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KidKraft Patio Furniture for Kids

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

KidKraft Table and Stacking Chairs Patio Set with Striped Umbrella

KidKraft Table and Stacking Chairs Patio Set with Striped Umbrella

When one thinks of patio furniture, images of lounging poolside and near a backyard BBQ are likely the first images that pop into your mind. Why not include your children and their friends in the patio furniture plan? A happy quiet kid sipping smoothies will help make your outdoor time a little less stressful. During your next backyard BBQ, your neighbors’ children will love having their own table with an umbrella, just like the adults. Childhood is all about doing what the big people and a child-size patio set will help.

KidKraft Table and Stacking Chairs Patio Set with Striped Umbrella

KidKraft specializes in creating attractive and durable children’s furniture. The company was founded by engineers which means that their outdoor furniture is constructed with high integrity. That translates into weathered durability, even for a house full of little boys.

KidKraft Table and Stacking Chairs Patio Set with Striped Umbrella

With this child-sized patio set, the chairs are easily stackable for the quiet times when they are visiting Granny. Fold the UV-coated umbrella down and store it in the garage rafters during the winter, and bring the table indoors for the big family feasts. Kids love to have a place of their own where they can enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade underneath the shade of a brightly patterned patio umbrella.

Grow into a New Bunk Bed

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

You’re shedding a few tears today because your little one has finally outgrown the race car bed. Since you are a bit too big for it yourself, it’s time to upgrade. So where do you go from here? That will depend upon whether you plan on bunking him with big brother, or leave him to a space he can call his own (to which big brother will be ecstatic). It will also depend upon how much space you have available in his room to begin with.

Lea Elite Retreat Bunk Bed with Storage in Black

Lea Elite Retreat Bunk Bed with Storage in Black

The bunk bed is a fabulous addition that never grows old. How many conversations of life’s wonders did you and your sibling have at night in your bunks as kids? These are some of life’s greatest memories. Today, there are so many different designs and styles on the market that your head just may spin a little. You will find a bunk bed to complete the classic white elegant princess room, the rugged country boy room, and everything in-between. A bunk bed also doesn’t have to be just two beds. When you have a small room to fill, the last thing you want is too much furniture, making that space feel even smaller. This trendy twist on the country cottage bunk bed by Lea Furniture is a fantastic option. It will eliminate the need for an extra dresser, which goes back to the whole less is more concept that suits the townhome and condo dwelling quite nicely. Your girls will love that it’s not quite so girly, but can still be decked out in pinks, purples, lime greens, or pastels to suit their current needs. Your boys will love that they can showcase their sports sets, country plaids, and even bold boyish polka-dots with room to spare on the floor for their war games (or if your boys are like most others, their endless array of dirty clothes).

Berg Furniture Sierra Space Saver Twin Over Twin Platform Bed

Berg Furniture Sierra Space Saver Twin Over Twin Platform Bed

If you are worried about the kids running up and down the ladder when they think you can’t hear them, then the multifunctional bunk bed design may better suit your need. This trendy look is very fresh and will last your children through various stages of their life—even when they move out and want to bring their half of the bed with them. These bunks are great when you have a bit more space to cover, but still want to stick to creating the feeling of a large space within the room. The T style design allows for a twin size up top and a twin or full on the bottom. What is unique about these is that most models will offer actual steps up to the top bunk with storage drawers within each step. This particular model by Berg Furniture is a true multi-functional piece of furniture art for the growing boys (or girls) room. A small work space, storage drawers, even a small book shelf above the bottom bed is perfect for the young pre-teen who likes to showcase a bit more independence than you are willing to be accustomed to. There’s even a great little shelf for the top bunk dweller to set a few favorite books or a small reading lamp. Even if you have just one child, this bunk bed is a great option for housing his best friend (or grandma) on weekends.

Don’t Forget the Bunkie Boards!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

If you’ve been reading Furniture and Design Ideas recently, you know we’ve had bunk beds on the brain. And why not? Today’s bunks are more versatile than ever, creating fun, yet practical living spaces in modern children’s bedrooms. They can be playful, sophisticated, and all points in between.

We’ve talked about building a boy’s bedroom with loft bunk beds from South Shore and twin over full bunk beds from Alligator Enterprise.

And if you read our post on seaside-inspired teen furniture, you saw a great Young America bunk set, perfect for artful shabby chic rooms. Wolf Corp Bunkie Board for Twin Bunk Beds

Look for contemporary bunk bed features like:

• Desks and bookshelves
• Platform storage drawers
• Vertical cupboards
• Rolling or spring trundles

Yes, there are a lot of great bunk beds out there, but naturally, size, structure, and design all vary. So today, we also want to talk about bunkie boards.

And what are they? For bunk bed frames that don’t include built-in mattress support, these boards fill the role of a box spring or wood slats.

It makes sense when you think about it; a bulky box spring isn’t going to work well with bunk beds – especially on that top bunk!

When you’ve decided on your dream bunk bed, find out if the frame includes slats that support each mattress. If not, you’ll want to add bunkie boards. Some bunk beds will only need one board for the top bunk alone, while some models need support for both mattresses.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids 3 and Up

Monday, November 30th, 2009

It’s that time of year again to make a list and to check it twice. Especially when buying a Christmas present for a child, you want to get it right. Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for your own children or for a friend’s child, the perfect present is as easy as a little planning ahead with a dash of creativity thrown in for good measure. 

The most common and easiest method of finding out what they want for Christmas is to ask. Particularly for kids three and up, often they will ask for whatever is advertised the most often on television. However, there are ways to test the waters to see if a certain item they say they want is what they really want. If they keep asking for the same thing, then it’s a safe bet that is really the one. Get them to make a list and rank the items in order of wish list importance. If they are not yet at the printing or writing stage, write the list for your child. While it’s nice to get items that are on the list, (which is the whole point of writing one in the first place), you might also want to slip in a couple of unscripted surprises. This is easy to do if you gear the gift around the child’s current interest, hobby or favorite movie. 

S5 Piece Drum Set

Give the budding musician on your Christmas list a gift they can really boogie to with a toy piano. Or if you’re an aunt, how about toy-size drum kit they can actually play? Schoenhut® offers a range of musical instruments including toy pianos and toy guitars that resemble full-size instruments but designed for kids with a fun and funky twist, like the Schoenhut Toy Piano 25 Key Teddy Bear with Bench in Lavender. Not sure what kind of instrument they would prefer? Let them experiment with a little bit of everything with the Little Colorado Music Table in Natural

Young children have inquisitive minds and like to make things with their hands. For the girl or boy on your list, pick a craft they can make all by themselves. Craft kits are very popular with children ages 3 and up. While making a craft does all sorts of things for developing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and encouraging creativity, to the child you’re giving the arts crafts kit to, it’s just plain fun. 

Roaring Softail Rocker

Rocking Horse in White

Even in this technological savvy day and age, you can’t go wrong with classic toys like a rocking horse or a dollhouse. Making sure that they have a good selection of “unplugged” toys is another great ways to stimulate their imaginations. Kitchen sets and play kitchens are also an ideal way to encourage imaginative role playing. 

Still not sure what to buy for the kids on your Christmas list? Just pretend you’re five again and trying to tell your Aunt Sally why you don’t want clothes for a Christmas present.