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Top Picks: Savvy Storage Ideas

Monday, November 4th, 2013

No matter how big your home might be, there never seems to be enough storage for blankets, towels and extra pillows. Take a look at our favorite storage cabinets that add calming class to your home while providing a ton of extra storage.

Stanley Furniture Coastal Living Cottage Summerhouse Utility Cabinet in Morning Sky

Stanley Furniture Coastal Living Cottage Summerhouse Utility Cabinet in Morning Sky

Sauder’s Harbor View line has a beautifully designed classic cottage style cabinet in antiqued white. This will look beautiful with a background color scheme taken from the beach and ocean—the blues, greens, sandy browns, and bright summer days with sunshine yellow behind it.

Hooker Furniture Windermere Cupboard

Hooker Furniture Windermere Cupboard

Hooker Furniture has created a beautiful masterpiece cabinet with their Windermere collection. The faux marble look blends quite well with an Old-World Europe designed room. If you are starting with this piece, and want to work your way around it, pick a wall color that matches the light gray accent color on the door. This will make your cabinet the center of the attention in the room. Choose furniture that has a very rich, traditional look, but blend it with transitional furniture if you want the room to feel more modern.

Sauder Harbor View Storage Cabinet in Antiqued White

Sauder Harbor View Storage Cabinet in Antiqued White

A small space like a laundry room or bathroom always needs some extra storage, such as this Stanley Furniture cabinet. It has a calming antique summer cottage feel that is soothing. The combination of shelves and drawers makes this cabinet a very versatile piece of furniture. Blend it with the bright colors of summer, or something a little more subdued such as the tonal range of autumn leaves. Even pastels such as soft lavender will accentuate this piece really well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the color palette nature has provided.

From the Design Files of Heather B – Bathroom Paint Question

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Design Question

We are redoing our powder room with a mahogany vanity and mirror. What lighter colors will make this room feel cozy but not cavey?

Design Answer

Since you want to make the room feel cozy, I would start looking at “warm” colors such as red, brown and orange – softer shades rather than darker ones such as Sherwin Williams – Champagne SW6644, Sand Beach SW7529, Colonial Revival Tan SW 2828, Impatiens Petal SW6582 or Romance SW6323.

I know some people shy away from pink in a bathroom, but I think a very pale rose shade or a warm tan or beige with pink in it would also be a good choice, something like Sherwin Williams – White Dogwood SW6315.

Thanks for writing in. Let me know how it turns out. Next Monday I’ll answer another on of your design questions.

Hotel Chic for Your Bathroom

Friday, December 17th, 2010

One of the pleasures of a weekend getaway in a high-end resort or a boutique hotel is the room and ensuite. Just as the room is designed to soothe and pamper, the same can be said of the bathroom. The emphasis is on relaxation and renewal; an appeal to all of the senses; and tranquility. What with our daily schedules, dealing with the unexpected and preparing for the holidays, things can get pretty stressful. A great way to deal with the “little” stresses life can inspire is a boutique hotel look for your bathroom that will provide the benefits of a luxury getaway without you having to leave home.


Especially if your bathroom is shared by everyone in the family, it makes sense to keep shampoo bottles, body lotion and other bath and beauty products out in the open where they are easily accessible. But when creating hotel chic for your bathroom, the sense of luxury is typically created by a less-is-more approach. Examine the storage space that is currently available in your bathroom. Is there room for improvement? Clearing out anything from your bathroom vanity with an old expiry date, duplicates and items that should have been thrown out but weren’t can free up a lot of room for those items that should be cleared from the countertops. There are many stylish bathroom storage options available that will help you conceal toiletry items while still making them accessible.


Treat yourself to new towels and wash cloths that are made of high quality cotton. It might seem like overindulgence but nothing says hotel chic like thick towels that wrap you in comfort and luxury. Especially if you’re not going to have the opportunity to repaint, choose bath linens, curtains, a shower curtain and bathmat in neutral or soft earth tone colors. Not only will this harmonize your bathroom, it will also give it that hotel boutique tranquility. Add those other little indulgent touches that are in evidence in boutique hotel bathroom such as fresh flowers; small planters with live plants; a glass vase of grasses, branches or pussywillows; or a shallow ceramic bowl filled with stones, pebbles or shells.

