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From the Design Files of Heather B – Living Room Help

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My living room needs some expert advice. I have a 3-seater leather sofa that is a rich burnt orange or terracotta color. There is a dark chocolate brown leather chaise lounge, a painting in a dark chocolate brown frame that has got shades of pink and orange and a dark chocolate coffee table in the living room as well. I would like to add two small grey/sage green fabric chairs with small polka dots scattered all over it in orange and light grey and putting a side table between them. I would also like to add an area rug. I am hoping that I did not make a mistake. I am just trying to move away from what we used to do before, which was to buy the whole sofa set, put a coffee table and voila! I like very cool colors (blue is really my favorite) but I have been attracted to orange for a while.

Design Answer


It sounds like you have all of the pieces of the puzzle but you just need to tie them all together. Cool colors are a good choice for the living room furniture you have described. But because of the small gray fabric accent chairs and the fact that there is currently nothing blue in the room, I wouldn’t pick that color for the walls or area rug. I would select cool tones in more neutral or earth tones that will complement the leather sofa and bring out the pattern of the side chairs.

Neutral shades and earth tones chosen to work with the sofa will also provide a rich canvas for the chocolate brown coffee table. Any of the colors in this palette (from a selection of paint colors by Sherwin-Williams) will work well with the wall art too.

As mentioned above, an area rug should blend all the other interior design elements in the room together.

The Calvin Klein Home by Nourison Loom Select Woven Bands Area Rug Collection in Brown has warm terracotta tones that will match the sofa. It also has a hint of green that might work well with the accent chairs.

The Couristan South Beach Area Rug Collection in Sahara Tan is predominately earth toned but with hints of color that give it some texture. The geometric pattern is very contemporary, in keeping with the style of the living room.

The Brink & Campman Area Rugs- Luna Collection Stripe 90607 has a bold pattern but the colors in it are muted enough to work with the décor and the chosen color palette.

Thanks for writing in. Stay tuned next Monday when we tackle another interior design question. Keep sending me those emails and don’t forget to include pictures if you can.

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  1. Yeah… I think it’s good idea when you decide to remodel your room. Maybe you want to change the furniture or change the colors, or else. I also change my room regularly…

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