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Bamboo for Your Home Office

Telecommuting and self-employment are on the rise around the world. And so are eco-friendly lifestyles. But did you know that working from home is inherently good for the environment, meeting both goals at once? Many home workers choose to reduce their carbon footprint even more by opting for as many low-impact and eco-friendly products as possible.

In an article for, Colleen Tully suggests 8 basic steps to reduce the environmental impact of your home office. She covers everything from ways to save power and which supplies are recyclable, to staying organized so you follow through on your new-and-improved green lifestyle.

Legaré Sustainable No Tools Assembly Straight Computer Desk with Hutch Bamboo Furnishings & Accessories

Why not take it one step further and choose furnishings that are themselves, eco-friendly. One reliable choice for green furnishings is bamboo.

First, it’s a natural product, grown rather than manufactured. Bamboo is also naturally sustainable in that it reaches maturity during a single growing season.

Some bamboo is grown organically, but you’ll need to look for specific information about cultivation to know for sure. Manufacturers of bamboo products who do use organic material will very likely mention this in their literature.

Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a surge in bamboo furniture and accessories, specifically targeted to green lifestyles. For modern, urban décor, a design like Legaré’s Straight Computer Desk and Hutch could be perfect for your home. Shown above, this desk made with organic bamboo is easy to assemble and features an edgy modular look. Selamat Designs Bamboo Motif Double Letter Tray

If you’ve already created an eco-friendly office, you can still add bamboo accessories. Try the Selamat Designs Bamboo Motif Double Letter Tray to add just a touch of bamboo – and eclectic style – to your fun and green workspace.

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  1. Tonderai says:

    Good article on to see how eco-friendly bamboo is to the environment. More bamboo should be grown in a controlled environment.

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    I came across your blog and was very interested in your home design articles. I just had a couple of questions, so if you could e-mail me back that would be great! Thank you for your time.

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