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Hello. My name is Heather B. I have an avid curiosity, which has served me well in my career in the Information Science fields that have included elementary school and academic libraries, database management and software application support. I consider my day misspent if I haven’t learned at least one new thing in 24 hours. 

I am also a devoted reader and love going to movies. What does this have to do with furniture and blogging about it? Nothing much, except for the fact that I read a lot about furniture and when I see a film half my mind is on the action and the other half is wondering how I can become a buyer for movie projects or be a set dresser. You see, I really am passionate about furniture. I am fascinated how it fills a space and transforms an empty room into a beautiful and functional place to live. I like going to work (as opposed to working from home) and being busy and doing things. But at the end of a fulfilling (or hectic) day, I enjoy coming home to a place I can truly call a sanctuary of my own. 

While apartment living has many advantages (you don’t have to do your own repairs, no lawn to mow, no leaky pipes or roof to worry about), it does have one big disadvantage and that is the lack of space. And since I entertain friends and have out-of-town visitors on a regular basis, I’m always looking for multifunctional furniture pieces. I also like to find ways to get organized to make the most of the space I do have. And because I’m not rich and famous just yet (I’m working on it!), I’m a die-hard bargain hunter. I really like the challenge of getting a design idea and then making it come to life, especially when I’ve kept to the budget I allotted for the project. 

Still in the Information Science business as a researcher and contract writer, the opportunity to continue Nicolette’s blog came my way. Just how that came about is another story for another day, but the short version is a friend of my introduced me to Furniture and Design Ideas, I wrote to Nicolette, she wrote back, we continued to correspond and here I am. 

Nothing much is going to change – I want to write about DIY projects, design tips and ways to make our living spaces better. I hope you visit often. And I also hope you’ll share your own furniture adventures with me. 

Heather B.

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