Set the Mood

Rethink the light fixtures in your bathroom. Are they outdated? Are they too bright? You definitely want it bright enough to see yourself in the mirror when putting on your makeup or brushing your hair, but to achieve that luxury hotel bathroom feel you will also want lighting with a little ambience. If changing the lighting or adding wall sconces is not in the budget, consider replacing your current switch with a dimmer switch; this will give you the option of having it bright when grooming but softer while relaxing in the bath.

From the Design Files of Heather B – Updating an Ensuite

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Design Question

I am updating my ensuite to modern but keeping the bedroom’s American colonial decor with its gold candelabra with little material covers and pinky beige Thai silk curtains. How do I match things like tap wear in the bathroom when I don’t really want gold bathroom fixtures? I do not want it to look OLD FASHIONED. I need a fresh new look for the ensuite like modern style which can come with beige coloured marble tiles tiled almost up to the ceiling and replacing the bathroom cupboards with wall hung modern drawers.

As I do not want any gold plated tap wear or gold knobs, my problem is how do I blend this in with my bedroom which is as I have said, a more traditional style? What do I do with the lights over the modern square or round basin type shaped basins (I haven’t quite decided on which one yet)? Can I have a pair of old type bronzed candle set with the same little shades as the bedroom. Would this go with say chrome bathroom fixtures?

Design Answer

One way to tie both rooms together even though they are essentially two different décor styles is to choose the same wall colour for the ensuite and the bedroom. You could also use the same curtain fabric in the bathroom – I would have to see a picture of the beige coloured marble tiles but it sounds like they would mix well.

I probably wouldn’t mix bronze and chrome together in the same room; they might “fight” with each other in the same space. However, they are technically is two separate rooms. But in terms of connecting the ensuite and the bedroom together thematically, when you say you don’t want gold plated bathroom fixtures, I’m thinking shiny yellow/gold, but when you say bronzed, I picture an antiqued yellow/brown shade. If I was to add a pair of old type bronzed candle set to the ensuite, I would be inclined to match the taps/faucet to the lighting.

Another option for hardware/tap ware would be wrought iron or black. This will add a retro element to the bathroom while still connecting it to the master bedroom.

Thanks for writing in. Let me know how it turns out. Come back next week and I will answer another of your design questions.

Skip the Reno: More Ways to Improve Your Bathroom on a Budget

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

This is the time of year when, as you’re getting ready for the holidays, you might start to think of your living space in terms of how visitors will view your home. Especially if you’ve inherited a bathroom straight out of the 70s or 80s but really can’t afford to do a major renovation right now, it might really start to bug you as we make our way toward Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas. But you don’t have to be stuck with it entirely. Especially if it’s some color that has long since gone out of style, some simple, inexpensive changes like a little paint or new towel and bath mat sets will go a long way improve the look and feel of your bathroom without spending a lot of cash or time.

Choose Classic Colors

The quickest way to change the mood and appearance of a room, the bathroom being no exception, is to paint. Some might say neutrals are “boring” but soft shades of white, gray, beige and tan tend to brighten up the space while adding a soothing or tranquil element. Even if you’re stuck with outdated fixtures, classic colors like antique cream or pearl gray can neutralize the impact of the avocado tub-toilet-sink trio and transform the bathroom from outdated to updated.

Cosmetic Touchups

Whether you opt to paint or not, do a quick inspection of the tub/shower area and any other place in the bathroom where there is tile, including the floor. Does it appear dirty or dingy? Like adding a coat of paint, recaulking the bathtub and/or tile can whiten the tile work, and have a big impact on the bathroom’s overall outlook.

