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Small Room Design Ideas from Living Room to Bedroom

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When preparing the interior design of a small space, people often feel limited and uninspired. But whether you have a studio apartment, small house, urban loft or dorm room, there are numerous tricks to make the most out of a somewhat limited area.

The space often has to be used for a variety of activities, such as sleeping, entertaining, working or just relaxing. Therefore, it is essential to transform it into an attractive and comfortable sanctuary, with a magnitude of possibilities.

Small apartments, whether studio or not, require a great deal of design planning. You can only have the furniture and accessories that are absolutely necessary. This kind of limited space does not allow for any clutter. Walk around the apartment and visualize what area is designated to what activity.

Eating space will probably have to double up as working space, relaxing furniture may have to be your bed for the night, and your dresser may also be the television stand.

Futon Sofa Bed for small living rooms With this in mind, it is often sensible to buy furniture that can be used for more than one purpose.  LifeStyle Solutions Bermuda Futon Sofa Bed in Premium Tan is a prime example of this.

It can be used as an ordinary sofa when sat chatting to a friend, reclined slightly to make movie watching slightly more comfortable, and flattened out to a bed when it is time to sleep.

Storage Ottoman

Another piece of furniture that has more than one functional possibility is the Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Black Square Leather Ottoman.

It can be used as a foot rest, stool and as storage. It goes without saying that in small spaces compartmentalizing is the key! Your home will look even smaller if not organized, so keep minimalism in mind.
Wicker Rattan White Storage Coffee Table Your coffee table can also double up as holding space. The American Drew Camden White Coffee Table with Wicker Basket Storage is a perfect example of this.

It has a simple design and includes two drawers and four baskets, making it a very useful piece of furniture. There are countless multipurpose options for your interior decorating, including beds with built in drawers underneath the mattress.

Bookcases are another way to stay organized, even if you don’t have a huge book collection. The shelves can be used to give any object a home, from a stack of towels to an anthology of CD’s. Parker House have designed a bookcase that encompasses an entire wall, called the Bordeaux Only Bookcase Wall.

Open Wall Bookcase The black cherry wood makes it a bold item, but it still remains very chic and contemporary with a geometric quality. It contains plenty of shelves and drawers for that much needed storage, but most of all, it creates a fantastic focal point.

Focal points distract attention away from the size of the space, so anything can be used from an eye-catching painting, to an accent wall.

When painting a room, an effective technique to visually enlarge the space is using light colors for all of the walls apart from one – the accent wall. A splash of warm color, such as copper or red, can inspire conversation and the feeling of power.

However, using an overall light palette on all of the walls will create an airy and serene atmosphere. Crisp white can often feel cold and lacklustre, so it is a good idea to explore alternative tints such as pale shades of green, blue or yellow to introduce a touch of liveliness.

The most expanding shade is actually a pale blue such as Gossamer blue, as it creates the illusion that the walls are further away than they actually are.  A white sand color may seem just ‘’off-white’’ at first, but it has the tiniest hint of red to make it warm and soothing. Soft yellow captures the sunlight and inspires a welcoming and happy mood, whereas a pale avocado tone is slightly more contemporary and lurid.

Alternatively, you could utilize monochromatic colors on each wall. Using similar tones from the same palette with a slight contrast somehow makes your eyes visualize a broader space. Also, consider painting a different shade on the ceiling than the one on the walls. If the ceilings are low, paint them a lighter color than the walls. The ceilings in a loft are often very high, so painting them a darker shade than the walls makes them visually descend.

Print Throw Pillows

Whichever color scheme you settle on, keep the design simple. Large patterns should be limited to accessories such as throw pillows or bed linen. The Zodax Modern Chic Raj Peacock Print Throw Pillow juxtaposes black and white, with an artistically striking design on each.

Kathy Ireland Full Sheet Set

When selecting your bed sheets, take the opportunity to infuse a vibrant color into an otherwise neutral home.

The Kathy Ireland Home by Thank You Baby The Artist Twin/Full Sheet Set is in a vivid turquoise, encouraging a fun yet modish appearance.

