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The Casual Cure: Making your Living Room User Friendly

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Maybe it was a design idea that didn’t turn out as planned. Or you somehow inherited furnishings more traditional or formal than you would have chosen for yourself. But now you’re left with a living room that is…dare we say the word out loud…stuffy and not overly appealing. Don’t despair! There are some simple ways to make your living room user-friendly and guest-ready without having to start over from scratch. 
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You can accomplish a lot just by simply removing one or two pieces. Having too much furniture in a room, especially if the style is more traditional or formal, can make the room feel cramped and unwelcoming.

Move the furniture around. By mixing together furniture pieces of different heights, you will avoid the overpowering effect tall furnishings can have when grouped together in one place.

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Create a more casual atmosphere by making the furniture as comfortable as possible. Adding a bolster pillow to the sofa and a number of differently shaped accent pillows to the sofa and armchairs, will make the room a more inviting place to sit. Wherever possible, place a footstool or ottoman in front of the couch or an armchair. Drape a cozy throw over one end of the sofa. 

Pay close attention to the way the furniture is arranged. Forming conversational groups around a focal point like a fireplace, entertainment center or even the coffee table is a guaranteed way to convert your living room from stuffy to user-friendly without too much effort or expense.

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You can lighten up your décor while giving the room a more casual, relaxed feel by replacing dark colored or outdated lamps with floor lamps or table lamps or lampshades in lighter colors. If you choose to replace the entire lamp rather than just the shade, consider selecting lighting fixtures that are more contemporary in style, but ones that don’t compromise or disrupt with the room’s existing classic or traditional look. Add several different types of lighting fixtures to make the area as bright as possible while preserving the room’s warm atmosphere. 

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Dressing the room with knickknacks and personal items that have meaning for you and your family, like photos or mementos from vacations or trips you have taken together, will add a casual, lived-in look to your living room. Pick one table to display a group of photographs and reserve one or two other areas of the room for memorabilia. Limiting the number of groupings will add character and personality to your décor while avoiding the risk of making the room feel cluttered or untidy.

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