While the walls might be a neutral hue, accessories like matching towel sets, bath mats and decorative items like bottles, vases, jugs, etc. can be as colorful as you would like them to be. Some people don’t like things in a bathroom out in view, taking up counter space, particularly if the bathroom is a small one. But keep in mind that when you accessorize a bathroom (it actually applies to any room in your home), you are adding character and personality, which makes the room inviting.

You might not be able to invest in the time or money it would take to replace the bathroom vanity, but how about a new medicine cabinet or a new bathroom faucet?

Buy Basic then Customize

If you do have room in your budget for a vanity, consider purchasing an inexpensive bathroom vanity, then spending a little bit of cash to customize it. By replacing the countertop with a marble veneer one or buying more stylish hardware, you will create the look of a custom or high-end vanity at a fraction of the cost.

From the Design Files of Heather B – Bathroom Makeover

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Design Question

Hi, I have a difficult question about paint colors. I have a 43 year old canary yellow bathroom sink and cast iron bathtub. I redid my floors in a light beige tile. I also used the light beige tile for the tub surround. I accented with some darker beige pieces. My cabinet is dark wood. I used the darker beige tiles for a back splash. My trim is white and the wainscoting is white. I don’t want a pink glow on the tub surround. What color should I use to paint the wall? Should I repaint the cabinet or leave it dark? And what color accessories should I use? We could not afford to take out the tub. So we left the tub and sink to match. The bathroom is very small.

Design Answer

Because the bathroom is small, I would stick to a more neutral shade that will match or complement the darker beige tiles you selected for the back splash, such as cream or even a pale hue of chocolate or mocha should you want some color in the room. Since there is already white in the room in the trim and wainscoting, you could repaint the cabinet white to give the bathroom a lighter appearance. However, see how it looks first once you’ve made all of the other changes. They don’t have to bright hues, but you could choose primary colors like blue or red as the predominant color for your accessories.

Thanks for writing in. Hope this has helped. Let me know how it turns out.

Urban Sophisticated – The Modern Style Bathroom

Friday, October 8th, 2010

If ever there was any room in your home that is naturally suited to modern style, it would have to be the bathroom. It is the one space where sharp, angular profiles with clean lines make a big splash. Modern design, emerging post-WWII, takes anything traditional and pares it down to basic elements that celebrate cutting-edge ideas, inventions and innovations. Materials are commonly bleached or lighter colored woods, metal and glass with space-age, highly polished surfaces. A modern style bathroom combines an ultra-urban vibe with spa chic for a look that is fresh yet luxurious.

In keeping with the minimalist tradition, this metal and glass vanity fills all of the modern style requirements. The vanity has spare lines; the base of the bathroom vanity is made of stainless steel; and form meets function in the integrated towel bar. It won’t be just a place to wash your face; a modern style bathroom vanity that combines cool, clean metal and glass with sleek lines makes a trendy statement that you will appreciate for awhile.

For an ultra modern look and feel try floating. Some of us tend to shy away from modern style because it can appear “cold” or unwelcoming. But putting that rumor to rest, wall mounted bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks (without the vanity cabinet) and bathroom cabinets create a floating effect that is dramatic and just plain beautiful to look at. Especially if the vanity is constructed of wood, wall mounted bathroom fixtures can create a warm and welcoming vibe while possessing a space-age appearance.

Modern design bathroom furniture is typified by polished surfaces, geometric or asymmetrical shapes and neutral palettes. Even though glass and metal are the most common materials used in the construction of modern style bathroom fixtures and cabinets, when wood is introduced into the mix, it can work with metal-and-glass elements to create visual interest. Depending on placement and presentation, a modern style vanity utilizing asymmetrical shape to maximum effect, will make a stunning and sophisticated statement in your bathroom.

