadays, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a mattress to fit the crib you have in mind. Just be sure to double check the size of your baby’s crib and the mattress itself to make sure it will fit snugly inside.

Organic – these crib mattresses will normally be more expensive, but they’re more natural compared to regular mattresses, and are better for the planet.

L.A. Baby Superlastic Latex Organic Cotton Reversible 2-in-1 Crib Mattress

Stokke Sleepi Organic Crib Mattress

Stokke Sleepi Organic Crib Mattress by Natural Mat

Organic Coconut Fiber Baby Crib Mattress

L.A.Baby Organic Coconut Fiber Crib Mattress

DaVinci Natural Baby Crib Mattress

DaVinci Willow Natural Baby Crib Mattress

Crib Features:

Child Craft Convertible Crib

Safety – look for the following information in your crib: there’s no more than 2 3/8 inches between crib slats, the mattresses has no more than 2 fingers worth of space between it and the crib side, the drop sides are at least 9 inches above the mattress when lowered (and at least 26 inches above the mattress support when raised). Also make sure the drop sides have a secure locking mechanism, and that there is no sign of peeling paint, rough corners, or splinters. Child Craft Watterson Lifetime Bed

Sleigh Baby Crib

Mattress Support/Height – you’ll need strong mattress supports to attach the mattress to the sides of the crib. Adjustable mattress height is essential for your child’s growth – as they get bigger, Bratt Decor Chelsea Standard Sleigh Crib in Espresso

Young America Baby Crib

Rolling Casters – if you ever need to reposition your crib, for cleaning or just a change, rolling casters with a locking system are ideal. Young America by Stanley Ma Marie Crib with 4 Locking Wheels

DaVinci Baby Crib

Teething Rail – it’s a safe coating that covers the top of the crib rails top crib brands like DaVinci Baby Crib often have these, so your teething baby will not chew on the actual crib. DaVinci Jenny Lind Wood 3-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib in Ebony

Traditional Baby Crib

Bumper Guards – they line all four sides of the crib in case your little one rolls over in the night. They won’t end up hitting the harder sides of the crib. Young America by Stanley 4 Seasons Traditional Stationary Crib with 3 Height Adjustments

Remember to send in your product registration card that comes with your crib – in case there’s a problem and the baby crib needs to be recalled, that’s how they can notify you.

Nicolette Interior Design Diva

Babys Room Nursery Design Ideas

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Creating a Baby’s Nursery Room

A new baby in a home is a cause for not only excitement but the thrill of designing and decorating a baby’s room will delight your inner interior designer. Many people keep the design of a baby’s room in keeping with the look of the rest of their home – contemporary, Early American or Mediterranean – while still others decide to just make this room especially for baby and not worry about whether it fits with the rest of the house. These are your two options for creating your babys nursery. convertible crib set

Today there is a trend with purchasing a crib that will be able to convert to a child’s bed once they have outgrown the need for the crib. With that in mind there are many beautiful cribs that come in a variety of wood finishes – from honey oak, cherry, espresso or traditional white.

These cribs convert to a twin or a full size bed using the same framework thus saving the need to purchase another bed in a few years. This might require a larger initial investment but it makes sense long-term as you can just switch the baby bedding to a child’s bedding when the time comes.

Most cribs – whether it is a convertible one or not – have matching pieces that come with them and usually include a dresser and often a changing table as well these work perfect for creating a consistent design. Sometimes the dresser is also a changing table too with a separate changing table pad that can be placed on top for that purpose. A nightstand might be an additional piece that is purchased at the same time as your crib set.

You will need a crib mattress organic are very popular and bedding for the crib ato match your theme. These stylish pieces of baby furniture serve the basic needs of an infant for sleeping, changing and also storage of their clothing, diapers and other essentials.

Once you have determined the wood finish and the number of pieces of furniture you will buy for the baby other considerations might be a rocking rocking chair gliderchair for those late night feedings in particular when you just want to go back to bed. With a rocker you can at least be resting while feeding your child. A cradle is also a nice touch if you have room – particularly for tiny babies as they otherwise seem so lost in the vastness of a crib making a cradle like a small cocoon and the beauty of them is that you can take it elsewhere in the house if you like.

nursery crib bedding setOne of the most fun parts of decorating the baby’s room is that thare are many choices from a pastel paint in pale yellow or blue.

Many people like to have a mural drawn on at least one wall in the room choosing a carnival or a safari or a barnyard theme any of which will delight any child. You can carry out the theme with decorative pillows, artwork or your crib bedding along with mobiles hung over the crib and plush toys in the room, such as a stuffed giraffe.

The options are endless but these often transform a room from a pretty baby’s bedroom to a fun-filled nursery that will delight everyone in the family.
Nicolette Interior Design Diva

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