If you find it difficult to decide on colors, perhaps base the designing around a theme. With such a wide variety of furniture on the market today, your living space can be everything you dreamt it could be and more.

Football Rug You can choose rugs, sofas and lamps of every shape, size and style. By harmonizing your decor, the space will feel more orderly and calm.

Themes can vary from a simple color decision, such as using just turquoise and brown

Or you could base it around an interest, such as sports. The Fun Rugs Fun Time Football Time Rug is ideal for any decorator who wants to incorporate a love of football into their home.

Choosing the furniture is just as important as choosing the shade of the walls. Oversized pieces are unfortunately not an option for studio flats, small apartments or urban lofts.

Loveseats are one of the ultimate choices as they provide adequate seating without taking up too much room. Sofas and chairs with raised legs are useful when it comes to stowing away additional belongings.

Small Design Living Room Sofa Set The Small Design Linon Trento Living Room Set in Ivory comes with a loveseat, chair and ottoman. It is a practical set that can easily be incorporated into a sophisticated theme.

The light upholstery continues the image of airiness and simplicity. The frame is delicate, suiting small space living more than a chunky and heavy structure would.

When choosing your bedroom furniture, perhaps purchase a daybed. The design means that they can be used as a couch, but also to sleep on. The frame has two arms and a backrest in the same way a sofa does.

Murphy beds are often popular as they can vertically fold up into a cabinet. Maybe invest in some risers to place under your bed. That way you can have some additional room to slide some extra belongings underneath.

Leather Daybed With Trundle

The most important factor, however, is making your sleeping space into a sanctuary of cosiness. You need to be able to feel so relaxed in your bed that you can easily drift off to sleep.

In most studio apartments, you have basically one room to put everything into.

Even if you have designated certain areas to have distinct purposes, you may want a way to separate them more. The lounge area, for example, could be slightly more private with the use of a divider.
Room Divider Screen

Take a look at the Pangaea Iron and Canvas Small Pewter Privacy Room Divider Screen. It is very delicate, neutral and enhances your stylish decor while giving you some optional seclusion.

Take into consideration the routes of traffic. No one wants to be squeezing behind the sofa or climbing over the coffee table just to get to the kitchen.

Keep walking paths clear by placing as much furniture as possible against the wall. This is also a useful method in making the central space seem more spacious.

There are many smaller accessories that can be brought into your home to enhance the space. Opt for Venetian blinds over voluminous curtains to let as much light in as possible during the day.

American Drew Camden Round Mirror Mirrors should be positioned to reflect the light. For a chic mirror, opt for the American Drew Camden Black Collection Round Mirror.

A hint of bold black adds a certain timeless flair, and the circular shape brings a creative touch that can be contrasted next to contemporary and angular furniture.

Mirrors are practical in smaller areas, as they catch the light and subsequently produce an illusion of vastness. Reflective surfaces in general achieve this impression, which is why glass furniture is a smart investment.

Glass Top Coffee Table With Storage Shelfs

The Kelly Glass Top Coffee Table with Frosted Storage Shelves is refined and tasteful, and provides adequate surface area without dominating the space.

There are even smaller items still that can be of use. These include floating shelves, TV wall mounts or an extension piece for the dining table to use when entertaining guests.

Incorporating table lamps is also prudent rather than using the bright, white ceiling lights. Lamps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any home.

Table Lamp The Murray Feiss Cityscape Table Lamp can be an asset to a small apartment, as its silver polished nickel base provides a reflective surface to continue the space enhancing technique.

When it comes down to getting on with the interior design project, try to avoid looking at a small home refurbishment as being a restricted activity.

A contemporary style decor will turn any apartment, loft, studio or dorm into an impressively chic pad. Focus on designating areas, staying organized and choosing a theme that suits you.

Your home must be an enjoyable and comforting place to be, whether socializing, chilling in front of a movie, eating dinner, finishing off some work or sleeping. Less space does not mean fewer possibilities.

Need help just send in your pictures I can help you pick furniture to paint colors! Nicolette Interior Design Diva