Skip the Reno: Ways to improve your Bathroom on a Budget

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Maybe you were in the middle of planning a spa bathroom make-over when your second eldest child announced that she was accepted into law school. Perhaps the décor has been fine in the past, but now you feel that your bathroom could do with more color and new decorations. And especially if you have a small bathroom and fantasize about knocking down a wall or two to accommodate a whirlpool bathtub, but can’t go that route for whatever reason, you might think it’s a lost cause. However, with a little creative thinking, elbow grease and some serious bargain hunting, you can give your bathroom a new look without it have to be a costly or time-consuming venture.

 Take Inventory then Spring Clean

Of course you clean your bathroom on a regular basis, but if you’re like many of us, stuff tends to accumulate in the bathroom vanity drawers and our bathroom cupboards can become cluttered with old medicine prescriptions, abandoned beauty products and multiple bottles of the same brand of shampoo (because we thought we were running out and we weren’t). Sort through all of your bathroom storage space and throw out or recycle everything that you no longer need or use.

Once you’ve finished spring cleaning your bathroom, take a few minutes just to look around and assess the room as it is now. What jumps out at you? Do the towels look a little shabby? Has the shower curtain had its day? Are the lighting fixtures the original ones from the 70s? Make a list of all the things you would like to change; then prioritize the list in terms of what you can do in the near future and what will have to wait. 

Refresh and Renew

Since most bathrooms are typically smaller in size in comparison to the other rooms in your home, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your bathroom a new look is to paints. Particularly if the walls haven’t been repainted in seven to 10 years, it will be worth your while.

Re-accessorize. Buy several sets of new towels that you can change with the seasons; replace the worn-out shower curtain and bath mat; add decorative lotion bottles, a soap dish or a new bathroom mirror. You’d be amazed at how any one of these little changes can make a big difference.

Has the caulking around the shower or tub turned gray and dingy and/or become cracked and unsightly? Remove it and replace it with new caulking.

Purchase a new vanity and install a new sink. If that’s not in your budget right now, replace the sink and/faucet. For a stylish, cohesive look buy matching taps and shower head for the tub/shower.

Giving your bathroom a new look doesn’t have to involve an expensive renovation. Pick one or more of these simple ways to give your bathroom a new look while on a budget.

The View with the Room

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Cozy Kids Jaguar Onyx Tab Top Panel Curtains

The windows of your home are your view out on the world. Besides the obvious function window treatments play, like protecting your privacy, they also keep the cold out, control the amount of light you want in the room at any given time and unify the separate elements of a room’s interior design. From curtains to blinds to shades and decorative accessories such as swags and valances, there is such variety of window treatments to choose from. But it’s not hard to select window treatments that will complement the rooms of your home if you know what to look for.

Lawrence Home Fashions Tempo Window Treatment

To decide what type of window treatment will be best for each room, take the following into consideration:

  • The shape and size of the window you are purchasing the curtains or blinds for.
  • How much do you want to spend? Custom made drapes and blinds will cost more than ready made window treatments.
  • Your personal preference – perhaps you like the idea of slatted wood blinds in the family room but would prefer curtains with a valance for your master bedroom.
  • How much light do you want to keep out/let in? When selecting window treatments for your home theater blinds designed to shut out the light would be more appropriate than sheers.
  • Take into account your lifestyle. For example, if you work the night shift more often than not, lined curtains or a heavier type of window treatment would be better for you when you have to sleep during the day. Or if you have young children in the home, you will want to exclude any type of window treatment that could become a safety hazard such as blinds or shades with cords.

Lawrence Home Fashions Enchanted Window

Because the window treatment is an important factor in unifying the room’s overall look and feel, don’t forget to match the type you choose to the style of the room. The formal look of heavy panel curtains paired with sheers and a valance is better suited in a traditional style room with tall windows. Country styled rooms would typically have a window treatment that included ruffles or frills. A room with a predominately contemporary décor works well with almost any kind of window treatment except for the more formal types of window coverings. When selecting the type of material for curtains for a traditional window treatment, choose heavier fabrics like velvets, silks and brocades. For window treatments in country and contemporary style rooms, cottons, lighter silks, wools and linens are all good choices.

Cozy Kids Kensington 4 Piece Bedding Set

How much time do you want to spend on window treatment maintenance? If you don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of the curtains and blinds in your home, select window treatments that are easy to care for and require the minimum amount of upkeep. Blinds, shades and shutters tend to collect dust. Since any type of fabric window treatment will need to be cleaned from time to time, choose ones that can be laundered rather than having to send them to the dry cleaners.

Window treatments frame the windows that you look out of every day, letting in the light or shutting out the world as you see fit. Choosing the right window treatments not only makes your living space more functional, it also adds style and value to your home.

Country Cottage Chic for Your Bathroom

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Country cottage style gives a room, especially a bathroom, a charm that is bright and refreshing. Because it has roots in traditional styles that were adapted and altered to reflect new geographical regions and landscapes, country cottage is welcoming, relaxing and comforting. Lines, forms and profiles are simplified, evoking easier times and lifestyles lived at a slower pace than ours – the perfect mood for a bathroom.

 Country Cottage Fixtures 

The fixtures in your country cottage bathroom should have a timeless, vintage feel to them. The focal point of any bathroom is equally shared by the bathtub and the vanity, but in a country cottage style bathroom, it’s essential that these two areas accurately capture the spirit of our overall design. Don’t panic if you can’t do anything about the tub itself. You can do a lot to change the look of the tub or a furniture piece simply by accessorizing. More on that later. 

Avanity Beverly White Single Bathroom Vanity with Black Granite Top

Let’s start with the Avanity Beverly White Single Bathroom Vanity with Black Granite Top. While the granite top gives the vanity a touch of contemporary, the wainscoting definitely is all country cottage charm. Pair the bathroom vanity with a matching bathroom mirror to make the sink area more functional. 

Quoizel Kendall Bath Fixture with One Light

 To highlight the vanity and sink choose the Quoizel Kendall Bath Fixture with One Light, one on each side of the mirror. The scallop detailing on the shade will give the space a whimsical touch, while the espresso finish of the light fixture echoes the dark sheen of the vanity’s countertop. 

Powell Color Story Pure White Bath Curio

More wainscoting on the Powell Color Story Pure White Bath Curio picks up where the bathroom vanity leaves off. It also adds to the country cottage style with its scalloped apron and sides. Storage pieces are particularly important in country cottage design because they recreate the large built-in cupboards, alcoves and even window seats that were common architectural features of the bathrooms in older homes. 

Southern Enterprises White Arch Top Spacesaver Toilet Cabinet

For more storage and display solutions, the Southern Enterprises White Arch Top Spacesaver Toilet Cabinet conveniently utilizes the unused wall space above the toilet tank.

 The Country Cottage Palette

Pale pastoral hues, including soft greens and tranquil shades of blue are popular color choices for walls and fixtures. Pure whites and creams are also common wall and fixture colors for a country cottage bathroom.

To add more storage options to your bathroom, paint a repurposed dresser or cabinet in a neutral or earth tone color, then stencil a floral motif on the front and/or sides in classic country colors like spring green and delft blue.

Plaids and ginghams don’t have to stay just on the curtains. Give a bold edge to your country cottage décor by papering one wall as a focal accent.

 Country Cottage Bathroom Accessories

Cole & Co Hudson Round Mirror

 If, for whatever reason you can’t change the tub, transform it into a country cottage show piece with the right accessories. Add oversize pillar candles to one of the tub’s corner shelves in fragrantly delicious colors like lilac, apple green and cinnamon spice. Use objects like enamel jugs, canisters and decorative jars that have a country flair as a place to display flowers, a collection of soaps, potpourri or other bath-related items.

Don’t underestimate the power of wicker to help add that special country cottage chic to your bathroom décor. Use them to hold towels, scented soaps and travel sized bath products for your guests.

Include as many natural materials as possible. Don’t stop at wicker. Select a laundry hamper or waste basket made of rattan. A bamboo shelf to the wall by the sink or shower or stone candle holders are also good choices for adding texture to your country cottage bathroom.